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9b9a20f38e18d63e3f4e1ef8712a9b17As some of you know a while back I had to spend

some time in the hospital. It was after that when I

decided to go the extra mile and go through the

process of getting WLS (Weight Loss Surgery).

Gastric banding was and is in my mind the best option

for me.

We are all different and if you are considering WLS

make sure that you get all the info and choose what

you think and what your surgeon thinks is best for you.

This is a serious and important decision and you must

take it very seriously.

This works but understand that it does not works for

everyone. Get your facts. Get your Information.

Gang in the process of learning about this and any

weight loss processes make yourself available to others.

Be a friend… An educated friend and share your

knowledge and your experience. Help some one else.

OK gang let us go out and be friends true and real

friends the kind that give a hand before asked for it.

The kind that gives a coin, a bite or a hand when we

see the need.  Do not be friend like this “Friend”:


Until Very Soon.

Jose G. Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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