Enjoying The Process.

keep cookingI had a visit with my Coach.

She pissed me off by being right once again.

She reminded me of the part I took in re-gaining almost

a hundred pounds yes that is 100 pounds.

She tells me “you did not just trip and fell a top 100 pounds worth

of fat and food., it was an active choice of putting in your mouth.,

more food than you should have.”

“It was not something that happened in a day or two so stick to

the program day in and day out and you will see the progress”

She is right and I know it I am just not the most patient of guys

and I hate being told what to do (I am sure I am the only one.).

But the fact remains that with her help I have already

lost several pounds and did it faster.

She is helping me reconnect with my passion for cooking and

using better techniques and better ingredients that will in the

long run help me maintain my weight loss.

Jose G. Osuna


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2 comments on “Enjoying The Process.

  1. apoplexy says:

    Maintenance is actually kind of hard man. Living in black and white for weeks is easy. There is go and stop. In maintenance mode is all a little grey….


    • Hi.
      You know I agree with you and it is harder when you reach your weight goal. That is the reason I gave myself a “Range” instead of a specific number. My range is between 225 and 235 that way I get a chance to give myself some flexibility before I go ape and loose my mind. I can reward myself and when within that range I can even eat the items I would regularly don’t eat or drink. For example I can drink a Guineas or two or have some fried rice and if I am at the lowest I go for some Vietnamese noodles with out feeling guilty.
      Thanks for reading and participating.

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