This Time I Mean It!!!

Diet starts tomorrow

Have you been there??

I have. In the past it was as if as soon

as I choose a date or day to start my diet

or exercise program shit would happen

and everything went crazy.

That can only be avoided by being clear

with our goals and dreams.

We must maintain our goals and dreams

front and center in order to enforce

and reinforce our commitments.

Reality is that dieting is never an easy

undertaking and we shall truly take

every advantage presented to us.

If it will help me lose a pound I will take

the advise and I will take any help

given to me by anyone even remotely

looking like someone who knows what

is what. Hell I spent almost two hours

talking to an 80+ years old lady at my last

Gym trying to understand how the heck

she was able to pull off the workouts that she

was doing and I learned., I learned from her.

Then we had waffles at Perkin’s and I learned

a little more about her and life.

Learn from anyone who can teach and

 teach anyone who can be taught.

Equally important to “Taking” when we

learn from others we shall “Give” in sharing

what knowledge and experience we have.

Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapbandformen    #lap band for men



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