Dreams or Goals?

Set a goal

When you think of goals, have you

ever had any that particularly stand out?

One of my goals once was: “Never to be

homeless again”, another one that stands out

was: “I will have more than one meal per day”

Then again I also had some great goals come true

like: “I will have a house by the beach” or

“I will get a brand new truck” or “I will learn how to fly”

and “I will publish my works” Life you see

goes on in this amazing circle and it gives

us all in the process the chance to impact

what is to come.

Obviously in a medium like this we try to advise

and share and I am no exception. BUT…

If ever you take any advise from me here are

two things that can have an amazing  impact on

your life and that of the ones you love.

1.- Keep a Journal. It is your life it is worth recording.

2.- Write your goals. Clear, measurable, definite goals.

There are many systems out there while I do not

endorse anyone’s I do know quality and results when

I see them take a look at the Journal from John Lee Dumas

at entrepreneur on fire. Look at the goal setting program

from Michael Hyatt. Look at the YouTube videos of

Jim Rohn on journaling.  there is a lot and it is all

good but useless unless you put the work.

Success and satisfaction are within reach

take the steps and make it yours.

Jose G. Osuna

Instagram.com/LapBand4Men      Kit.com/Lapband4men

#lapbandformen       Twitter.com/LapBand4Men

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