96c75421744cb4d79ba6ffa705e310ccThen come the bulshit friends.

The ones that say shit like:

when the tax return clears or

when the this or the other clears

OR let me see what I can do but it

might take a month or so.

Regardless it is up to us.

Do we wait for BS people or do we

push ourselves to be “Can Do People”.

Gang what I am trying to say is that

NO ONE is worth us putting our live’s

on pause for them.

The price of that is to allow our live’s to

be sub-optimal.

My only piece of advice is to remain

focus and stay successful.

Freigging Friday The 13th.

Jose G. Osuna

Twitter.com/LapBand4Men      #lapbandformen

#lap band for men         Instagram.com/LapBand4men


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