The Price Of Dreams.

The Price Of Dreams.

Weight loss like so many other things in life is a process., a journey.
We pay day by day, meal by meal one decision at a time for the opportunity, the chance to reach our goal, our destination.
This journey is in many ways like a trip across country. We must plan and evaluate and adjust and then evaluate again and adjust even further.
We must be prepared for the unexpected. Little things like the people who don’t understand why we can’t eat this or drink that. Prepare for our bad habits trying to derail us. Prepare to celebrate the little and big triumphs. Pack enough for moments when all there is as far as the eye can see is temptation in the shape of sugar, fat, carbs, trash.
Make sure that when you embark on this journey you do it with a solid goal, a destination in mind and that you purchase a one way ticket to the new you. A one way ticket to the healthier, happier and more accomplished you., and when you get there never forget the journey so that you don’t have to take the trip again.

2 comments on “The Price Of Dreams.

  1. I love this analogy, that one way ticket thinking is something I really need to keep in mind.


    • I thank you for comments. I also thank you for your insight into what it is that we are working for. It is a pleasure to read your posts and I always get a new nugget of information from them.
      The Idea of the one way ticket came to me from a conversation with a friend some years ago. He told me “When we finally get sick and tired of being sick and tired we throw ourselves into the fight with a one way ticket., either we win or we win. It is our life. We do not need a round trip ticket.”
      This is the kind of friends and companions we need in life. Those that tell us “It will not be easy but it can be done”
      Keep on keeping on and I will see you in our next post.


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