This little image came to me as I was net-surfing trying to clear my mind.
Me just like you and everyone else around us have to at times, deal with stress.
I do not know about you but my stress comes from people. People we love and care for and also people who love and care for us. I am not even going to worry about the haters as I do as the good book told me and just ignore them. What good book you say? Well Dilbert of course.
The Bible tells me to love them but haters don’t play by those rules.
For the past few weeks I have been confronted with all kinds of BS from within and without my tribe and, I have noticed the impact it has had on my weight loss efforts.
I have been distracted and not paying attention to what I eat and drink and I noticed today as I got on the scale at the center for lost souls where I reside and the scale told me something that felt like: “Hey.,.,., Stop It!!” Hence I am here re-reading my blogs trying to re-gain my marbles and re-set my course.
I hate it when I allow the world to kick me in the chin. And hey it can only happen if we allow it. Our journey is too important to allow the world to take over. Our lives are too important.
So my question to you all out there is: When things are on the pot how do you deal with issues related to people? to money? to family? to work? to the impossibilities of life?
We are unique as individuals and our approach to things is so different. Please share what your approach is and help me and anyone else who if they have a pulse will eventually encounter one or more of this challenges.

Jose G. Osuna


  1. I’ve started a kind of meditation, I tell myself it’s not my issue, I focus on what is my issue, what I can change, what I need to focus on and settle there. If I can do something I do, if can’t I let go and leave it to fate to decide. I also tell myself constantly in the hope that it just happens naturally eventually, that without my health I have nothing, if I don’t nourish my body well I won’t cope with anything. I focus on keeping me healthy and using my stress for things that really deserve it. I’ve also cleared out some stressy people who were no good for me, people who did nothing more in my life than bring drama and more stress.


  2. Oh and I do deep breathing while I tell myself these things, it calms me.


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