Fat & Ugly

screenshot_20170201-064254I got a kick out of this one and I just had to share it.

Sometimes our options are limited but within the limitations

we must figure out what good can come out of it.

I know what my challenge is so I take it. I will work

on my weight. God knows I do not have to worry about

my face and I know this because my MOM told me I was

handsome. (yes she was a big ffibbber)

It is a challenge to wake up day after day, get up and hit the gym

or the road and go for the walk just as it is hard to remember

daily to take our meds, drink the water, take the vitamins and

do our daily or weekly weigh-in.

Yet it is doing those things that will insure that we get to do it

for a long, long time.

It is us and it is about us so do not stop working on you.

Do not stop doing what you must in order to make you a

better and healthier person.

Gang stay focus and remain successful

Jose G. Osuna

lapbandformen.com     kit.com/lapbandformen

Instagram.com/lapband4men.com     twitter.com/lapband4men

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