Be Excited!!

8bd75e0c01c4a2f0ecc1c9e9709ae49eWe all have a road ahead of us.

How do I know???

Because even after we accomplish

the goal in front of us the maintaining

is an ongoing process.

We want to get to XX weight and once

we get there the harder work begins.

Keeping things where we want them

requires work. If it is important to you

it will require continued work.

It is after accomplishing our goals

that commitment kicks in. But ONLY

if it is really important to you.

Gang keep your goals and dreams alive.

Keep them present and that will keep

them alive.

Do not forget to keep you eyes open

and look for someone, anyone who you think

needs a hand and if it is something that you

accommodate please give them a hand. DO NOT

wait to be asked for a hand… Reach Out.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

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