I Did It!!!!


Ok Gang I did it.

My first goal has been met.
With the help of my coach we set up a plan by which I am working on a monthly weight loss

of 16 Pounds per month and my first month was a success.,

I have lost my first 16 pounds and I have been doing my daily physical activity as planned and i feel great for this small milestone.

Now we move to the next month and we shall see what it brings.

Happy Day to you all.

If you value your freedom and peace of mind please thank a vet and for sure any and all of our military folk.

With this as with so many other things I ask you to look around and see if there is

someone, anyone whom you can help and lend a hand to.

Gang we can make a difference in others lives and it takes a  desire to be of service.

Help someone. Do something for someone and help. Be a friend. Be a true fiend

even if you do not know someone and you do not have to wait until they

ask for help. Reach out. So many so-called friends do not do shit for others.

You can be different and you can make a difference. Reach out.

Jose G. Osuna

One comment on “I Did It!!!!

  1. redlynner says:

    Congrats my mexican lyrics boy. 

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