DSC_0747To share, to admire something amazing

with those that we love is great.

I have had the luck to share with my kids

of many a thing.  With Daniel my oldest it

was always Christmas. Boy did we go overboard.

With my young kids now, it is the water. River, Ocean,

beach, lake.  We all love the water.

My wife and I continuously look for excuses to take

day trips, and weekend trips, and any trips we can.

I then insert my walks and my work outs as best as I can.

This is not always easy and it does not always work but

we sure do try to make it work.

Figure out what works for you, what doesn’t.

Gang, make it work. figure it out and go forth.

Jose G. Osuna

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Very, Very Personal Post.

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If for just an instant God would forget that I am but a puppet of time and would bestow

upon me the gift of a chunk of life., I would use that time fully.

Probably, I wouldn’t say all that I think but I would definitely think about all that I say.

I would give value to things not because of what they are worth but because of what they mean.

I would sleep very little but I would dream more. I understand that for every minute we close our eyes

we lose sixty seconds of light.

I would walk while others stop, wake up while others still sleep.

If God would give me a chunk of life, I would dress modestly, lay face up to the sun uncovering

not just my body but also my soul.

To men I would show how wrong they are in thinking they stop falling in love when the grow old

without knowing that they grow old when they quit falling in love.

To a kid I would give wings but let him learn to fly on his own.

To old folks I would share that Death doesn’t arrive with old age but with abandonment.

So much I have learned from men.

I have learned that everyone wants to live a top the mountain not knowing that true happiness

comes in the challenge of the climb.

I have learned that when a newborn squeezes  with his tiny hand his father’s finger

he is trapped forever.

I have learned that a man only has the right to look down on another man when he is

helping him stand up again.

It has been so many things I have learned from all of you but really it will not be of much

use because when I am placed in that big suitcase I will already be dying.

Try to say always what you feel and do always what you feel deep inside your heart.

If I knew that today would be the last time that I will see you sleep, I would embrace you tightly

and pray to God  to allow me and be the  guardian of your soul.

If I knew this would be the last minutes I would see you I would tell you ” I Love You”

And don’t assume foolishly that you knew already.

There is always another tomorrow and life gives us another chance to mend things.

But if I am wrong and today is all we have left I would like to tell you “I Love You and I will never forget you”.

Tomorrow is not assured to anyone, old, young. Today could be the last time you see those you love.

Because of that: Wait no more. Do it today because if tomorrow never comes you surely will lament

the day that you did not take the time for a smile, an embrace, a kiss, the day when you were so busy to grant one last wish.

Keep those you love close to you, tell them to their ear how much you need them. Love them and treat them well.

Take time to say “I am sorry”, “Forgive me”, “Please”, “Thanks” and all the loving words that you know.

No one will ever remember you for your secret noble thoughts. Ask God the strength and wisdom to express them.

finally, Show your friends and loved ones just how much they matter to you.

be silly

One of the best and biggest blessings

is to have a partner that every day

makes us be grateful to have them

in our world.

Many a Frog we must kiss

before our prince or princess appears.

I wish I would have been better at that

part of the process as I screwed up time

and time again. So much pain for all

involved. But in the end when it happens

all that is well worth it.

If you have not found that person yet

do not worry you are not done yet.

And if you had found it and then

messed up you better back track in

a hurry and fix it.

Regardless of where you are on this

I wish you the best on this and everything

else in your life.

Jose G. Osuna       #lapbandformen

Found It!!


Finally found the Coca Cola Bottle

with my name.

It was on a bill-board in Tijuana, Mexico

We had a great trip and while exploring lost

there it was just waiting for me.

We had been looking or one for a long time

and could not find it.

I know it might sound silly to some but

in the way we live it is important because

my wife, kids and I live life in our own terms.

We go get lost on purpose and explore away.

Yes keeping the weight loss in mind but

at the same time enjoying life and all of

the little things that come our way.

Life is good but then again life is

what we make of it.

Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

#lap band for men

I Want To Go And Do…

i want to be around

What is it that you see when you

look back at your life??

I see a level of activity that try as

I might I will never get back and

I hate it. I miss my crazy travel

and my late nights and extra early

mornings. I miss going places

carrying two or three cameras

and an ice chest of cold drinks

I miss the up and adam feeling

and doing more crazy stuff.

I still wake up at 5 every day

I still try to do what I love.

I still hope someday my wife

will get up with me and join me

but that is a “Never Will Happen”

Oh Well….

Stay active keep moving.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

True Relationship.

_20160621_114410It is rare and not at all a common thing

to find, to have a good supportive and

nurturing relationship.

Relationship implies a two way street.

While I, myself have had countless

failures in this area I was also blessed

to have found and been able to enjoy

my relationship with my now wife

Amy. This gives me a never before

opportunity to live and enjoy a simbiotic

raltionship that both feeds and nurtures

both of us. Our shortcommings made

less by the conection and joining of

strenghts. Our good and positive traits

highlated by the acceptance and contribution

of that our better half

I have since my encounter with this rare

and magical unicorn of a great woman

done and been to places that never did

I thought I would or could.

That whole Hawaii trip is still something

I am working on. I do not have ANY INTEREST

in going there. Sorry there seems to be not

a thing there for me but against every single

fiver in her body she ate crab, shrimp, lobster

and some other sea cratures with me so

I think this argument I am luckily going

to loose.

Hawaii…. Yes she wants it and she is going

to get it.

I am lucky. I found not only my equal but

my better half. She is half my brain

both my left and right arm and the best

of me I never knew I had.

Gang I hope you are ever as lucky as I am.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

A Little Living.

This is a pic of me and my lovely wife Amythest and  here

we are in Rosarito Beach in Baja Mexico playing:

“Beach Bumms”

Introducing my wife to Baja was a lovely mistake

as it was out of our first trip there that the idea of

relocating to Mexico came about.

This move is one that would increase our quality

of living and reduce our living expenses.

OPTIONS gang is what it is all about.

When we live our life on purpose we get to enjoy

and create more for us and those important to us.

I am or fancy me an entrepreneur and while I do not

imply that being an entrepreneur is the only way

it sure as heck provides more options and freedom.

Whatever it is that you do if planned  and acted on

purpose will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy

more and better of life.

Gang whatever your path remain focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

HAWAII On The Horizon.

hawaii sign

I have just been told that

I am going to Hawaii

For two weeks.

I never thought I would even go

now  I am going for two weeks.

Go Figure.


Celebration time.

By the way this is all my wife’s Amy’s

idea and project. All I can say is:

Yes Dear.

Really looking forward to this I am

sure she has a whole plan even though

she has not given me any information at all.

I won’t ask.

Babe Thanks and I love you.

Jose G. Osuna