Do It. Then Do It Again


I am writing this post for those women that are doing their best.

For those women who are working hard on making a difference.

It is not easy to be different and to be the person who pushes harder.

Sadly there are many who are afraid of a woman who goes against

the grain and become abrasive.

My advise to this women is keep pushing. Keep trying.

The person who appreciates a strong woman will find its way

to you and it will be all worth it.

To that strong person woman or man I tell you go out and

find someone who you can help. Go out and be a friend

a true friend., the kind of friend who does not need for

someone to ask for help for you to reach out and give a hand.

If you see someone who needs a hand give it!!!!!!!!!!

Do not wait until someone has to ask for help for a hand

be a true friend and help. Give a hand.

Gang we are all in this life together and eventually we all need a hand

so be  there and give a hand. Be A True Friend.

Jose G. Osuna

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