It truly is just like magic what water can do for us,

from hydrating to cleaning to removing toxins and more,

much more.

Isn’t it crazy that we neglect something so good and so easy

to consume?

I was told once “If you want to lose weight it is really

simple all you have to do is increase your activity, reduce

your calories and, and drink more water.”

It sounds simple because it is simple. WE humans are NOT

simple though.

If loosing weight is what you want then

I offer you the same advise that I was given once.

Increase the water intake, reduce and monitor your

calories intake and increase the activity.

It works like magic. Every time if you follow it.

For those of us who have had #WLS it is particularly

important to keep track of our progress but also of the

steps we take. Analyze and figure out what works

for you. I for example follow a Low Fat, Low Carbohydrate,

Low Sodium and High Protein Diet and it works for me

If I follow it correctly and drink the water.

I do not know what works for you but you should really,

really try to figure it out.

The LapBand by itself will not on it’s own make the pounds

disappear. Take the steps. Do the things, Take the steps.

As you learn about nutrition, exercise, diets, routines, etc.,

look around you and identify someone to whom you can be

a resource and reach out. Make friends by being a friend.

Do not wait for people to ask for help., reach out and help.

Jose G. Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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