it is not an ennobling

I admire this lady so very much.

It reminds me of the many strong

kick you in the ass women that I have

met and had the luck to call friends.

I specially admire my wife Amy who

after lots of set back was able to step up,

push forward and hit it outside of the

park by getting through nursing school

while caring on her own for 4 boys.

Lots of respect and admiration for my girl.

She has written a series of books to help, guide

and generally lend a hand to single parents

her books are not a money making enterprise

it truly is an effort to help and serve. You can get

her books for just a few cents please support her

as she works to support others.

Take a look at her books in Amazon:

Author Amythest Osuna

Hey Single parents

Jose G. Osuna

Time, Places and living.

Two different worlds.

Same religion

different experiences.

This churches are about 2100 miles apart

one in Columbia, SC the other in

Caborca, Sonora in Mexico.

Four pictures that bring to mind memories

of food, travel, people, smells, conversations

and life. Some fun living.

I had great shrimp and gritts in Columbia

and was shown frienship and compassion

in Caborca. Impossible to forget either place.

So I ask you where have you been lately?

What new meal have you had and what new

relationships have you started??

And more importantly who have you helped.

Who have you been a friend to??

Step out of your comfort zone and go do

some living. Go do some good while

living well.

Jose G. Osuna

Keep The Hustle

2c8a35b58a62f0f21f17bfa30a6b31e3This applies to riding but it also applies to life.

Things do not always go our way and we must

be prepared for this.

While riding we have to be ready to take and give

power to our machine. In Life

we must be able to ease off the accelerator but also

to give more power as things and circumstances

push and pull on us.

Do not allow for life’s changes derail our efforts

do not allow for people to have such an impact in

our plans and goals that we stop because of them.

When a challenge is in front of us we must go over it,

around it, under it or if all else fails just

March Through It.

Keep fighting the good fight. Keep pushing forward.

Keep winning even when you do not get the wins

you expected.

Love yourself and love your goals and plans.

While you are in the battle field do not forget to

look around for someone you can bring along

with you. Help someone.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen

Be Excited!!

8bd75e0c01c4a2f0ecc1c9e9709ae49eWe all have a road ahead of us.

How do I know???

Because even after we accomplish

the goal in front of us the maintaining

is an ongoing process.

We want to get to XX weight and once

we get there the harder work begins.

Keeping things where we want them

requires work. If it is important to you

it will require continued work.

It is after accomplishing our goals

that commitment kicks in. But ONLY

if it is really important to you.

Gang keep your goals and dreams alive.

Keep them present and that will keep

them alive.

Do not forget to keep you eyes open

and look for someone, anyone who you think

needs a hand and if it is something that you

accommodate please give them a hand. DO NOT

wait to be asked for a hand… Reach Out.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

Important Stuff.

5b209e358c5375ec17ec119d2248f03bWhat is important to you?

To me living is important. My family is important.

I do and have done all I can for my family, my kids.

I do not know and quite frankly I do not care if they

appreciate it, value it or even care about what I have

done for them. Regardless I do all I can for them.

And after that I take care of me. I enjoy riding.

I enjoy photography and I love life.

I am a Christian, I am a Free Mason and I,

I love life.

I am not part of Twin Pillars but I want to

send them some love and support.

Gang I do not know you but I hope that you

are heavily engaged in living life to the fullest.

I hope that all passions are ever present in your

day to day living. Never forget to live.

Also look for opportunities to help others.

Take every chance you can afford and do

something for someone else. Please do not

wait until someone asks for help. Do what you can

when you can but lend a hand when possible.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen



Are you making progress?

It is the last week of the first quarter

of the year and I wonder as I look at my year

how are you doing with your goals.

We talked at the end of 2016 about including

some travel plans to your goals.

I hope truly that you are planning on going places.

I hope that you find the joy that I find in

going to new and different places.

Gang Go Somewhere and while you are there

reach out and try and help someone.

Jose G. Osuna


screenshot_20170126-083141The one thing we can control is our attitude. It has been said

by many before us from Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar to so many others.

I have noticed that when my attitude is poor all kinds of SHIT

goes crazy. Just yesterday I misplaced my very expensive

remote control, mp3 player, camera, computer, scanner, etc.,

also call my Galaxy 6 cell phone. I do not call it a cell phone

because I do not have a cell plan attached to it. It is everything

but a phone but I digress., I misplaced it and I was going crazy

looking for it and that made me late for an appointment.

As I was beginning to rush and feel pressured and frustrated

I had to stop and make a re-adjustment of my attitude.

I immediately noticed as I did that my whole body relaxed and

I just accepted that I would be late and that it was ok.

Had I not done that I counted three times where I would have

endangered myself had I been trying to make up time.

No I am not saying that it is ok to be late but when stuff goes

wrong we must stop and consider.

Gang as we go on with our lives and learn how to improve

in even one small part of it please try to share your findings,

your wins as small as they might be. Find someone whom

you can help, guide or just be a friend to. Do not wait for

people to ask. If you can help, make a difference DO IT.

Be A Friend.

Jose G. Osuna