There are things and sadly people who are “IRRELEVANT”

The things that are “IRRELEVANT” are easy to get rid off and just forget about.

With “IRRELEVANT” People it is a little harder. You say good-bye they do not understand. You say I Am Moving Out they still do not understand. You leave they are still on the wings. You move on and they push to remain present. You do not call and they are still there reaching out to you. But do not worry it is still your fault.

Do not expect for people to understand. Do not expect for others to follow your path. Do not expect for people to just let go of you. Many of those that are around us and maybe in their own way care for us do not want for us to change or grow or leave., why? Because it shows them the things that they are not doing. It highlights their short comings. It puts on the table their inability to follow their dreams. Their inability to act.

I knew someone who knew and knew that she knew that a little effort and a few college credits would exponentially change her future and that of her son but all she did specially every other Friday (pay-day) was talk about it. I socialized with her for well over two years and not once did she do a single thing to improve her situation. At one point she was terminated from her job and instead of taking this opportunity she promptly went on to get another similar job with another company.

NO! We are not better than others because we are attempting to be better. It is exactly the realization that there is work to be done on us that is pushing us to try and be and do better.

Who knows. Maybe someday we will deserve the thought “I Am Better Now”

All of the best for you all and as always I wish you all the best there is to be had.

Jose G. Osuna

Post advise:

In attempting to make a clean break make sure you keep close those who believe in you. Those who even not understanding still try to support you.

Once you are clear………… Throw the match and rock on.

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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