Loosing weight is a daily battle. Those of us on the journey or should I say the trenches know it.
For those that have not done it yet just try denying yourself you regular poison be it coffee, a cigarette, ice cream, or a chocolate bar and do it consistently for any period of time longer than a week and you will get a taste, a little glimpse at what true, real dieting is all about.

Because it is so hard. Because it takes commitment and a strong desire to not only look but feel better YES! you should feel proud of your accomplishments of any size. I will dance over half a pound loss. I will call every one I know every time I can say I lost another ten pounds.

And the day that I get to my goals the whole world will know it. I will be writing posts on blogs that I have never even been to. I will start doing searches in alphabetical order and screaming to the top of my key-board I DID IT!!!

For now… We keep on keeping on one bite at a time one meal at a time one day at a time.

And., do not forget to celebrate any and all little and big accomplishments.

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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