If you have a literary itch that

needs scratching THIS IS IT!!!!

Nanowrimo is starting this November 1st.

Get ready and get going.

Lots of acclaimed novels and movies

have been direct result of Nanowrimo.

If you have it share it. We will all be

better for it.

Jose G. Osuna


Commitment To Fit.

50 % commitment

Looking back at many of my posts and many of the blogs that I follow I noticed that we all have set backs. I noticed that we all had plateau patches when we were stuck for periods of time. I noticed also that at times food and the warm bed won over our commitment to work on our weight loss plan. BUT.. I also noticed that when we re-committed to our goals we made amazing progress. This shows that were we to remain 100% committed 100% of the time this weight loss thing would be a done deal. BUT as someone who has failed at times I acknowledge that it is hard., possible but hard. We must have a plan. We must work plan. We need to have goals and they need to be ever present. And we must remain 100 % committed to ourselves. That is how we accomplish and conquer. Let’s keep up the good work. All the success to you all.                                                                                                                  Jose G. Osuna                               










Always Always

Regardless of what happens

we must not give up.

When things don’t go the way

that you want them just re focus

and go back and try it again.

Gang… Shit happens and we must

not allow it to de-rail our efforts

and dreams.

If it is weight loss or financial goals

we must not stop and we must not

quit trying and pushing.

Our life is worth it. Do Not Quit.

Do Not Stop Trying.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Negative People or….. A hidden opportunity?

do it

Are there people who want to see you fail? OR.. Are there people who do not want to see you succeed?
There is a difference. There is a big difference!
When someone succeeds they are showing the people around them what can be done with a little commitment and a little effort. OK maybe a big commitment and a big effort. Regardless. If it can be done it can be done period.
People who are comfortable in their surroundings and with their own selves will not welcome this exotic theory of new and exiting exercise doctrines. Yes I am being melodramatic. Give me a break.
What I am trying to say is that: Not everyone will welcome the challenge of changing their lifestyles. Not everyone will want to. And it is ok. BUT it is not ok for us. We want more.. We want better.. We want health.. We want longevity.. We want a better life..

That explains the madness of waking up early., earlier than Jesus and the Mexicans Which is pretty darn early trust me I am a Mexican Jew.

Going to the Gym and getting on the staircase that goes nowhere and weighing our food and drinking more water than your neighborhood camel.

We want more.. We Want Better.

Gang. Stay focused, stay on guard and try and do better.

Jose G. Osuna

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And Then They Asked HOW??

at firstIsn’t if funny how the tone goes from one extreme to the other as soon as

the changes begin to show?

My biggest one was with my low carb diet., being of Hispanic descent

we consume lots of starch loaded foods.

But going from 361+ pounds to about 225 pounds gets people’s attentions.

By the way I am not bragging as if you have been following you know that I regained it and

then proceeded to add a few more pounds on top.

So lets take from this post that 1.- People will not always understand. 2.- The plan works.

3.- If we do not pay attention we can always go back.

And 4.- People will be inspired by our actions. Try and be inspiring. Reach out and help someone, Anyone.

keep up the great work guys.

Jose G. Osuna



8648dc6b88cc74ee7544fa8b615d6c8bWeight loss is not a once size fits all

and it is not a one strategy wins it all either.

We must exercise but we must also

keep an eye on what we eat.

One with out the other will not give us the

results we are looking for.

Even for those of us with a lapband

the integrating of both approaches is

a must and absolutely necessary

in order to reach our goals.

Be clear about where it is that you

want to go and stay the course.

By the way this approach works for

weight loss and for other things as well.

Gang Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Yes it is this addictive.

This is one of my favorite activities.

Find something that you are passionate

about and add it to you daily life.

We are more than just weight loss.

What is it that you would love doing

for the rest of your life even if no one would

pay you a cent for doing it.

Live Gang. Live Fully.

Jose G. Osuna

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant      Twitter:   @LapBand4Men