Travel And Smiles.


Having fun with the kids.

No… The kids having fun bouncing me

all over the ring at Knott’s in CA.

We must make the time for the fun.

While we were here i had my Fit-bit and

a big supply of low carb snacks. (ate them all)

We must plan if we want to keep the gains

or in our case the loss of weight.

With my older son Daniel I made the  huge

mistake of doing three parks in about 5 Days.

We did Magic Mountain one day. Then Disney

and we closed with Sea World. By the end of the

day at Sea World I wanted to eat Shamu and his

gang of large sardines.

He was happy as all hell but I had blisters

on my feet and back pain for all the walking

and Monkeying around.

I value this memories. Even the pain.

Now I get to do it again.

Thank God for that. I should recruit my

son to go with us and walk like a marathoner.

Don’t forget to add travel and fun as you

make your plans and goals fo the next year.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapbandformen    #lapband


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