Here It Is To Us!!

Here It Is To Us!!

The little things that make a difference in us.
The small decisions that change us inside.
The walking on the less beaten path.

We made a decision when we went for WLS and a commitment.

We knew that many things would be off-limits. That most of our old favorites would not fill our plates any longer. That even our drinking habits would be affected and we decided that yes we would do it.

I remember asking: Where do I sign up for this miracle. And I did.

My first down day I went for my all time favorite “Steamed Rice with Butter and salt”., God that first bite was a taste of heaven and, as I felt my troubles dissipate I also noticed that I could not breathe. My God I thought I was dying.

I missed my beer. I love beer and I am a Mexican so I do not say I love things ever but I did. I loved beer. Have you had a belly ache from drinking a carbonated beverage? It sucks. Bad.

So many little and not so little things.

Well here we are. We are all part of the club or thinking about getting our membership scars. If you have it good for you., if you are thinking about getting it I encourage you to do it if you have asked enough questions and talked to enough people. If not please inform yourself.

Guys we are the proud owners of an amazing tool. Let’s use it.

Let’s remember that we do not drink while eating.
That we chew twice as much as others.
That we must take our vitamins.
That we need to drink our water.
That it is not a miracle and we DO need to exercise.
That those of us that are still on meds must take them.
That the support group that should be part of the program is for us to use.
That it is not only what the scale tells us but how our body feels.
That our dream is ours and what the haters do or say about us is not our problem.

Lets let our actions do the talking. Go out there an kick some gut.

People. In the here and now., we are here now.

Please let’s make the best of things.

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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