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Nanowrimo is starting this November 1st.

Get ready and get going.

Lots of acclaimed novels and movies

have been direct result of Nanowrimo.

If you have it share it. We will all be

better for it.

Jose G. Osuna

Commitment To Fit.

50 % commitment

Looking back at many of my posts and many of the blogs that I follow I noticed that we all have set backs. I noticed that we all had plateau patches when we were stuck for periods of time. I noticed also that at times food and the warm bed won over our commitment to work on our weight loss plan. BUT.. I also noticed that when we re-committed to our goals we made amazing progress. This shows that were we to remain 100% committed 100% of the time this weight loss thing would be a done deal. BUT as someone who has failed at times I acknowledge that it is hard., possible but hard. We must have a plan. We must work plan. We need to have goals and they need to be ever present. And we must remain 100 % committed to ourselves. That is how we accomplish and conquer. Let’s keep up the good work. All the success to you all.                                                                                                                  Jose G. Osuna                               










Always Always

Regardless of what happens

we must not give up.

When things don’t go the way

that you want them just re focus

and go back and try it again.

Gang… Shit happens and we must

not allow it to de-rail our efforts

and dreams.

If it is weight loss or financial goals

we must not stop and we must not

quit trying and pushing.

Our life is worth it. Do Not Quit.

Do Not Stop Trying.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Negative People or….. A hidden opportunity?

do it

Are there people who want to see you fail? OR.. Are there people who do not want to see you succeed?
There is a difference. There is a big difference!
When someone succeeds they are showing the people around them what can be done with a little commitment and a little effort. OK maybe a big commitment and a big effort. Regardless. If it can be done it can be done period.
People who are comfortable in their surroundings and with their own selves will not welcome this exotic theory of new and exiting exercise doctrines. Yes I am being melodramatic. Give me a break.
What I am trying to say is that: Not everyone will welcome the challenge of changing their lifestyles. Not everyone will want to. And it is ok. BUT it is not ok for us. We want more.. We want better.. We want health.. We want longevity.. We want a better life..

That explains the madness of waking up early., earlier than Jesus and the Mexicans Which is pretty darn early trust me I am a Mexican Jew.

Going to the Gym and getting on the staircase that goes nowhere and weighing our food and drinking more water than your neighborhood camel.

We want more.. We Want Better.

Gang. Stay focused, stay on guard and try and do better.

Jose G. Osuna

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And Then They Asked HOW??

at firstIsn’t if funny how the tone goes from one extreme to the other as soon as

the changes begin to show?

My biggest one was with my low carb diet., being of Hispanic descent

we consume lots of starch loaded foods.

But going from 361+ pounds to about 225 pounds gets people’s attentions.

By the way I am not bragging as if you have been following you know that I regained it and

then proceeded to add a few more pounds on top.

So lets take from this post that 1.- People will not always understand. 2.- The plan works.

3.- If we do not pay attention we can always go back.

And 4.- People will be inspired by our actions. Try and be inspiring. Reach out and help someone, Anyone.

keep up the great work guys.

Jose G. Osuna



8648dc6b88cc74ee7544fa8b615d6c8bWeight loss is not a once size fits all

and it is not a one strategy wins it all either.

We must exercise but we must also

keep an eye on what we eat.

One with out the other will not give us the

results we are looking for.

Even for those of us with a lapband

the integrating of both approaches is

a must and absolutely necessary

in order to reach our goals.

Be clear about where it is that you

want to go and stay the course.

By the way this approach works for

weight loss and for other things as well.

Gang Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Yes it is this addictive.

This is one of my favorite activities.

Find something that you are passionate

about and add it to you daily life.

We are more than just weight loss.

What is it that you would love doing

for the rest of your life even if no one would

pay you a cent for doing it.

Live Gang. Live Fully.

Jose G. Osuna

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Earn It.

earn it

And even then be prepared for many

“acquaintances” to volunteer to take credit

for your accomplishments.

It is the nature of success.

True and real friends are few and

far in between so appreciate the

real ones that have been there for you

and forget just forget about the

“Acquaintances” do not waste time

on those that don’t deserve it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Suck It Up.

suck it up

Once we decide on a plan of action the motion should only be forward and when we decided to have WLS a lot got in motion. Now, it is up to us that the motion continues and it continues forward. Follow the program It Works. Jose G. Osuna


Be Epic

you cant do grat things with average people

Two things to get out of this Pic. IF you intend on

doing and accomplishing Epic Stuff.

1.- Do not associate with “Basic People”

2.- Do not be “Basic People”

The wrong associations will keep you at the same

level at best or drag you down at worst.

The right associations will push you to grow and do

better. You will be challenged to stretch yourself

and that is why we must avoid “Basic People”

As you grow share so that those around you

continue to grow and expand.

Be and do amazing and  epic shit.

Live to the full extent of your abilities.

Gang stay focused DO epic shit.

Jose G. Osuna

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What Dreams Are Made Of.

images-8If you are on a low carb diet

This is a kick in the ass.

Still it is a Beautiful Kick in the ass.

I just thought I would torture you guys

as it is not fair that I should suffer alone.

Gang Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Perfect Diet Found!!!!!

fb_img_1445305261358Yes it is a joke.

There is no perfect one size fits all.

I call it a dream more than anything.

Anywho… What I wanted to say was

that as a unlikely as this is it is also

imperative for the success of our weight

loss project that we figure out what actually

works for us. The logical and natural way

says that if we consume less calories than

what we eat the gradual lost will happen.

How has that worked for you??

In the past I shared of how I have tried

most diets on the planet and I also shared

that ALL of them work even if only for a

short term. BUT, BUT in looking at my own

personal experience I found that what really

worked for me was the Atkins approach.

That is me and it took a lot of trial and error

to figure this out so do not think that it is

a given that it would work for you. Try, Look

for what works for you because even after I

figured out that low carb worked for me I

used my knowledge, education and experience

to tweak this program to make it mine and

mine alone. In the end my diet is more of a:

Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium Diet.

And it works great. FOR ME.  Now you have to

figure out what is it that works for you so that

you might be successful in your weight loss

program. It is about more than just weight loss

it has to be about living and enjoying life as well.

Gang be open minded and keep searching for what

will work for you and stay with it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Edit Your Life.

edit your life.jpg

Cuts and adjustments must be made in order to keep things

in order. Not everyone will walk across the finish line with us.

Some people will choose to take a different road and it is ok.

Others will try to stay around but will be unable to do it.

Some we must cut and send on their way and that too  is ok.

Pay attention to those close to you and figure out what is their

place in the big picture. Your big picture.

You see it is not that people are there only to serve you

but that they are there to BE PART OF. If they are not willing

or able then why are they in your life???

Be Fair and be honest about you and others.

Are you being part of others life? Are you sharing, learning,

teaching, being present? Are those around you doing the same

things for you??? If you or them are not then it is time for

removal and separation.

Living in honesty stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Share the love gang.

Goals & Plans.


Have you had a chance to re-visit and

re-evaluate your goals?

Are you making plans to improve on

your results next year?

“WHY” is the most important question

to ask your self and you must have

an answer for when the going gets tough

and it will.

The process of obtaining clarity with our

goals is one that we can use in all aspects

of our life. What is important to you?

What do you want to accomplish?

Where do you want to go? What do you want

to move away from? What is next?

Push and strive for clarity so you can

answer powerfully the question of


Gang put it on paper and live it

every day keep it present in our day to day


Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Monday, Monday.

all you need is a monday.What are the characteristics of true change?

What is it that makes us from one day to

the other decide that we have had enough?

What is it that makes it possible to say:

No more, Never again.

For me it was a lengthy stay in the Hospital.

What did it for you? And,

If you have not had your epiphany yet think

What will it take.

I hope no one else has my experience of

looking up at several Doctors baffled about

my condition clearly not knowing what to do next.

Gang it is not easy but it is not complicated either.

It is Monday. Let’s get back to basics.

Drink the water, Measure your portions,

Increase your activity, Take your meds.

Go to the support groups, Take your vitamins.

Really it is easy to do but as Mr. Jim Rohn

would say:”what is easy to do is also easy not to do”

Be weird, let’s all be weird and let’s be doers.

Carpe Diem! or Carpe The Monday!

Let’s work today on a better tomorrow.

Jose G. Osuna


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Beauty In Life.

dsc_0024I love photography.

I love the places it takes me and the way

it shapes my way of thinking and looking

through the glass.

I want gang to get to my goal weight and

be as healthy as possible but I refuse to stop

living and so should you.

I do not promote to be careless about our weight

loss program and goals but what I do say is LIVE

and enjoy what you love because that is just as


I remember the day I took this picture. I remember

the weather and what I had for lunch afterward.

Maybe the fact that I had never seen a flower like

this one before or maybe the Subway sandwich I had

afterwards at a Kangaroo gas station or the great

weather in Summerville, SC.  I DO NOT KNOW…

But here it is. And the memory and the feelings

and emotions of the day will stay with me because

I had the courage to go to a place I had not been to

before at an inconvenient time when the economic

situation was not the greatest but I decided to live.

I have gained and lost many pounds since but the

memories I have and the life I have lived are and

will stay with me forever.

Gang Live and stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Spirit Of Wonder.

74a3efc5d89df235f98ce490ba730c8cOur journey is one that we must tackle

with a never ending supply of wonder.

We know that weight loss and having

WLS call it Lap Band or any of the other

great options is an important part of what

we use to make our goals a reality.

Use the tool you have at your disposal.

Work on making progress and accomplishing

those things that will make a difference for you

in this journey.

Keep the ability to be surprised and amazed.

Look at all the wonderful options that we have

at our disposal for weight loss. We are blessed

to be in this country where we have options

for what we want to eat or not. It is really not that

much more expensive to eat right and actually

feed our bodies high quality foods than it is to

go pay a visit to the King or the Clown or even

The Colonel.

Please don’t go crazy buying $9.99 bunches

of spinach but also.,  do not negate your body

the necessary nutrients that are available to us

so let’s make the best decisions we can and

continue to win on this challenge that we

have set for ourselves. Keep going at it gang.

Jose G. Osuna


Twitter: @LapBand4Men

The Boys.

20160111_133511This little guys are Bear and Peter.

They have the same addiction my wife has

and that is Mountain Dew.

Just like them and my wife WE all have

some foods or drinks or habits that we carry

with us much as a pet.

One of the things we need to do is realize and

be honest about our habits both good and bad.

We can not change or adjust something we are

not aware of.

My challenge was Diet Coke. I could drink Diet Coke

all day every day but now I go months with out drinking one.

So I suggest that you do some soul searching and

figure out what is there that is holding you down or

keeping you from making a difference and work on

being rid of it.

Gang Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Why Exercise?

50 reasons to excerciseGo Ahead Keep Building

That Sexy Beast.

Yes I am laughing.

Stay Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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What is it that gets you out of bed?

What are your passions?

When you are the happiest what are you doing?

Who are you doing it with?

We talk so much about weight loss but

we must not forget those things that make us

who we really are.

One of my passions is Photography and I say

one of them because I am just as passionate about

traveling, eating, riding and writing.

All of this things give me happiness.

The mixture of this things define just as

much as saying “I am a male” or “I am Hispanic”.

Gang find those things that you enjoy and go out

and enjoy them. I added these pictures of my self

enjoying a “Picture Safari”

(Sorry I did not intended to scare young children)

We can not forget to live while we are here.

Remain Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Phoenix Mexican Market, Charleston, SC, AZ Mountains, Savannah, GA.


Scale Addiction.

forget the scale itNumbers can have tremendous power.

If we let them.

Numbers should serve the purpose of

inspiring and keeping us focus.

We can not allow a number to dictate how

our day will end or start.  BUT…

We can not allow either our whims and

moods to have a similar effect on us.

Weight loss with or without Weight Loss

Surgery (WLS) is a daily battle, a commitment

to a better, healthier life and as such it

requires planning, commitment and

execution. Plan your meals in advance,

make sure you are drinking the water,

when purchasing groceries keep in mind

your goal and limitations.

If you are past the surgery then you have

received all the training and instructions

to be successful. NOW Go Do It.

We are all in it so reach out if you have

questions or challenges.

All the best to you all.

Jose G. Osuna


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Wasted Time.

equalizerThat said why waste another minute

on those that walk out of your life

or those you got out of your life?

Our peace of mind and the work on

the future us is way too important

to waste so STOP IT!!!

Concentrate on what is a head and

work you ass off to make it happen.

Why look back? You are not planning

on going back there are you?

Gang remain focused and you will

remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Will It Into Existence.


So it seems we go back again to:

“How Bad Do You Want It”

We all dream when we see someone,

anyone being successful and accomplishing that

goal that we want and long for.

So the question again is: How bad do you want it?

How bad do WE want it?  Not a single thing that is

worthwhile comes easy and that is the price

we must pay. How bad do we want it?

Will we get up in the wee hours and go to the gym?

Will we say NO to the second and third serving?

Will we find a way to drink the water?

Regardless if you have had WLS or not there are

clear and concise rules and concepts that work

for all of us like: If you eat 2000 calories but burn

them all or more consistently then you can not

gain weight. If you remain active the weight gain

will be less than if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

I am not trying to over simplify things or make

obvious observations instead what I am trying to do

is make a point that with out turning our world

up side down we all have enough knowledge and

opportunity to make a difference in our life.

Maybe we won’t make the cover of Men’s health®

or Shape Magazine® but we can be better and

healthier to keep working on that front page


Gang we can do a lot if we commit and use what

we have available to us.

Wishing you all the best.

Jose G. Osuna


Twitter  @LapBand4Men

Life. More Than Diets


There is more to life than just watching others live it.

Let us not forget that life continues and that we Should

and must do our best to make every moment memorable.

Yes Dieting is very central to many of us but there are

those things that make us happy and allow us to

re-connect with the Real or Total Me/Us/I.

I share this photo of me in Charleston, SC where I had

a chance to enjoy one of my passions which is Photography.

I totally loved this trip.

I did re-gain some weight while there because I discovered

I had a passion for southern food. “Shrimp and Grits” Who Knew.

By the way if anyone of you ever, ever want to have the best

fried chicken in the world and I have had lots of fried chicken

all over but I have to take my hat off for the Fried Chicken at

(Drum Roll)  Magnolia’s Restaurant in Historic Charleston, SC

yes many claim to have a better bird but They Are Wrong.

Gang.. Do not forget to live while you are alive.

Stay focus Stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Here we are on Monday again.

Another brand new week to

start again and work for a better

and more productive week.

We always try to make this week

better than last right.

We are getting up there on the

year and we should be working

on our goals for the coming

new year 2017.

It is never too soon and it is never,

ever so good a year that we do not

want to make the next one a better one.

Weight loss, more money, a better house,

a nicer car, that pair of expensive shoes

you could not justify or that new computer

you have been following on amazon.

Make it happen!!!

Write your goals, plans and wants and feel

the impact that has on your life and the way

you spend your time and money.

Gang it is doable., all of it you just need

a strong enough why and a clear path

of Solid Written Goals.

We have two months to 1/1/2017

Let’s work on more and better

and let’s stay focus and successful.

Jose G. Osuna



you can be excellent

Yes. This is for you and for me.

Regardless of it all we can and should be Excellent.

Ignore or even better… FORGET all the negative, all the bad, all that was

and concentrate on the What Can Be.

If you truly want to be excellent Have Big Goals And Even Bigger Dreams.

Gang… It is time to GO BIG!

Jose G. Osuna


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NaNoWriMo 2016


It is that time of the year again bloggers.

This an opportunity for all of us who have

the writing itch.

This is a rather large community of writers

and aspiring writers that come together once

a year to bring new materials to life.

If you have an interest or even a desire to

create materials that could have an impact

or even just some thoughts that you want

to get out of your head give this group a try.

I do not claim to be a writer as you all know

English is not even my first language but I

enjoy the creative process and if you have

something that could make someone laugh,

cry or even better Think then you should consider

putting pen to paper ((Read finger to keyboard))

and let us read it.

If you have a writing itch that needs to be scratched

Visit: and learn more about this.

Gang stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna       Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

I Guess I was A Junkie.

food is.jpg

It all begins and ends with food.

I know that some of my highest of highs and

some of my lowest of lows can be directly traced

to either a female or a meal. Go figure.

Food and eating can have a firm grip on what it is

that we can and will accomplish.

The addition of extra water and more

activities are always suggested when in the process of

starting or re-igniting a weight loss program.

Gang we must be in control of our monsters or

we will loose every time.

Here it is to us! The brave that confront the monster

of the pounds on a daily basis.

Jose G. Osuna


The Thief.

TomorrowThe concept of “Tomorrow” is the biggest

thief of results, goals, dreams and accomplishment.

The best defense is to have a clearly defined plan

but more importantly an even stronger WHY.

When the WHY is clear the HOW becomes not just

clear but easy. Do you know you WHY?

Do not wait another day to start working on your

better self. You are worth it.

Put your dreams and hopes on paper and use

that to create a compelling WHY.

What is it that you want?

More money, more time, more freedom,

better health, a new job, a new or an improved

love life, peace, a new look?

Whatever it is will become easier, more doable

and easier to manage if you get clear and

put it on paper.

Gang we are worth it and the price we will

in the end pay will be well worth the work.

Time to get focused and be successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Twitter:  @LapBand4Men



Gang… Writing is not about a novel or a treaty.,

writing is about making connections and getting

things off your chest and mind.

Writing is not about making a million dollars

even though that would be nice right????

Gang I am taking a little of your time to mention

that we are about to hit November 1st. and for some

of us that means that NaNoWriMo is about to start.

Nanowrimo is a contest/community/challenge

for writing and aspiring writers to bring out and

create new materials.

If you fancy yourself a writer and just to clear I do not

think of me as a writer. Actually my English is not really

that good being that Spanish is my native language.

Gang Nanowrimo is a great opportunity for anyone who

has a writing itch that needs to be scratched.

If you want to learn more about this visit: and see all that is there.

There are many, many resources that could help

you grow and learn about writing and the possibilities

for you and your thoughts and ideas.

Hope this of service to you.

Jose G. Osuna

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant      Twitter:  @LapBand4Men