Life Changes.


It is during this moments when people show us who

they are but also who they are not.

Our life and Our goals and Our plans are just that

OURS and as important as they might be to us they do not

necessarily apply to others even if we love them or if they love us.

Change even to those who need it or want it remains change

and, change is one of the scariest substances ever confronted

by humans throughout history.

We need change. We can benefit from change and yet it is

most times an unwanted ingredient in the soup of our days.

Gang. Let us keep our minds clear and our goals present.

Do not forget the why. The why is where the key is.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Dream Killers.


Look around your world

I bet you can see no less than 3 individuals who have

given up on their dreams and hopes. People who have

given up on Love, Life, Hope, Friends or any combination


I have a friend who had an opportunity with a companion

that was loving, accepting, open and totally in love but

the insecurities, doubts and fear with the allowing of outside

influences totally destroyed any chance that relationship

could have had. What a way to lose.

Relationships with others as with ourselves require

committment and courage as well as honesty and openness.

We might at times be able to fool others and even easier

we can fool ourselves but I feel that the coming to a realization

that we denied ourselves the opportunity for a

new and different tomorrow has to be painful.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful

Jose G. Osuna

Got Schooled.

IMG_0922I continually challenge my kids. I am always throwing the next

unknown and I enjoy the dialogue first, the arguing second and

the yelling in the end. Then I begin to feed clues and data and facts

and it is magical to see how the pieces begin to fall into place.

Well. Some time a go I was the one that was challenged.

My kids see me writing about nutrition and weight loss.

They see me training and sharing on weight lifting and exercise

in general and threw a challenge my way.

“climb the wall” they said “It will be fun” they said

Well it wasn’t and I fell on my ass more times than I care

to admit. And the kids had a field day with it.

Now I have to prove my theories and pain in the TUSH

“it is all possible if we try hard enough”  mantra.

Let me just say that after a less than stellar performance

but hard enough attempt they showed me some mercy.

And in the midst of it all it was refreshing to see how what

I have sharing and teaching them has had an effect on them.

They think and reason. They understand faith and strength.

They value courage and friendship and just as importantly

they know that their efforts and hard work count and

make a difference. Yes they are kids and they behave like kids

but they also have an understanding of life and others.

Gang continue to share and continue to learn.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

The Hardest Move Of The Day.

hardest lift

Now that we all know that let’s make sure that we don’t let that., the hardest lift

get in the way of the rest of the work out, walk or run.

I have to say I usually get bored with my activity right about

1/2 way through. So I kick my imagination into over drive and

keep going with my workout as planned.

The only one other thing that helps me is Music.

Figure out what will help you get through the hump of your workout

so that you can complete it.

We must know ourselves in order to be successful.

Look at yourself in the mirror of your own eyes.

Keep moving forward gang.

Jose G. Osuna

The Fight.

ammy fibroWhen we talk about the day to day fight there is so much more involved.

The desire to be in better health and at an appropriate weight

goes further than just a vane ideal of how we want to look physically.

We have a desire to live a longer and healthier life that we can share with our

loved ones in meaningful ways.

Gang….. “Our fight” most of the time is not for our life even though it does

affect our health. There are many others that are actually fighting for their lives

and are day in and day out taking steps similar to what we have set up to do

and in the process being an example of dedication and attitude.

It is all abut how important things are.

It is all about figuring out what it is that will make us get off our behinds

and actually set goals, make plans, commit wholeheartedly and then:



Wishing each and every one of you the best.

Jose G. Osuna

Celebration Time Again!!!!

Next Blog Post

Every Single Yellow Dot Is  A Reader Somewhere In The World Whom

Like You Is Working On Bettering Them Selves Reading This Same Blog.

2500 + Followers               300 blog posts

I am so happy and proud to share that we have again CRUSHED

one more goal one more threshold.

We have reached the 2500 + followers         300 blog posts

I know many of you have many more followers than I do

but for me this was a goal that I did not know if I would ever

be able to reach.

I am glad to be of service and look forward to continue to

share of the pretty the ugly and the hilarious.

I ask you to please, please share with anyone whom you think

could benefit from this content.

See you here again very soon as we continue

our journey on the way to accomplish more and loose as

many pounds as we can.

I remain very humbled and grateful for you continued support.

Please make sure that you share with us what it is that we can do

to serve you better. Ask, Let us know what you want or need.

as we aim to serve so please help us continue to provide

the materials you need.

Jose G. Osuna

2500+ Followers          300 blog posts

Today In My Life.

at this stage in my lifeOne thing we are all working on is getting better.

Those of us who have the lap band know that we have made

a significant change in our body. We have committed to doing better

and for the most part we are all trying to lose the weight.

Let’s re-cap on what we need to do: We need to drink more water,

We must take our meds as prescribed, We need to add the multivitamins.

We know that working out in any shape or form will have a big impact.

Those are things that will make a difference in our life.

Taking the weight off will truly make others but more importantly ourselves

have a different perspective of US.

We can live longer and more productive lives. We can do better for our

loved ones and make a difference that we might otherwise not be able to.

I am not preaching. Not when I was 350+ pounds in weight.

Gang. We can and should have a better quality life.

I want it. I desire it. I need it.

I hope you do as well.

Keep fighting the good fight gang. Stay Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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And We Are Back.


And we are back folks.

My name is Ammy and I  am the editor of this blog,

 books and materials created by Jose G. Osuna.

At times life or health forces us to stop and re-group an that is

what happened to this site and it’s author.

Starting tomorrow we are back & live every morning at 05:37.

Our friend Jose is back with some great new materials and his

own style of showing life what it can do with it’s challenges.

Please share his works in your favorite social media platform and

reach out to us if you have any ideas or questions that can be

addressed by this medium.

At the end of this month the new cook book in the series

“El Sabor De Mi Mexico”  The flavor of my Mexico By Jose G. Osuna

will be available through Amazon. This new book with original

and authentic Soup and stew recipes from the state of Sonora in Mexico

will bring a whole new concept in Authenticity that can only be

obtained by living the day to day life in Mexico.

We thank you for your patience and support and welcome any

comments, questions or concerns at:


Keep On Keeping On.

2015-03-14 12.48.40A walk through memory lane.

This is a picture of my military

identification from the Mexican

Army., I was just 17 going on 18.

I used to run over 60 kilometers

every week. I rode my bicycle

every where. I felt amazing.

I want to re-coup some of that

energy and health I had then.

Gang., take a pic or two and let

it motivate you either to re gain or

to remind you not to go back to it is ok.

Find your inspiration. Find your why.

Go forth and continue to fight the

good fight. you, me, we are worth it.

Jose G. Osuna

The Season.

20120602_163445_resizedThe weather is changing.

I find myself nostalgic and missing my home

in Mexico. This picture was taken there

a while back., sitting on the balcony.

I am not there right now. Wish I was.

I went for my walk today and for the first time

I required a jacket. A sure sign that I will

need to be mindful about food as we approach

the season of the year when many of us do

the most damage to our plans and goals.

Gang. Our journey is not one where we have to

deny ourselves of everything we love to eat.

We must however start with a plan and a clear

and honest idea of what is going to happen.

I will on one day have mashed potatoes. I know this

and I know what day that will be. So before I sit

at that table I will force my self to drink two (2)

glasses of water and then and only then I will

confront the potatoes.

I have a plan. Maybe dumb and silly for some

but this will work for me.

During the season I will eat pumpkin pie, turkey,

gravy, etc. And I will enjoy it.. A Lot.

I miss Rocky Point, Mexico So Very Much.

Jose G. Osuna

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A Healthy Allergy.

be alergic to negative peopleFew things in the universe affect us more than

Negative People

I call those people “Poison and negativity” and  avoid them

like the plague. Want to change your circumstances? Change the people

you surround your self with. My Friend John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire

closes each daily podcast with this: ” you are the average of the 5 persons you

spend the most of your time”  You want more? You want better?

Find the people that are doing and getting what you want and hang around them.

Weight loss, better health, more money, better relationships, etc., It works

for it all.

OK gang as always all the best to you and your loved ones.

Jose G. Osuna


Believe in your selfAnd a great Sunday to you and yours.

Make this day count. Make it a memorable day

to someone close to you.

Jose G. Osuna

Happy B’ Day Son

OK gang.. Today is my son’s Birthday.

He is either 138 years old by his demeanor or

68 years old by his experiences

8 years old by his Puppy Love for Natalie

25 years old by the calendar

15 years old if you ask his mother


1 year old by how much I want to take care of him

But most importantly

Old Enough To Be A Man Of Character And That He Is.

Happy Birthday Daniel.

I wish for you a never ending smile

Loyal faithful friends

Strong health 

Dreams that inspire you

Work that makes a difference

Knowledge that makes you better

A toned-down sense of humor to laugh at yourself

Clarity of mind to deal with life

Strength of character to guide your loved ones

And a huge container to put in it all the good wishes 

from your friends and the rest of the family.


Know that you are loved oh so much.

I am so proud of being your father

And grateful of being your friend.
MOMS HAPPY B DAYAnd Never Forget

what does not kill you

May Heavenly Father Bless Every Second Of Your Life.

Always Proud

Your Father

Jose G. Osuna


1558603_419225611540869_63518791_nSo… We are almost to the end of 2014

For those of us living life with the lap band

The question is HOW DID YOU DO????

The question is to ourselves and the answer should

be ours even more.

Regardless of where you are on your goals (you have them right??)

You, Me and everyone can do better if that is what we want.

Gang we have a little over a month to work on the goals for the year 2015.

Please do yourself the favor of having a plan.

I hope that we can all make 2015 our best ever.

As always all the best to you all.

Jose G. Osuna