Scars And Story’s.


It is not that we always make the

correct decisions but more that

we continue on our journey.

We said we would exercise DO IT.

We said we would eat right DO IT.

We committed to our meds DO IT.

We committed to drinking the water

and being more active and going the

extra mile now we must DO IT.

Simple and easy to do but also, simple

and easy not to do.

Let us not be common. Let us be

different and go for great.

We, Us, our families are worth it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Monday. We meet again.

snoopy mondayHave to admit it.

I Love Snoopy!!

That said: It is Monday and it is time

to go take care of stuff.

The fact that it is Monday means nothing.

Our goals and dreams do not take days off.

Make Mondays and every other day that

ends on “Y” count.

Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna



Funny… Not Really


There are people who can not be

positive to save their life.

And they are a joy to be around.

Have you ever had to deal with one

of them at the Gym?? It makes

the workout drag and drag at least until

we get away from them.

Let us try not to be “Downers” people

already have plenty to contend with.

Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapbandformen     #lap band for men



Here we are on Monday again.

Another brand new week to

start again and work for a better

and more productive week.

We always try to make this week

better than last right.

We are getting up there on the

year and we should be working

on our goals for the coming

new year 2017.

It is never too soon and it is never,

ever so good a year that we do not

want to make the next one a better one.

Weight loss, more money, a better house,

a nicer car, that pair of expensive shoes

you could not justify or that new computer

you have been following on amazon.

Make it happen!!!

Write your goals, plans and wants and feel

the impact that has on your life and the way

you spend your time and money.

Gang it is doable., all of it you just need

a strong enough why and a clear path

of Solid Written Goals.

We have two months to 1/1/2017

Let’s work on more and better

and let’s stay focus and successful.

Jose G. Osuna


About What IS Important.

037bbff93b77368feed8e6c603314605Very important to have a well defined goal and plan

as it is the process of learning, planning and executing

that leads to good, solid habits.

Few things in life will have a more important effect

in our life as the development of good habits.

Habits will carry us when enthusiasm fails.

Habits will guide us when our commitment fails.

Habits will push us when our character fails.

Yes it is that important.

Gang do not forget this and remember

to stay focus and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

True, Real Goals.


Stop with Bull Shit Goals!

No more Lip Service!

Be true to yourself

Be about something.

We got the Lap Band and

we should be using it as the

tool that it is.

We wanted to lose the weight

We wanted to feel better

so let us make it happen.

This is one goal that is within our reach

we just need to take the next step and

pay the next instalment.

Gang we can do it and we have shown to be

committed so don’t let this one slip away.

Remain focused remain succesful.

Jose G. Osuna

Regrets No More.

39f870cc6f6abf7317f0c1491ecd98f8We did it now what?

Well… We were either successful or not.

If we were we keep doing it if not We Learn

and do better next time.

We know that we gain by exercising and eating right

just as we know that we do not profit from eating garbage

or living a sedentary life so live, learn and do better.

Gang we will make mistakes and we will fall short of

our goals but moving past that and pushing for a better

next time will make all the difference.

Choose to move on. Choose to do better.

Choose to BE better.

Gang stay focused stay successful

Jose G. Osuna

Character VS Reputation

13331a70bafef5e093ff3e90611f6075Love what John Wooden said and it reminded me

what another wise person said:

“Those who matter don’t care and

those who care don’t matter” 

Gang until people have walked in your shoes and have

done and accomplished what you have who gives

two flying F@$%’s what they think.

Just keep crushing it and keep winning.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Do You Know Someone Who Is Killing It Share

This Blog With Them.



Make sure you do what you need.

Make sure your food has quality nutrients and,

always, always ignore the haters.

Gang we all have haters., the minute you

decide to do more and better you have haters.

The moment you try to improve yourself you

just got some haters.

Do not forget that your life and your

health is worth your work and efforts and

the pain in the ass of dealing with the

haters and the naysayers.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Instant Abs.


OK gang here is a very good routine that we can take

for a test drive. This one comes to us from Neila Rey.

One of the things I like about this routine is that is

very focused but also it lacks the fluff that at times

so-called “Pros” throw into the mix needlessly.

Six movements that if done carefully and conscientiously

will have a great effect in your body’s mid section.

Try it and let us know what you think.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna