Happy Valentine’s Day.

Disney 2

Valentine’s Day is Love and Friendship Day.

Today I want to celebrate the person that has

been the engine for all of the best that has

happened in my life the last many years.

I want to thank my wife Amy for all of her

patience and support; as life has thrown a lot

of garbage our way.

Not once has her love and commitment failed,

and that is the engine behind all the positive in

our little world.

In the past I was a serial relationship fool, and

in that I met people who talked a great game but

no one ever was the rock that Amy has been.

Gang if you have someone who is truly connected,

invested, committed, and truly a part of the process

make sure you thank them, and give back to them

and to the relationship the needed nourishment,

and love to keep things moving on the right direction.

Amy I am not only proud to have you as my partner

but also proud of who and what we have become.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapbandformen #lapband

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