Self Image


I do not know how you see yourself but I tell you this:

You should see yourself the same way that the creator

sees you.

While life is shit at times and I feel like shit at others

I know that I was made for greatness. I know that I was

created to be something and someone of value.

You and Me are created to make a difference in our and

other people lives. The question is will we do what we are

supposed to do?? Will we pay the price to become all of that.

Fabulous is just the start. We were made for greatness.

Keep growing, Keep learning, Keep pushing.

And while you are dealing and working on this day-to-day

life keep your eyes open and see if you can find someone

you can help, someone you can give a hand up.

If you see someone who needs a coin or a meal do not

wait until they ask. Reach out and make a difference.

Jose G. Osuna

One comment on “Self Image

  1. Just keep….going forward…no look back…the past is back there…dangumit


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