Making Bacon.


We all have addictions and they come

in all sizes and types.

Mine is Bacon… Well one of them.

Lucky for me I am on a low carb diet

so it is not as much of a big deal as others.

The thing with addictions is that it represents

a thing or aspect of our personality that we

can’t or are unable of control.

When cooking at home I can’t have just one

piece or two of bacon. I have to eat more.

Why is it a problem? Well it is not the most

healthy of food items to be had. I know it and

you know it. Yet….

And there is where the problem is.

I consider it a flaw in my character when

I have something, or someone who I can

not have enough of an that is and has been

the start of other negative things. Have YOU

ever been addicted to the acceptance of others?

Have you ever found your self being such a

perfectionist that you fail to bring to market

an idea that could be a game changer because

it is ot in your eyes perfect enough?

This are examples of addiction as well.

It is ok to want to be great but do not let

this get in the path of progress. Do not

forget that we learn even of those imperfect

efforts and make a move to “done”

Put aside even for a moment the doubts and

make some progress. You and others will

surely benefit from your efforts.

Never, however forget to learn from your


Gang stay focus and work on being successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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