Eventually Good Things Come.


I am happy to report that the last of my writing works is now finalized, approved, published and for sale at Amazon.
The first of a series of works on diverse topics ranging from food and cooking to life and living and I even tried to write about relationships but being that I am no expert on that department I quickly changed my mind and changed course.

Anyway…. My titles “El Sabor De Mi Mexico.” The Flavor Of My Mexico and “Sonoran Style Soups” By Yours Truly Jose G. Osuna has seen the light of day. This is a collection of original and authentic Salsa’s and soups made with nothing but fresh ingredients for those of us trying the whole “Clean Eating” but full of flavor for those looking for original flavors and textures.

It should have been done a long time ago but so many challenges got in the way health, geography, economical, worst health, etc., Regardless that was then and this is now. I hope you would please take a look at it and I welcome any ideas, criticism, opinions, improvements in particular just keep it original and authentic.

I am grate-full. I am so grate-full.

Jose G. Osuna

always something to be happy about

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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