Helping The Excercise.


All the exercise in the world is wasted if we do not eat the right foods.

Every one should know what food and items are the ones that affect us

the most and for some of us, the solutions are not as clear.

I tried many different approaches before getting my Lap-Band.

I am proof that ALL Diets Work if only for a little while.

For me it is Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Sodium and it is good because

I do no crave sweets and I do love meat and seafood.

I enjoy walking and working out but, I enjoy eating even more.

I truly enjoy fish and grilled meats so it is lucky me, but if you like and

enjoy other foods then you must learn about portions and nutrient

density. Not all foods are created equally so the more we know the

better our decisions can be.

Keep learning, keep looking at your self and the results that come out

of your efforts, and every day you will be better and your results will be

more permanent. That is after all what we all want right???

Have fun with food, try new things, go to a restaurant you have never

been to. My last memorable restaurant experience happened  actually

years ago at a Texas Road House in Gilbert, AZ I think. I shared a meal

and even that I could not finish. It was a strange meal. It was a strange day.

I had a taste of chicken and a taste of ribs and a glass of water.

Enjoy the process but also enjoy the food and your meals.

It is all part of the process.

Jose G. Osuna

Reality of Pain.

fb_img_1445305804932For some of us the living in pain is a daily reality.

For me between the fibromyalgia or my

5L Parss Deffect or my damaged knee.

It is a reality and when trying to get help

we must add insult to the injury (pain).

My pain specialist Dr. Suttera has been

truly a God-Sent as he has worked with me

on a progressive plan that has given me

some relief.

It has been a long way of trial and error

with many meds until the right combination

was found.

Recently, however while out of state I had to

deal with the ignorance and over reach of

“Medical Professionals” who use their personal

bias to judge instead of their training to treat.

Anyway….. It was my back pain what finally

made me look for help and start on the long

road of weight loss and it has been precisely that

which has helped me the most.

I offer that if you are in pain or your blood

pressure or cholesterol are out of whack

stay with the plan. If you have a lap-band®

make use of it and the resources that should

have come with it.

Gang keep working on your own health

Stay focus and remain healthy and successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

The Meds In Our Days.


I know very well that I have to take certain meds

every single day. At very specific times.

 I know that I need them.

But What to do when for whatever reason we

are unable to take them. What to do when

the pain hits and you are unable to function.

If you are depressed or dealing with fibro

with out your meds you might as well

just sit and breath as there is not much else

you can do. I KNOW.

There are many reason why we at times are

unable to take our meds as prescribed and

we must avoid that by any means but when it

happens try to have a plan B even if it is just

to howl at the moon in a therapeutic fashion.

or fantasize about inflicting the same pain

on some one who has not kept their promises.

Hope you never go through putting up with pain

because of lack of meds… It Sucks

If you use lyrica or Cymbalta like I do you know

how severe the withdrawals are if you do not

follow the prescribed times.

I guess I am just venting and letting my own

body know that we still have more battles to

fight in the future. All in all pains and all

I am grateful to be alive today.

I wish you all a great one today and always.

Jose G. Osuna


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The Hardest Move Of The Day.

hardest lift

Now that we all know that let’s make sure that we don’t let that., the hardest lift

get in the way of the rest of the work out, walk or run.

I have to say I usually get bored with my activity right about

1/2 way through. So I kick my imagination into over drive and

keep going with my workout as planned.

The only one other thing that helps me is Music.

Figure out what will help you get through the hump of your workout

so that you can complete it.

We must know ourselves in order to be successful.

Look at yourself in the mirror of your own eyes.

Keep moving forward gang.

Jose G. Osuna

And We Are Back.


And we are back folks.

My name is Ammy and I  am the editor of this blog,

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At times life or health forces us to stop and re-group an that is

what happened to this site and it’s author.

Starting tomorrow we are back & live every morning at 05:37.

Our friend Jose is back with some great new materials and his

own style of showing life what it can do with it’s challenges.

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