Nothing Fails Like Success


This Is A Re-Introduction. I just want to share of the why and how of this blog.

As I had mention before. I tried so many diets and yes I also mentioned that all of them work if even for a while.

Some are strange., some are crazy and some are just ridiculous. And yet they work. For A While.

Atkins did work for me and it is the one I had the biggest success with. I also mentioned that I had been professionally trained on food, meals and therapeutic diets. I am what in health care is known as a Certified Dietary manager. All of that to say that I should have known better. BUT knowing and doing are two very different things all together.

Guys I should be ashamed of my self. I knew  better and yet there I was at 360+ pounds. Not healthy, in constant pain, no stamina and that headache. That headache that would just not let go.

When I drop the weight with the Atkins Diet I felt great. My cholesterol drop dramatically, my labs had great numbers that I never had before all was great right????  Then why did I get back to my horrible weight? Why did I go back to the unhealthy eating habits? Because I lost focus! I keep telling myself I lost it so easily that all I have to do is do it again and in a couple of months I can be in great shape again.

I didn’t. I did so great and then I messed things up again. I messed up my life and physical well-being again. I knew but I did not do. Sounds familiar?

All that knowledge and experience for not.

I got sick as I have said. I spend all that time on the hospital. Then the thought hit me.    We were in the process of developing all of the support systems for the Bariatric service that the hospital was a bout to push into overdrive and I was doing it all. So why not explore this option.

So I did what any sensible, moderately smart man would do. I went to the Director of the department of Bariatrics and asked for guidance and help. I was sure that she would not have any issues with helping the guy that was developing the follow-up to the surgeries that her department was scheduling and planning. RIGHT????

Wrong!!!! Oh I forgot to mention that I was dating her.

Her response went something like this:  What? Why? No, No, You just have to ask someone else. You see she was smart. Should anything not work as I wanted it well….. I knew where she slept.

Well finally after a lot of negotiating (read begging) she started giving me the whole enchilada and I realized that it was going to be a lot more work than I had originally expected. I learned that I had to go trough all of this studies, I had to do all of this tests, I had to be accepted by the surgeon, I had to negotiate with the Gestapo (read insurance company). I had to go and visit with the psych doctor from hell. And then I had to go trough all of this education and even more evaluation. Not an easy or inexpensive proposition.  Guys In the end as I had a chance to see the bills coming after my surgery it added up to well over 25 thousand dollars and when all was said and done it was more like 30 thousand dollars.

So what did I do. Well I had my surgery and about 3 to 6 months later I was at my then goal of  235 pounds. I Had Done It.

Great story right? Wrong again. Remember “nothing fails like success”. What did I do?? I lost focus yet again. I had gone and put my life in the line with a serious surgery. Yes they tell you that you can die while on surgery and working at a hospital I had the misfortune of knowing personally of a great lady friend of mine who died as a result of this procedure. Most sad. Guys. I had my surgery, spend a small fortune on it, made a commitment and screwed it all again. Before I realize it I am back to 285 – 290 pounds.

Just how stupid can someone be. Just how dumb can I be.

Folks and here is where I found myself. This blog is the result of me finding myself back to almost square one.

As of now I have lost 11 pounds. I feel proud of this humble lost because I have changed some of the things I did in the past and I will be sharing those as we go on with this journey.

I thank you for following this and I hope this can be of help to someone out there. Please if you know of any guy thinking of going trough the procedure please, please give them the information about this blog as I promise to share all the good ugly and fattening.

Until the next time very soon.

Jose G. Osuna

5 comments on “Nothing Fails Like Success

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Like so many others out there we seem to do what is called “yo-yo dieting” We find the passion and determination in ourselves to take on mountain but once we see the fruits of our labors we lose sight of the hard work to maintain it. No matter what it is in life that we push for we have to remember that it continues to take work to maintain it.


  2. This is quite a story! Thanks for being so open with your experience. You are so right – there really is no easy path, and weight loss is almost always about much more than finding the right food to eat. The human side – attitudes, emotional skills – are so important. Best of luck!


    • I thank you for your note. Truly never an easy proposition weight loss. The thing is that it truly is a worthwhile endeavor. I have to say the quality of life that it has afforded me every time while at my desired weight is so significant that it makes it a worthwhile goal. I have started following your blog and am looking forward to many lessons from you.
      Again Thanks.


      • That’s great, Jose! The main advice I can offer is to be gentle with yourself. The more you are able to resist the urge to do it “right” (whatever that is!), quickly, and desperately, you will do better. My favorite quick check about whether someone is following their best path is the question “Does this feel kind and supportive?” I will follow your blog so I can see how you are doing – reach out if I can help.


  3. bandit2blog says:

    Moral of Story, Lap Band is a tool. Not a cure. And you’ve proved this. Anyone who has NOT had WLS, thinks it’s easy breezy. It’s not. It’s a constant struggle with me. Kudos to you, that you’ve gotten back on the Bander’s Wagon. Kudos. That is the essential key, getting back on and staying focused. My doctor told, if you need to, go back to the pre-diet stages, and work your way back. It’s a booster.

    Stay strong my LapBander Friend. Some times you need a day off, just as long as it’s not a year.


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