Do It. Shut Them Up.

gratest pleassure

Success belongs to the one that puts the work

and pays the price. Then why? I ask of you.,

is it that we want to (at times) leave things for tomorrow? I believe in hard work. In commitment and keeping the goal and dream in mind.

And when success comes, and it will. I want for us to shove our success

down the haters throat.

Well you might be nicer than me but as for me

I just want to show them that the more they doubt

me, the more I want to prove them wrong.

In the end to hell with all the naysayers and

let us rock on with success and better health.

Keep pushing and keep working your plans.

When you do that success is inevitable.

Stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Thinking Of You.


Who can we depend on?

Who would be there to help?

Who would stand to be counted?

Who would be a friend? a lover?

a faithful companion?

Many questions but my answer,

based on so much experience is:

I can count on myself.

I will make it count!

Jose The Mexicali Boy Osuna.

Yes I am in a mood.

Don’t Let Them Stop You.

behind every success there are haters

Soooo do you have your pack of haters??

If you do Congratulations.

If you don’t what are you waiting for

there is still work to be done.

Sad that this is a way for us to find

out if we are moving ahead but,

it is what it is.

Do not let the haters or those that

do not see things the same way you do

keep you from pushing forward, it is

after all YOUR LIFE.

Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Have You Ever???


Every now and then this thought

comes to mind.

For the most part I feel proud for

those things I have survived like:

being homeless, unemployed, broke,

rich, loved, hated, abandoned, betrayed,

alone, married, divorced, screwed, imprisoned,

left behind and so much more.

I am glad I am here, alive and still pushing

forward in trying to do and be better.

Grateful for my kids those here and those

elsewhere and for my wife and her

simingly endless patience towards me.

For those that left. For those that betrayed,

abandoned, I have just one thing to say

to you:                   Nothing.

Jose G. Osuna

Believe Them.

816fe731960eb7f315a48d2ee9df43b5It is hard not to notice the roll of the eyes or

lack of attention and even harder the void

looks as we try to share.

Reality is: Some people just don’t care.

They don’t care about your struggle, they

don’t care about your challenges, and they

sure as shit don’t want to hear about your

success. Why? because they hate you?

because they don’t want you to succeed?

No I feel that many a time it is because your

effort and commitment shows to them and

everyone what is possible…. If they only tried.

It is uncomfortable for some.

But I also believe… Most Just Don’t Care.

Don’t let that stop you. Don’t let that be a problem.

Just keep doing all you can to accomplish your

goals and dreams after all it is you who has to

diet, exercise, walk, take your meds… You know

the drill. Just keep on keeping on.

Jose G. Osuna

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Go out there and be a friend.

Go out there and try to make a difference.

A coin, a bite, a hand, anything other than

words and not because words lack value or

power but because words on an empty, hungry

stomach are not much more than noise.

Go make a difference if you can. Find someone

and not necessarily someone whom you know

but someone to who you can make a difference

and take a risk. Not a stupid risk but a risk..

Why do I say this??? Because over the years I have

had lots of acquaintances who have lots of words

and good intentions but no substance.

Be different be better be a friend.

Jose G. Osuna

Choices In Life.


We choose the best foods and

we plan our workout sessions.

We decide the best way to accomplish

our goals in weight loss BUT…

At times we forget that we must also

choose those around us.

To keep away people who do not believe

and support our efforts should be

a central part of our daily routine.

Not you, me, anyone should underestimate

the effect of negativity in our lives.

Why drag behind us those that fail to

be of support. Why add more effort to

something that is so central to our


Make the hard decisions as soon as you can

and see how much easier things become.

Stay Focus Remain Successful.

Jose G. Osuna



When Shit happens or when things

don’t go how you want them to…..

Just change your perspective.

Simple. All is cool except unloyal friends

but who gives a shit about them.

Just stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Self Love.

18beb1558af9ee8b191f4882a8152215Do not let the opinion of others affect

the person you want and are supposed

to be. Keep at it. Keep working

and keep believing in you. The rest…..

Well., it is not that important.

Jose G. Osuna

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State Of Mind.

Screenshot_20170530-044248Some will try but it is up to us

to protect our happiness and

peace of mind.

Value your self and take care

of yourself.

Stay focused remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Try, Try, Try again.

if you end up misserableSo how about we try to live our way

with our own thoughts and faith

and desire for more and, in the

process we learn and try for better

after every attempt.

How about we own our live’s

and work on bringing to life our

dreams and hopes while working

on our goals.

If weight loss is what we want

it is right there within arms length.

If it is money or position or any other

worthwhile endeavour we can make

it happen if we put the time and effort.

We are responsible for us.

Let’s make sure we show up in full force.

Always remain focus so we can always

be successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men     #lapbandformen

Tough Days.


Some Times Life Is SHIT!!!!!

We all have gone through days and weeks like this

and the one thing that makes it harder is the fact

that at times we still hope against all common sense

that friends, family, acquaintances will see our situation

and will stand and ask to be counted as help and support…

How has that worked for you????

It is like adding salt to the wound.

My father used to say is you want a loyal friend get you a Dog.

I decided to go a different route and got me three Ferrets.

I hate to say it but “My Father Was Right”

This little buggers have  given me more support and feel good

moments than I am able to recall.


That is what all of this comes down to.

If you are able to help someone just do it.

If you can make a difference in someone’s situation please

do it., do not wait until they ask. Help them keep a

bit of their dignity and go be a true friend.

Yes you will be helping them and giving them a hand

but the impact it will have in you and your own psychology

will be even greater. Practice RAK Random Acts Of Kindness.

Go out there and be a friend.

Gang part of the process of becoming better should be helping

others get on their feet.

Jose G. Osuna

The Making Of The New Us.

4de8cf0a0be65beb86684fa69dfdb4aeMr. Muller One of my spiritual guides and one clear mind.

It is comments like this that set me off on a very different

life journey than the one I was living up to then.

It is an addiction to of sorts to try to please any and all

and it is just as hard a break up when we decide to take

a different path.

Recognizing “that” and “those” we choose to keep around

is hard but self fulfillment and self preservation must

be kept in its right place and that will simplify our decisions.

No one else will pay your bills or take care of your health.

No one will ever care about your success and failures as

much as you do. So sad when we look back and see that

so many said I will be there and in the end they were

nowhere to be found. Specially hard when we realize their

absence in a moment of dire need and the empty space

is made even more clear. screenshot_20161225-081809Yes we all have those kind of friends. I know I do.

I love and value prayer as my father thought us

Pray with your hands, legs, back and work and

never forget to pray by giving and helping your

family and friends but specially those in need.

Figure Out Who You Want To Be And Let Nothing Stop You.

Do not wait for others or you will be waiting forever.

Gang go out there get after it and make something happen.

Jose G. Osuna

What Are You Made Of???

20141021_074906_androidRegardless of what others think do and say

What matters is what WE think, do and say.

Every rep was done by us.

Every routine and walk was done by us.

As we make all of this small decisions we

continue to build the foundation for the success

we hope and wish for.

Many will promise a committment to “Always”

and even more will commit to criticizing

or even more undermine what you do but

the thing to do is IGNORE THEM  AND


Do not alow anyone to throw a wrench into your

system’s gears and continue to push and move


Gang stay focus and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna      Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Instagram: @lapband4men

Earn It.

earn it

And even then be prepared for many

“acquaintances” to volunteer to take credit

for your accomplishments.

It is the nature of success.

True and real friends are few and

far in between so appreciate the

real ones that have been there for you

and forget just forget about the

“Acquaintances” do not waste time

on those that don’t deserve it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Wasted Time.

equalizerThat said why waste another minute

on those that walk out of your life

or those you got out of your life?

Our peace of mind and the work on

the future us is way too important

to waste so STOP IT!!!

Concentrate on what is a head and

work you ass off to make it happen.

Why look back? You are not planning

on going back there are you?

Gang remain focused and you will

remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Things I Love.



I really love reading and I really love my ferrets.

This little one looks just like our smallest one.

We call him “Rascal” he is so small and loving.

There are things that are important to us and

we must continually make them part of our

daily living.

Every morning as I write and I write 6 days

a week I am joined by the crunching and munching

of my ferrets. They are so grateful for the attention

and the fact that I feed them and give them water.

They are my four-legged kids.

I own them but I do not take them for granted.

What is it that you have in your world that

you must continually keep present and center

in your days. I don’t know but I tell you it is great

to have the loyalty and support of those that

really matter.

Do not waste your time on those that promised

to be there and were not. Just erase them from

your life and go on because you have those that

actually were there and those, those we must

take care of. I am so grateful of my wife.

I am so grateful that even as my many short

comings threaten our relationship and life

together she was there, every moment,

every day, ALWAYS THERE.

Others promised but their words were

just that words.

Anyway gang let us get back to work

let us work on us and those that are close

and present in our world.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Have You Hugged Your Hater?


So True!!

But they are the first ones to bring up the

failures and mistakes carefully leaving out

how they were never of help or assistance.

They were there they were just not there

for us.

It is ok. That did not and, does not keep us

in the hole. The hole of being broke, overweight,

sick, alone.

I just love the face of disgust as the haters see

us doing better. So great to piss them off

as they have to be there and see us be what

we all along knew we could be. Just an extra

fringe benefit since we did and continue to

do things for us and not for them.

Gang go out there and kill it every day.

make every day count and when you are

tired and ready to go home…. Do another set

as you think of the haters that will get a

belly ache when they see you next time.

It is MONDAY!!!!

Fuck It. Do It. Enjoy It.

Jose G. Osuna

Track Record.


Good track record even after……

Shit who cares I am alive and kicking it

Enjoying another day designed to make

me and my family a better tomorrow.

Who cares of all the shitty things, time

and people that are no more.

Let us make today count gang.

Today is here and here we are

Let’s Kill It.

Stay focus stay succesful.

Jose G. Osuna

Doin’ Fine.


Once we are working on those things that

are important and relevant to us we see that

many a time those people and things we held

on to were just weights around our ankles.

It is the same thing with excuses.

they are just rocks around our neck and ankles.

Ditch them and make some progress.

Go ahead just make a decision and go for it.

We went through WLS to make progress not

to make excuses. Getting a lap band was a big

step so use it. You already made that first

decision so keep going keep making progress.

Gang stay focused and continue to make the

needed and necessary changes.

Jose G. Osuna

P. S. Thank You

12998586_240178166336629_5246590071438221733_nAnd for that:

“Thank YOU” to my haters.

Now let’s get back to work and

let’s keep giving reasons to our

haters to stay with it and keep

inspiring us to kick more ass.

I am so proud of what we do every day

not because we always do great

but because we do not stop.

We keep at it. We keep pushing.

We are staying focused because we

want to remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

After A While


These are just some of the benefits

of living a worth while life.

But all in all there is no better revenge

than living a great successful life.

Gang it is our life and it is worth living


Now go out there and make it count.

Remain Focused Remain Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Lettin’ Go

after a while

It is hard to do this.

From people and relationships to

habits and customs.

There are people and things we love to hate

and hate to love but we must make

sure that we do not hold on to things

and people who are having a negative

effect in our lives, goals and dreams.

We must be strong and smart enough to

see and know when to let go.

Keep looking to the future with eyes

wide open.

Jose G. Osuna

I Did!!

i did not had

Because shit happens and it happens often

we must love ourselves enough that we

keep going regardless of Fake Friends,

Flakey acquaintances and downright

Two Face People.

Our life is worth us pushing harder.

Our health needs our commitment.

Our family deserves we do better.

So Cut The Shit And Go Make Something Happen.

Let All Of Us Make Something Happen.

Remember This Is Not A Dress Rehersal

This IS YOUR LIFE.. Any questions???

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Who To Be With?

Be with

Keeping the right company and the

proper acquaintance is of the outmost importance.

People can be around and close and be a total

ZERO in your world so that is when the

decisions about relationships must be made.

I had been an idiot for quite a long time

when it came to this area but no more.

I have eliminated so many “Lapas” that is

an expression my father used a lot referring to

barnacles. I had decided to keep several of those

attached to my life, heart and mind and., as of late

I have freed my self from them.

The change that has created in my life is such

that I can say with out a doubt we all must from

time to time get rid of the “Lapas” and move a little

lighter and free, way more free.

I just feel as my friend Robert P. From the Bronx

would say: “More Better”

Gang remain focused remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna


4666c39b445fddcf02c37e260d47b6f5It is hard at times to learn

that we might be falling short

in some part of our plan but,

if we are truly committed to progress

and growth and in general to  doing

better we must acknowledge and

accept the areas we need to re focus on.

Weight loss is one of those things that

require constant evaluation and re-evaluation.

Then again there are people who will mess with

you just because they can not because they

hope to help.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and acknowledge

that we can and will fall short at times.

Gang just stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

More Friends OR Real Friends?

62b1c664b51c4dca17d53f69dd425190A true and real friend is worth

so much that we must make it a point to

make, keep but also be real friends.

We grow and expand thanks to Real Friends

so in exchange we must as well help and

be part of others growth and learning process.

Let us be better at nurturing relationships but,

let us also be more discerning and selective of

who we allow and keep close to us and part of our

life and world.

In Friendship and all that matters lets us remain

focused so we might remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Independence Day.

you are allowed to do for you

You are allowed to be free and work on being happy.

Gang…So many times we drag behind us things, thoughts

and persons that no longer belong in our lives.

We can carry guilt and excuses like they are pets

and, it doesn’t help us or make us grow.

I talk about not needing a January 1st or even a Monday

to make a fresh start but I find it fitting that this particular

Independence Day is indeed a Monday because I need to

Declare My Independence, I need to revolt against those

things and people whom I have carried with me that should

have been set free long ago.

Today I declare my self free. I declare my self in control.

Today I say it is within me to go and do and push and

accomplish. Today I take back what I had given away.

Today is a new start for me.

Gang… Drop what is weighing you down and make a

run for your goals and dreams. No matter what they are

if they are important to you then they are worth pursuing.

Start where you are with what you have and grow from there.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Happy Independence Day 2016