screenshot_20170126-060238Snoopy one of my heroes.

I see so much of me on this little guy.

You see Snoopy is a loyal friend with a sense of humor.

I am a loyal friend with a sense of humor regardless

of what life throws my way.

Snoopy is a writer.

I fancy myself a writer even though I am sure I am no where

as good as Snoopy but I too kick it with a typewriter  or a keyboard.

Snoopy is a pilot.

I have done my fair amount of wing time and in the same type

of aircraft as he does.

In all we are also similar in one more thing…. We keep going

and going, and going regardless of what comes our way.

We might be here or there and yet tomorrow somewhere else

but there we are still trying.

The only thing I have not seen him do is wear White Chuck Taylor

Converse shoes. Please if anyone has seen a pic of snoopy

wearing Converse Shoes please, please send me the link or pic.

Gang life is serious business and we must take it serious but

not so serious that we fail to enjoy the raid.

Have fun, relax and enjoy life.

If you can please help someone who might be in need

don’t wait until they ask just go do something nice.

Jose G. Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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