My support. My Wife.

Screenshot_20170406-052615I am a lucky Bastard… For Sure.

I have been loved and I have been hated.

I have had relationships that were not.

At one of the darkest moments in my life

my Wife Amy came into my life and while

both our lives’ were shit we managed to create

something that most can only dream of.

We both got what we needed albeit, not exactly what

either one wanted. Crazy how that happened.

I wish I could tell you that after that all was nothing

but Unicorn Farts but NO. Shit got worst and then

some more but through all of that we became stronger

and better together than we could ever be by ourselves.

The true and honest support I need she provides and

I try every day to be the man she deserves.

Why am I sharing this with you all???

Because I hope that sometime after you try and try

time and again you find someone who will understand

your desire to be better as I have.

I hope that you find someone who has your back even if,

even if the view sucks but they continue to push you forward.

I was and continue to be a lucky bastard in that I found a

woman who when she said “I got you” she actually meant it.

A woman that when she said “It is our problem now” she was

there to be part of the process.

Someone who opened her heart, family and every effort


All the rest was just “Thin Broth” as my father would say.

Today and every day we continue to work on us and

in our relationship as sadly we were left with many

a scar from our past relationships but now they are

but distant specs in the horizon.

I wish you happiness like mine.

I wish for you a relationship like mine.

And I hope too that your past failures were not

as big and painful as mine were.

And to my Amy I say:

Babe I am both grateful and proud to have you

be the better part of me.

Jose G. Osuna

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