Back To Basics.


Going back to basics is very much

needed and we shall pay attention

to those basics we are missing.

For those of us with WLS weight

loss surgery the basics are made clear

before we get our surgery.

Drink the water. Take you meds.

Drink the water. Chew twice as much

Take your vitamins.

We know this things and yet many

of us if we are honest know that we

fall short in one or more of this


Gang we must stay focused if

we want to be successful.

Jose G Osuna


Suck It Up.

suck it up

Once we decide on a plan of action the motion should only be forward and when we decided to have WLS a lot got in motion. Now, it is up to us that the motion continues and it continues forward. Follow the program It Works. Jose G. Osuna




But more importantly thank you for

the opportunity of Today.

Let us not miss the opportunity to make

today count and get the most of it.

We must not allow others and external

circumstances rob us the chance to make

a difference in our life with our daily

decisions and commitments.

Stay with your plan and go for your walk

or run, take your meds, drink the water,

chew each bite twice as much,

do a work out as often as you can.

make sure that if you had WLS vitamins

are part of your daily routine.

Weight loss is important and deserves

that we give it our all. This is NOT

a dress rehearsal this is our life.

Now let’s go make the most of it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Knowledge VS Practice

another week for monday

Something that has become clear as of late

is that there comes a time when we must

stop learning and start doing.

I have seen myself being a tremendously

prepared and educated individual being

the least active or performing person.

It is not because of a lack of knowledge

but more a lack of enough activity.

We have access to so many bloggers here

sharing so much knowledge and we are

accomplishing so little because we continue

to absorb and do little implementation.

Recently Dan Miller from 48 days to the

work you love titled his weekly blog:

“Stop Learning Start Doing”

This is our challenge gang.

It is our time to Start Doing.

Gang stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

WLS Options.

Different Options.

This options are serious shit.

We do not put ourselves through this

just for the heck of it.

Those of us that have gone through

Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) know that

there is a price to pay and because of it

we can and must take it seriously and

make use of it.

I have a RelianceĀ® band and it works in as

much as I work with it.

Gang this is a tool and it must be used

in order for it to work.

Want to loose the weight with your WLS?

Follow the program it is really that easy.

Stay focusedĀ  stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Living The Fit Way.


The journey for those of us with a Lap Band

is a never-ending one.

We have made a commitment to live a life

that is foreign to most others.

Our journey after going through WLS

gives us a chance to learn more about us

but also about nutrition, textures, measures,

diets, good and better nutrients etc.

Use your knowledge and experience to make

your weight loss journey a more interesting one.

Do Better, Do the work and enjoy the results.

For life take your meds, drink the water,

weigh and measure your portions, take your

vitamins and chew twice as much, remain active.

Gang stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Real Goals.

dreams & dreamers

Our goals must be put on paper

in order to give them a chance of

becoming reality.

Let us be more than just dreamers

and become Doers.

Make sure your weight loss goal is

clear and present.

Use your lap band and make pounds drop.

Remain focused remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna