Don’t Stay Stuck.

5dad308d9b14da42fbd74c23bb18671cHonestly… I have to admit that I waited

way too long in the past for so called

“Friends” to come through for me.

I waited and I shouldn’t have as their

behavior was such that I had no reason

to expect anything from them.

However that thought me to look clearly

and honestly at my circumstances and

learn that it was all on me. Not because we

it is wrong to seek and get and use help from

others but because we must not stop while waiting.

Yes welcome a caring hand but until it comes

make sure you are doing all that YOU can to

get past the challenge or difficulty.

Also, it thought me not to wait too long when

I see a chance to lend a hand to someone in need.

Look at your life and go and do what needs doing.

Look at your surroundings and help anyone who

is within your circle of influence. Help without

expecting anything in return. Make a difference.

Jose G. Osuna


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