I hate spiders.


Anyone else here hates spiders

like I do. That is my kryptonite. Well…

That and sourdough bread. I am

powerless against good sourdough bread.

Smile gang, we get to try one more time.

Jose G. Osuna

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Making Bacon.


We all have addictions and they come

in all sizes and types.

Mine is Bacon… Well one of them.

Lucky for me I am on a low carb diet

so it is not as much of a big deal as others.

The thing with addictions is that it represents

a thing or aspect of our personality that we

can’t or are unable of control.

When cooking at home I can’t have just one

piece or two of bacon. I have to eat more.

Why is it a problem? Well it is not the most

healthy of food items to be had. I know it and

you know it. Yet….

And there is where the problem is.

I consider it a flaw in my character when

I have something, or someone who I can

not have enough of an that is and has been

the start of other negative things. Have YOU

ever been addicted to the acceptance of others?

Have you ever found your self being such a

perfectionist that you fail to bring to market

an idea that could be a game changer because

it is ot in your eyes perfect enough?

This are examples of addiction as well.

It is ok to want to be great but do not let

this get in the path of progress. Do not

forget that we learn even of those imperfect

efforts and make a move to “done”

Put aside even for a moment the doubts and

make some progress. You and others will

surely benefit from your efforts.

Never, however forget to learn from your


Gang stay focus and work on being successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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On Fear.

FB_IMG_1471821419202Now you know what I am afraid of.

The other thing I am afraid of is

being unsuccessful in life.

We all have deep fears and we must

be in control in order to avoid emotions

from over-running our lives.

Make plans and evaluate them often.

Set goals and adjust them as needed.

Stay in control and make some stuff happen.

Jose G. Osuna

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What Says Success To You?

measuring-tapeAs you look at your life

What says success to you??

Is it a number on the scale or the size

of your jeans or the money on your wallet

or the balance of your bank account???

We all measure success in different ways

and there is a why to it. And there is no

wrong way if you have truly identified

what it is that is truly important to you.

May I suggest there is a better way for

you, me and everyone to have more


And that is to move from important

to meaningful. From relevant to


Figure out what is important to you

and double down on it.  Then……

Make a difference and bring someone

along with you. Go out and help someone.

Support someone, help someone,

give someone a coin or a bite of food

before they have to ask. Be present

and be relevant.

Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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The ability to recognize when we are in over our head

is a great one to have.

As a freemason I know who is in control and whom

ultimately has the last word on things.

As a guy sometimes I am an idiot and try to change

or control the world and I am promptly reminded of

who it is that is in control.

Even worst; at times; I expect help, support or understanding

from others and even faster I am reminded of just how fickle and

flakey people can be and then I just have to run back to

The Great Architect Of The Universe.

Jose G. Osuna


A Reminder…

04d079b70ee67499d52d8a1b27a52efaWhen we need a reality check for our weight loss efforts.

I used to think ” I only have lost 5 pounds” then I

had a chance to see this and I was so happy.

Gang as we look at this picture imagine carrying 5, 10, 15 and

even 20 or more pounds of fat and think of the

effect this has within our body in our joints, bones,

muscles and backs.

Every little bit we lose helps and makes a difference.

As if we needed another reason to lose the weight.

I both hate and love this picture. Yet it helps me

as it provides inspiration and reasons to remain focus.

Gang again I ask you to Remain Focused And Remain Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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Life Changes.


It is during this moments when people show us who

they are but also who they are not.

Our life and Our goals and Our plans are just that

OURS and as important as they might be to us they do not

necessarily apply to others even if we love them or if they love us.

Change even to those who need it or want it remains change

and, change is one of the scariest substances ever confronted

by humans throughout history.

We need change. We can benefit from change and yet it is

most times an unwanted ingredient in the soup of our days.

Gang. Let us keep our minds clear and our goals present.

Do not forget the why. The why is where the key is.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Dream Killers.


Look around your world

I bet you can see no less than 3 individuals who have

given up on their dreams and hopes. People who have

given up on Love, Life, Hope, Friends or any combination


I have a friend who had an opportunity with a companion

that was loving, accepting, open and totally in love but

the insecurities, doubts and fear with the allowing of outside

influences totally destroyed any chance that relationship

could have had. What a way to lose.

Relationships with others as with ourselves require

committment and courage as well as honesty and openness.

We might at times be able to fool others and even easier

we can fool ourselves but I feel that the coming to a realization

that we denied ourselves the opportunity for a

new and different tomorrow has to be painful.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful

Jose G. Osuna


in a few weekswTime will pass.

What will you have to say about it OR..

What will you have to show for it.

Give it the 8 weeks and let’s find out.

Gang it is all within your grasp and, it is worth it.

Go For It. Stay Focussed Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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Fearing The Choices.

Screenshot_2015-10-26-21-27-52-1.pngWe touch on choice and fear again.

Fear can provide motivation. A desire to either avoid

or attack some issues.

As I got on the scale today I noticed a gain of one pound

and I must say it got me all worked up so much that

I failed to realize that I had changed my routine.

I waited until after breakfast and coffee to weigh myself

Reality is that I have probably lost some weight and I

would have noticed it had I kept to the routine.

That is how Fear at times works on us. It brings out the

irrational, the stupid and dumb out of us.

Do not fear change. Do not fear new things.

Do not cook bacon naked either so I guess do not

be foolish. Measure your steps be cautious but not so

cautious that you never try new things.

How long ago was it that you changed your walking route?

Since when have you not changed your work-out routine?

Does your diet plan needs some updating?

Change can be a good thing if it is a controlled and planned thing.

Gang get in control of your life and your goals but specially

get in control of your fears.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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