Few things have as strong an impact on what we are as our thoughts.
Few things affect our thoughts as much as falling for all of the notions, ideas and opinions of the people around us. The noise that the television, magazines, movies and commercials make are at times too heavy to ignore. And there we go down the path and trying to comply with their “image” and their notions of what is right and what is wrong. What is an acceptable appearance and what is not.
The purpose of looking internally for answers is to find the true image of us., the one we want and have created for ourselves. The one that puts health before appearance. The one that puts acceptance before compliance. The true “ME”. Once that image is clear we are on our way., we start making the progress, once we know it the drinking of the water and the taking of our meds and the adding of exercise becomes not easy but a regular part of our routines.
Exercise, Drink Water, Measure Your Portions, Remain Active, Be Positive, Take Your Meds, Sleep Enough., all of this are and should be part of our day-to-day life.

Keep on Keeping ON and go get all the success you deserve.

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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