Attitude Of Gratitude

I am grateful for today.

Today is my birthday and I turn 51.

In all honesty I never did expect to live past 35

and yet here I am.

I wish I could say that I am wise or mature

but that would be a stretch and I am not into lying.

That was not always my policy but it is now.

I have been blessed to have had a chance to travel

extensively and meet lots of interesting people.

Jewish, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, Self proclaimed Christians,

Buddhists, Atheists, Jehovah Witnesses, Agnostics and more.

Communists, Capitalists, Conservatives, Liberals, Socialists,

Democrats, Republicans and more.

Folks from all over the world I have befriended and I am

grateful for their openness as it has allowed me the chance to

be part of the global community.

Travel and friendship changes you. It is impossible to remain

unchanged when you are friends with someone from Croatia

and someone from Barbados. Someone from Spain and someone

from Peru. Eat with friends from Yugoslavia and go drinking

with your lady friend from New York.

Whatever you do DON’T go drinking with

your friends from Yugoslavia or Croatia unless

you have nothing to do for a few days.

I have been blessed and today more than ever.

I wish for you all the best and I celebrate my birthday

by wishing each and everyone of you the best of the best.

Your friend on the screen

Jose G. Osuna



The ability to recognize when we are in over our head

is a great one to have.

As a freemason I know who is in control and whom

ultimately has the last word on things.

As a guy sometimes I am an idiot and try to change

or control the world and I am promptly reminded of

who it is that is in control.

Even worst; at times; I expect help, support or understanding

from others and even faster I am reminded of just how fickle and

flakey people can be and then I just have to run back to

The Great Architect Of The Universe.

Jose G. Osuna

A Helping Hand


If we are lucky we have someone like that

taking an interest in us.

It does not always happen but every now

and then we get really lucky and it does happen.

If you do not have someone like that in your life

make sure to be that person for someone and

see the impact a true committed friend can have

on someone’s life.

Gang being present and active in the life of those

that matter to us is a way to love and serve.

Do not cut yourself short.

Stay focused stay successful

Jose G. Osuna

More Friends OR Real Friends?

62b1c664b51c4dca17d53f69dd425190A true and real friend is worth

so much that we must make it a point to

make, keep but also be real friends.

We grow and expand thanks to Real Friends

so in exchange we must as well help and

be part of others growth and learning process.

Let us be better at nurturing relationships but,

let us also be more discerning and selective of

who we allow and keep close to us and part of our

life and world.

In Friendship and all that matters lets us remain

focused so we might remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Choices, Yours And Mine.

13bf3a48eb77f636bd0c613a531fbd73We build our selves and our future with the

daily choices and decisions we make.

We can improve or go back so it is up to us

to make the best possible decisions.

It is easy to avoid the high fat low nutrient dense foods

but it is a little more difficult to avoid the energy draining

acquaintance or co-worker.

Decisions, we must make them and stay with them.

It is our life, isn’t it worth it?

Gang stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Being Real.

3b25e28be196012781595454f263da0aSometimes you wonder what is one to do…

Then you realize;  heck.. I am doing this for me.

It is All-Right.

And you keep on keeping on.

We can give to others just be measured about

what you expect back.

Regardless stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

The Art Of Friendship.



“Relationship” is not limited to only intimate, paternal, etc.,

Friendship is also a relationship. Friendship is also something

that needs to be nurtured, supported, encouraged.

When true friendship is present the need for words is

lessened or it should be. If a friend says I am thirsty do

we wait for them to say give me a glass of water? NO!

We reach out and give them a glass of water.

If a friend expresses a need or want and it is within our

power to help, assist or in someway aid we do it or at least

I would do it as I have done in the past.

We at times have expectations… Hopes I might call them.

But again I am reminded that the size of my frustrations

is equal to the size of my expectations.

Where I am going with this is that if we are able to help

and support someone let’s just do it.

If we can let’s make a difference because we do not

know at times how far a gesture can go.

We do not know how much of a need there is for a touch,

a coin or a piece of bread.

We do things for strangers; good things imagine what we

would do for our friends those we care for.

Jose G. Osuna

Character VS Reputation

13331a70bafef5e093ff3e90611f6075Love what John Wooden said and it reminded me

what another wise person said:

“Those who matter don’t care and

those who care don’t matter” 

Gang until people have walked in your shoes and have

done and accomplished what you have who gives

two flying F@$%’s what they think.

Just keep crushing it and keep winning.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Do You Know Someone Who Is Killing It Share

This Blog With Them.

Life Changes.


It is during this moments when people show us who

they are but also who they are not.

Our life and Our goals and Our plans are just that

OURS and as important as they might be to us they do not

necessarily apply to others even if we love them or if they love us.

Change even to those who need it or want it remains change

and, change is one of the scariest substances ever confronted

by humans throughout history.

We need change. We can benefit from change and yet it is

most times an unwanted ingredient in the soup of our days.

Gang. Let us keep our minds clear and our goals present.

Do not forget the why. The why is where the key is.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Got Schooled.

IMG_0922I continually challenge my kids. I am always throwing the next

unknown and I enjoy the dialogue first, the arguing second and

the yelling in the end. Then I begin to feed clues and data and facts

and it is magical to see how the pieces begin to fall into place.

Well. Some time a go I was the one that was challenged.

My kids see me writing about nutrition and weight loss.

They see me training and sharing on weight lifting and exercise

in general and threw a challenge my way.

“climb the wall” they said “It will be fun” they said

Well it wasn’t and I fell on my ass more times than I care

to admit. And the kids had a field day with it.

Now I have to prove my theories and pain in the TUSH

“it is all possible if we try hard enough”  mantra.

Let me just say that after a less than stellar performance

but hard enough attempt they showed me some mercy.

And in the midst of it all it was refreshing to see how what

I have sharing and teaching them has had an effect on them.

They think and reason. They understand faith and strength.

They value courage and friendship and just as importantly

they know that their efforts and hard work count and

make a difference. Yes they are kids and they behave like kids

but they also have an understanding of life and others.

Gang continue to share and continue to learn.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


dont wait to feel motivated

Yes. It would be nice if we would feel motivated

but it is not necessary.

What we need to be is committed!

Few things will work as well as being committed.

The ability to see goals accomplished is noticed more

in people of commitments.

For those of us with WLS we have already shown that

we are committed so now we need to get off our

ass and go do it.

Easy? No… But very doable.

Gang let us get motivated, let’s get committed and

let’s do what we must and need to reach our goals.

Motivation It Does A Body Good.

Jose G. Osuna

Celebration of Life.


We work hard on life and living.

We push for health, longevity a better weight and YES

a better life with a more complete way of living.

I, just like you, work on making a better me with the

hope of a better tomorrow, and I just like you hope

that my efforts pay off in the long run.

All of that to say that I also hope for a better and

more complete romantic and sentimental life.

I was looking at the picture a top of this post

and it made me think, made me hope and also dream

that I would be this lucky, lucky that I would

sometime be able at an advanced age to share with

a love interest the beauty of the ocean and the

connection of love.

Yes I want to look good and reach my goal weight

but I also value family and companionship.

Truly I do not think that this is an either or but

instead it is an AND.

I want the health but I also want someone to share with.

I want the weight loss but I also want someone by my side.

I want to live longer yes but with someone.

Life is meant to be shared and, if someone like me

who has had many, many disappointments still has

hope and the dream of a good, mutually nurturing

and supporting relationship well I think that there

is always a possibility of more and better for us all.

Gang I hope today is a great day and that you are

surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Remember that today and always I hope and wish

for you all the best of the best.

Jose G. Osuna

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to share our blog. Use your favorite social media site

and share the love.

Life Little Pleasures.


Good Day Gang.

I want to introduce you to my buddy Gavin. He was about 3 or 4

years old at the time of this pic. We found ourselves at his

cousins birthday party just outside of Raleigh, NC

and Gavin here thought me the meaning of pleasure eating.

This little one went through a couple of pieces of

this beautiful cake his aunt Sarah had made. (And it was good I had

two pieces as well) He enjoyed each and every bite he took.

After the second one he calmly said I’m full. And he ate no more.

He enjoyed it but when he was done., he was done.

That is what we need to learn how to do. Enjoy or food

savor our food and then continue with life.

We need to have the attitude that when it comes to exercise

“We get to Exercise” not we have to exercise.

All of this things we do are important enough that

we shall be able to enjoy the process.

As we go on let’s continue to learn more about what

we need to do in order to make it more interesting

and engaging.

Looking forward to better more interesting workouts.

Jose G. Osuna

And We Are Back.


And we are back folks.

My name is Ammy and I  am the editor of this blog,

 books and materials created by Jose G. Osuna.

At times life or health forces us to stop and re-group an that is

what happened to this site and it’s author.

Starting tomorrow we are back & live every morning at 05:37.

Our friend Jose is back with some great new materials and his

own style of showing life what it can do with it’s challenges.

Please share his works in your favorite social media platform and

reach out to us if you have any ideas or questions that can be

addressed by this medium.

At the end of this month the new cook book in the series

“El Sabor De Mi Mexico”  The flavor of my Mexico By Jose G. Osuna

will be available through Amazon. This new book with original

and authentic Soup and stew recipes from the state of Sonora in Mexico

will bring a whole new concept in Authenticity that can only be

obtained by living the day to day life in Mexico.

We thank you for your patience and support and welcome any

comments, questions or concerns at:


The Season.

20120602_163445_resizedThe weather is changing.

I find myself nostalgic and missing my home

in Mexico. This picture was taken there

a while back., sitting on the balcony.

I am not there right now. Wish I was.

I went for my walk today and for the first time

I required a jacket. A sure sign that I will

need to be mindful about food as we approach

the season of the year when many of us do

the most damage to our plans and goals.

Gang. Our journey is not one where we have to

deny ourselves of everything we love to eat.

We must however start with a plan and a clear

and honest idea of what is going to happen.

I will on one day have mashed potatoes. I know this

and I know what day that will be. So before I sit

at that table I will force my self to drink two (2)

glasses of water and then and only then I will

confront the potatoes.

I have a plan. Maybe dumb and silly for some

but this will work for me.

During the season I will eat pumpkin pie, turkey,

gravy, etc. And I will enjoy it.. A Lot.

I miss Rocky Point, Mexico So Very Much.

Jose G. Osuna

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Thinking of the future.

Ok Gang this will be a very different post

and I hope you can be both patient and

gracious with me today.

I have been sharing with you all for many

months and it is fitting that I make this

announcement here.

After long hours of thinking and painful

deliberations I have come to a conclusion

and have made a decision.

The conclusion is that I think Marriage

is good and the decision is this:  I decided

that should I ever, ever get married again

It will be with Adele Adkins. She is so lovely.

Yes it would have to be her or no one else.

There is time so I will not worry about her

boy friend and baby daddy but I just think

that she is one of the loveliest women in this

world of ours. Let me show you.


20752_adel01-foto-reuter_af adele_png_01_by_cassie93-d6p1ecc

Now.. This pictures do not belong to me

and I hope the rightful owners would forgive

their inclusion on this humble blog of mine.

Gang I hope you all are having as good

a season as I am having and please

know that you will all be invited to the nuptials.

If any of you in the 80 + countries where

my blog is read happens to know her

Please, Please do not ruin the surprise

and tell her about this I want to surprise her

my self. Boy will she be surprised.

Have a great weekend and see you here

next week when we go back to the usual


Jose G. Osuna

On Champions.

champions believeYou are Lucky.

I Believe In You!!

Now make sure that you continually

reinforce your goals

And continue to believe in YOU.

Gang I admire and respect

each and every one of you.

Let’s continue to fight the good fight.

Jose G Osuna