Bettering Me.



I have looked at my self and I like the person

that my work has been creating.

Now I want more so I will work more on me.

I have no time to worry and think about what

others will do or will think of me.

I am working on me and it is OK.

Gang Stay Focused And Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Share the love gang.

Feeding the soul.

cooking with love

We must love ourselves enough to take the time

to take care of ourselves and those we care about.

We can show and share love with the meals we cook.

In order to take care of others we must take care of

ourselves. In order to accomplish our hopes and dreams

we must take care of our bodies first.

A meal might not seem so important, but those of us

working on losing the weight, regaining our health,

it is very important. It is center in our day-to-day.

Weight loss is never easy so we must take every single

opportunity that presents itself to make a difference,

even a small difference is important.

Do not forget: Every meal counts. Every calorie counts.

Jose G. Osuna












Screenshot_20171017-121521 (2).png

If you are on a calorie restricted diet Sorry.

If you are on a low carb diet  You Are Welcome.

This folks is why I love my diet.

Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Sodium, High Flavor.

I love it. I just thought I would mess with us all.

Have a great day and try not think of this

meat-loaf the rest of your day. I will but

then again this will be my dinner tonight.

Jose G. Osuna

Gone Southern.


Yes I know, I know, I know, but

I still want it.

Hey gang let me share with you

something…. If You Ever

want to have the best fried chicken

in the world the place to find it is

Restaurant Magnolias in historic

Charleston South Carolina.

Anyway back to my Leg Day at the gym.

Jose G. Osuna


1d77597d45817ec0e08b0bacc8ab560aMaybe working out for 10 minutes

truly is not enough.

Maybe walking from the livingroom to the

kitchen is just not enough.

Maybe  thinking that your Cheetos are low carb

is not a reality.

Shit!!!! Stop fooling yourself and make a commitment,

Try at least to do the right things.

Dieting and working out works!!! Got it??

Gang Please, Please stay focus so that you can

remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen

#lap band for men

A Real Chef.


Sometime ago while still active in the Work Force

I was Executive Chef for Banner Health Systems.

During that time I had a chance to work with some

great talent but I also had a chance to see the amazing

difference between a real and an implied chef.

I worked with J. Mazza a then young, inspired and very

creative chef. I also worked with some amazing cooks.

And the passion that this guys had was so amazing that

quieted down the negative noise and bad JUJU that we all

had to deal with from our Director. It was an inspiration

that stayed with me. We knew that we were making an

impact on every single patient in that hospital.

I have also worked with lazy ass cooks that all they can

do is talk about how somewhere in the past they “used”

to do this or the other and go on and on about mother

sauces.  Or the implied chef that best they can do is buy

a bag of cubed cheese or pre-made pastries and present

it as Haute  Cousine.

Let us honor some real true culinarians.

Joe Mazza Banner health. Matt Williams Iasis Health.

Lilly Mae Hanes  Gerald Champion Memorial.

Adelina Castaneda Carondelet Health.

Darryl Dunn and Hung Lee form Iasis Health Care.

Health Care cooking is hardest because of the pre-conceived

idea that institutional food is bad. Let me tell you

you would be lucky to eat food prepared by this gang

of culinary misfits.

Gang we might be on a diet or trying to lose weight but

that does not mean that we should not enjoy our food.

In large it is me wanting to enjoy food while simultaneously

wanting to lose weight that pushed me towards the Atkins

Diet. I love bacon. I am not quitting bacon so here I am.

Find a new restaurant. Go to the heart hospital if you are

in the Phoenix area and have one of their award-winning

burritos. Yes they are that good. Gang find something to

enjoy. Go eat something new something exciting.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna       Twitter:  @LapBand4Man

It Takes Time.

20141021_074215_androidPlease share with someone you think

needs to know this or maybe just

be reminded of this.

We are not an island so let us

keep in mind that we can and should

be of assistance to others.

Gang Stay Focus Stay Successful.

Zero Calorie Food.

zero callWe are entering to the highest calorie consumption part of the year.

Every single decision we make matters event he little ones and having a plan always helps.

This list is by no means all-inclusive but it is a great place to start.

Keep this items in mind as you go trough the land fill of temptations that will for sure pop up.

This is a good time to go back to basics like: Drink plenty of water, have six small meals,

if you have the lap band increase your protein consumption, have healthy snacks available

at home, work, the car, park away from the entrance, take the stairs, etc,.

It is a daily battle so do not lose focus.

All the best to you all.

Jose G. Osuna        Twitter:     @LapBand4Men

What Dreams Are Made Of.

images-8If you are on a low carb diet

This is a kick in the ass.

Still it is a Beautiful Kick in the ass.

I just thought I would torture you guys

as it is not fair that I should suffer alone.

Gang Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Perfect Diet Found!!!!!

fb_img_1445305261358Yes it is a joke.

There is no perfect one size fits all.

I call it a dream more than anything.

Anywho… What I wanted to say was

that as a unlikely as this is it is also

imperative for the success of our weight

loss project that we figure out what actually

works for us. The logical and natural way

says that if we consume less calories than

what we eat the gradual lost will happen.

How has that worked for you??

In the past I shared of how I have tried

most diets on the planet and I also shared

that ALL of them work even if only for a

short term. BUT, BUT in looking at my own

personal experience I found that what really

worked for me was the Atkins approach.

That is me and it took a lot of trial and error

to figure this out so do not think that it is

a given that it would work for you. Try, Look

for what works for you because even after I

figured out that low carb worked for me I

used my knowledge, education and experience

to tweak this program to make it mine and

mine alone. In the end my diet is more of a:

Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium Diet.

And it works great. FOR ME.  Now you have to

figure out what is it that works for you so that

you might be successful in your weight loss

program. It is about more than just weight loss

it has to be about living and enjoying life as well.

Gang be open minded and keep searching for what

will work for you and stay with it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

9c4e5MxKi      Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Good foods.


OK Gang.

While cheating is not a good practice

when it comes to weight loss I will take

any advantage I can get my hands on.

These are foods that are great and they

do help so use them, eat them and enjoy them.

Just one word of caution if you are using statins

of any kind avoid the grapefruit AND,

if you are taking coumadin avoid spinach

and the grapefruit.

Gang keep focus stay successful.

Loose the weight if that is what you are

working on get healthier if that is your

goal but all along make sure you are

enjoying the journey. It is a good one.

Jose G. Osuna



This is statement that all of us who

have had Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)

should have tattooed in our brain.

Having a Lap Band does not mean we

do not worry about what we put on our plate

and in our mouth.

We must always remember to consume

nutrient dense meals and plenty of water.

Truly we must remain vigilant of what

it is that we eat and drink because every

single calorie counts.

Gang remain focused remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Magic Pill.

% of magic

YES!!!! We found it, the magic pill.

Now we do not have to diet or exercise anymore.

OK., Back To Reality.

There is no magic pill but I will tell you something:

When we know and know that we know where we

are going and what it is that we want to accomplish

the limits vanish and if they don’t, they sure lose some

it’s bite.

It is the certainty of knowing and valuing both the

process and the expectation of results.

We are working on weight loss yes but,

we are also working on better health and

at least for me Longevity. I want to live

forever and I want to continue to enjoy the

same things that I have been enjoying to date.

Having gone through the process of getting

and going through the whole Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)

and getting a Lap Band had helped me accomplish some

of those goals and dreams.

Gang we have made a commitment but we have also

obtained a tool., Let Us Use It. Let Us Do Great.

With clarity let’s stay focused let’s remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna