All I had to do was step outside my living room

and I had all the inspiration I needed.

This did it for me, but the question is what did it

for you?

We are all different and what works for one does not

always works for all.

Figure our gang what does it for you and pursue it.

Make sure that you are always working on your why

and the rest will come up easily. or at least easier.

It is not about money, but more about what inspire

us to go forth and accomplish our dream.

It has been said before by people a lot smarter than me

Find your why and the how will come to you a lot easier.

Stay focus, remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna


What Says Success To You?

measuring-tapeAs you look at your life

What says success to you??

Is it a number on the scale or the size

of your jeans or the money on your wallet

or the balance of your bank account???

We all measure success in different ways

and there is a why to it. And there is no

wrong way if you have truly identified

what it is that is truly important to you.

May I suggest there is a better way for

you, me and everyone to have more


And that is to move from important

to meaningful. From relevant to


Figure out what is important to you

and double down on it.  Then……

Make a difference and bring someone

along with you. Go out and help someone.

Support someone, help someone,

give someone a coin or a bite of food

before they have to ask. Be present

and be relevant.

Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen

#lap band for men


Isla De Barbados

I took this picture while on a trip to Barbados.

I have traveled to every state in the USA and every state

in my country of Mexico with visits to Central America

and up and down the Caribbean. I am yet to find a place that

I connected to as I did with Barbados. The minutes and seconds

I spent there were perfect. This is the one place that

almost every day I think of and would want to go there

more than anywhere else in the world.

I just loved it there. Had great company and the weather

was amazing. The food was amazing. It was amazing.

I hope you are ready to start your new year and that you

have included in your goals some travel.

It is not about far or exotic but about new and

exciting.  Gang go do it and enjoy your days and your

meals. Life is worth it. Now go live it.

Jose G. Osuna      Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Passion. Our Passions.


Gang I am constantly sharing with you all

about the many passions I have.

I want to share with all of you my page

at I have created three kits to share

of those things that I find important and relevant.

Kit one is a series of books for Single Parents.

Do you know any single parents? Well that one is for them.

Kit number two is a series of books for those with

an entrepreneurial itch that needs to be scratched.

This one is not for Dreamers It is for Doers.

And the third one is about my passion for Photography.

Here I share my favorite equipment and how you can

have a Kick Ass set up with out spending a fortune.

Gang visit  and see what 

the ffuuzzzz is all about.

Gang Keep The Fires Burning In Your Life.

Jose G. Osuna   Twitter: @LapBand4Men

Beauty In Life.

dsc_0024I love photography.

I love the places it takes me and the way

it shapes my way of thinking and looking

through the glass.

I want gang to get to my goal weight and

be as healthy as possible but I refuse to stop

living and so should you.

I do not promote to be careless about our weight

loss program and goals but what I do say is LIVE

and enjoy what you love because that is just as


I remember the day I took this picture. I remember

the weather and what I had for lunch afterward.

Maybe the fact that I had never seen a flower like

this one before or maybe the Subway sandwich I had

afterwards at a Kangaroo gas station or the great

weather in Summerville, SC.  I DO NOT KNOW…

But here it is. And the memory and the feelings

and emotions of the day will stay with me because

I had the courage to go to a place I had not been to

before at an inconvenient time when the economic

situation was not the greatest but I decided to live.

I have gained and lost many pounds since but the

memories I have and the life I have lived are and

will stay with me forever.

Gang Live and stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

A Little Living.

This is a pic of me and my lovely wife Amythest and  here

we are in Rosarito Beach in Baja Mexico playing:

“Beach Bumms”

Introducing my wife to Baja was a lovely mistake

as it was out of our first trip there that the idea of

relocating to Mexico came about.

This move is one that would increase our quality

of living and reduce our living expenses.

OPTIONS gang is what it is all about.

When we live our life on purpose we get to enjoy

and create more for us and those important to us.

I am or fancy me an entrepreneur and while I do not

imply that being an entrepreneur is the only way

it sure as heck provides more options and freedom.

Whatever it is that you do if planned  and acted on

purpose will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy

more and better of life.

Gang whatever your path remain focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna