Have you heard this one: “Why do you put yourself through all of that” or “You can have a taste of it can’t you” or my favorite “Surely this is ok Riiiiiight?”

Only we know what is good and what is not. What works and what doesn’t. What we can deal with and what we can not deal with.

I know that if I taste warm fresh sour dough bread I will try to eat the whole loaf so I don’t.

I know that a pint of butter pecan ice cream is nothing for me and actually a quart would not even be a challenge. So I don’t go there.

Shrimp and grits., something I never thought I would try leave alone like is something that I can not have enough of. Well guess what I don’t even look at it because I know what would happen.

As I have said before even with my lap band I still have a healthy appetite so I rely heavily on my personal experience to know what to avoid. And there is the key word “Personal” what we know about ourselves that not even those close to us know. Like an alcoholic saying no to a drink we must say no to carbs and to fats and to sweets and to soda and to bread but by saying NO we are saying YES to living, and living a better quality of life.
A lap band just like a diet and yes just like exercise are just tools at our disposal and we need to use them in order for them to do any good.

Why did we put ourselves trough the process of getting the band? Why did we spend all of that money ours or of the insurance company? What did we expect to accomplish? what was the goal?

Sometimes we must re-connect with our self and bring to the present those thoughts and desires we had. That image we created in our mind of our selves.

Re- Commit! Dream again! Go for it! Know that you are worth it and dream big., dream so big that you can not help but get small.

All the success in the world for you all.

Jose G. Osuna      http://www.lapbandformen.com

kit.com/lapbandformen     twitter.com/LapBand4Men



One comment on “I REFUSE TO FAIL!!

  1. insideoutfitnesshoodriver says:

    If your doing your best to move forward then there is no failure! On the other hand, you may reach all of your goals and still fail! #Thetrainer


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