better to see once

I do not know whose work this picture is but I owe them a huge THANKS.

In as much as I love life and living I noticed that as of late I have stopped

enjoying many of the things that give me pleasure. I have quit doing

the little things that make me tic and toc. I have put many ahead of me

and my happiness and my peace of mind and I need to scale back and

give ME a little more.

Yesterday for instance I packed a camera set and went out. Alone.

I have not done that in ages. Not like that I have not. And I enjoyed it

I took some pictures that otherwise I would have never been able to get

because they would have inconvenienced the other person with me

and I just wouldn’t have done it. I enjoyed it.

I am planning on going to a public library in a day or two. Just to sit

on the floor with the classics and breath. I miss Byron and Whitman

and JK Rowling.

Gang in the process of making a better us let us not forget to live

a life worth living. Yes, let us give and be part of life and society but

in the end there is you and me and we matter just as much.

Do not forget what it is that makes you. And go and enjoy it. Alone if

you have to, with someone if you have them, just go do it. Do not forget:

“There is more to life than to watch others living it”

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Quality Of Life.

funny how

Yes it does.

The thing is that we, many a time keep around us people who

have no business being there.  People who fulfilled their

role in our lives, and who now should be on to other things.

But NO we insist on collecting people.

Gang life is a continually moving target and in order to

even try to keep up we must be ever alert to it.

We must be in constant guard with the three A’s of

Bushido in mind: Alert, Assess and Act.

Alert to what is around us.

Assess what is around us.

Act based on what is around us.

The act part is what gives most the hardest time.

We know what to do or what not to do but we many a time

choose with our inactivity.

We want it so now we must learn how to go after it.

We must learn how to remove obstacles even if they have a pulse.

It is our life, lets live it to its fullest.

Gang Stay Focus Stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

On Boundaries.



This is a warning that works for ALL your

boundaries. Political, religious, nutrition, health.

We are living times when people it seems, are

looking for things to be offended about.

Whatever matters to you, make sure you protect

your values and boundaries. I do not have to agree

with you on anything to respect you and your values.

Stay alert. Stay focus and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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On Fakes


I would add more but not needed.

Keep your eyes open gang.


Stay Focus Stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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On Fools.


fools take a knife.jpg

Set yourself free.

Throw away the chains that keep you.

Work on being free from all negativity.

It is a choice so I ask you:

Will you take the steps?

Will you refuse to partake of the

banquet of negativity placed before you

every day by so many?

I hope you do because we are destined

for greatness. We must grow, but first

we must free ourselves of the load put upon

us by those that would have us be the same

as them for always.

Gang Stay Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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On Big Dreams.

dream big

All things being equal doesn’t it makes sense to dream big?

It takes the same effort to dream crap than to dream championship.

Like my good friend tells me: “when it comes to the good in life

I want more., I always want more”

I guess I agree. I want more life, I want more health, I want more wealth.

I want to lose more weight, I want to feel much better.

I am ready to put my best effort to accomplish it as I know nothing

worthwhile is free.

How big are your dreams? How great your hopes.

It is up to us gang.

Let’s Go Do It.

Jose G. Osuna

A Good Bye.


The passing of a Friend or Friends.

Not too long I found myself at the lake of Davis Dam and

I realized that  it was going to be a bad day.

You see… My sandals that have been with me up and down the Caribbean

had seen their last day in the sun. Why is a pair of sandals so important??

Well it was a present from someone who would never again give me

even a glass of water. On top of that I have trekked up and down the

Pacific cost from South of Seattle all the way to Cabo, and the Atlantic

coast from North Carolina to the tip of Florida passing through South Carolina,

Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona,

Nevada, Sonora, Mexico. Sinaloa, Mexico. Baja, Mexico. Chihuahua, Mexico. St. John, VI,

Aruba, Barbados, Puerto Rico, etc, etc.,

I think you get the point.

I wish I had a Human Friend to have gone with me. None the least I will

miss my sandals.

Where have your travels taken you lately?

Let’s make life about getting better and enjoy what we have in front of us.

It is about living life to the fullest.

I gave my sandals a watery grave and went back home bare footed.,

floating on a cloud of memories. About 10 years of memories.

To Us. To Living.

Jose G. Osuna



YES!! I am happy to report that

Peter the Ferret has reached his

goal weight of 3.5 Pounds.

It took us a while for him to lose

8 Ounces.

Now I on the other hand, am still struggling

with my weight loss. Back to Peter now.

Just joking. Weight loss as we all know

is a challenge at its easiest. No matter ,

we do not stop, we keep trying,

we keep doing it.

That friends, is the only way

to do it and truly make a difference.

Stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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True Friends.


This is my Ferret. His name is “Beast”
Beast became ill. Beast is unable for the most part to procure food and water for himself even if it is placed in close proximity. I have to puree his food as he is unable to deal with it on his own.
He became ill very suddenly and it kills me to see him unable to move. I have a background in health care (human) and I try to keep him going. I do the range in motion with him. I give him baths as often as he allows. You see ferrets have a strong distinctive smell to them but are very peculiar and clean in their habits. I know that he does not like to be dirty. I am so glad that he has a true friend like me and NOT like those I thought were my friends. He would have been ignored and abandoned as soon as he became sick and unable to be as expected.  Anyway I just wanted to introduce him to the world. You know he was the best hunter, Most playful, Good wrestler. A real catch. I hope he will get better. Please gang keep The Beast in your thoughts and I wish you all the fortune of having True and Real Friends.


This was a great deal for me. He lives by that towel but in months I have not seen him drink water on his own. He is so stinking cute.

I re post this to let you all know that The beast is now fully recovered and up to all his behaviours of the past. I love watching him run around and continue to be great. As I was playing with him today I came to tears of joy. If only our friends would always stand beside us. A coin, a bite, a word of support, a promise kept.

Never forget gang look for friends but start by being a true friend.

Jose G. Osuna

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i believe

We all have different faiths and that is ok.

While I choose not to push my faith on

anyone I do believe and my faith makes

a difference every day of my life.

Because I know that my faith pushes

me I hope that your faith be it whatever

it might be pushes you to do and be

more and better.

Use it all to make a better you.

Get after it and let us make a difference

for those important to us.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapband   #lapbandformen

Have You Ever???


Every now and then this thought

comes to mind.

For the most part I feel proud for

those things I have survived like:

being homeless, unemployed, broke,

rich, loved, hated, abandoned, betrayed,

alone, married, divorced, screwed, imprisoned,

left behind and so much more.

I am glad I am here, alive and still pushing

forward in trying to do and be better.

Grateful for my kids those here and those

elsewhere and for my wife and her

simingly endless patience towards me.

For those that left. For those that betrayed,

abandoned, I have just one thing to say

to you:                   Nothing.

Jose G. Osuna


Go out there and be a friend.

Go out there and try to make a difference.

A coin, a bite, a hand, anything other than

words and not because words lack value or

power but because words on an empty, hungry

stomach are not much more than noise.

Go make a difference if you can. Find someone

and not necessarily someone whom you know

but someone to who you can make a difference

and take a risk. Not a stupid risk but a risk..

Why do I say this??? Because over the years I have

had lots of acquaintances who have lots of words

and good intentions but no substance.

Be different be better be a friend.

Jose G. Osuna

Reality Kick In The Gutttt.


This is a picture of a while back.

It is me at the beach with the daughters

of a lady friend. The little one Savannah

reminded me on that day why I needed to lose

weight on a hurry. Gang., I could barely keep up

with her and the reason is clear as you look at the

picture.  Between health, economic and other issues

I had once again ballooned in weight and could

hardly do anything.

Things have changed some and next time I will

be better prepared for her.

Reasons. We all have them and we also have

excuses so figure out what is important to you

and go forward with it.

Exercising and dieting are not things that happen

naturally or organically. You have to effect change in

your schedule and routine in order to make it happen.

So I now ask you: How important is this for you?

Your actions not your words will show your commitment.

Working on a better tomorrow see you then.

Jose G. Osuna

The Difference Of 1/2 A Pound.

half a pound

“Just 1/2 a pound.”

We at times seem to forget the power of compounding.

Darren Hardy the publisher of Success Magazine wrote the

amazing book “The Compound Effect” a book that I always recommend

to people going through a hard time accomplishing stuff in general.

this book is quite the handbook for change and accountability.

One 1/2 of a pound is a very significant amount of progress and

if you can manage to loose it consistently you are so far ahead few

will catch up with you.

All progress is significant and all progress is good.

Do not let small steps discourage you., instead push to make those

small steps the foundation of your major changes and accomplishments.

If you want to learn more about the book from Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect follow the link to my page

and look at that and other books that will push you past

the real and made up limitations that we all have at times.

Wishing you lots of consistency and accomplishments.

Jose G. Osuna


Funny Fact On People.

Funny how people

The moment that someone decides to stand outside

of the circle there is always someone to try and drag him

or her right back in.

I have noticed that with weight loss is even worst than

with money or even relationships.

People do not take kindly of friends loosing the pounds.

The first criticism comes as a direct attack of your diet

which ever diet it happens to be.

Then if you dare have any success get ready for the

attack on your appearance. It seems like immediately after

you loose a pound or two you become the living image

of the walking dead or at least that is what folks will tell you.

Remain focus and centered and keep doing what you must

to get to your desired goal.

It is not for them., it is for you.

For continuing the process I salute you all.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

Time, Places and living.

Two different worlds.

Same religion

different experiences.

This churches are about 2100 miles apart

one in Columbia, SC the other in

Caborca, Sonora in Mexico.

Four pictures that bring to mind memories

of food, travel, people, smells, conversations

and life. Some fun living.

I had great shrimp and gritts in Columbia

and was shown frienship and compassion

in Caborca. Impossible to forget either place.

So I ask you where have you been lately?

What new meal have you had and what new

relationships have you started??

And more importantly who have you helped.

Who have you been a friend to??

Step out of your comfort zone and go do

some living. Go do some good while

living well.

Jose G. Osuna

For Love

Screenshot_20170312-010012.jpgAs I mentioned in another post

I have a passion for food, For Good Food.

I think I look at sushi the same way this

Ferret is looking at it here.

I love life sushi and I really love my

ferrets Peter, Bear and Rascal.

OK gang back to the grind.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

Do It. Then Do It Again


I am writing this post for those women that are doing their best.

For those women who are working hard on making a difference.

It is not easy to be different and to be the person who pushes harder.

Sadly there are many who are afraid of a woman who goes against

the grain and become abrasive.

My advise to this women is keep pushing. Keep trying.

The person who appreciates a strong woman will find its way

to you and it will be all worth it.

To that strong person woman or man I tell you go out and

find someone who you can help. Go out and be a friend

a true friend., the kind of friend who does not need for

someone to ask for help for you to reach out and give a hand.

If you see someone who needs a hand give it!!!!!!!!!!

Do not wait until someone has to ask for help for a hand

be a true friend and help. Give a hand.

Gang we are all in this life together and eventually we all need a hand

so be  there and give a hand. Be A True Friend.

Jose G. Osuna

Fame and Fortune.



This is an intersection that everyone wants to be at.

Me… I have found I have a different intersection I want to

reside at: “Peace and contentment” yes that is what I want.

Because I have found that I have big wants and goals, the road

for me to reach Peace and contentment had to be re-paved

and now a large part of me getting what I want is based on the

concept of purposely and intentionally help and support others

even, or specially those that I do not know.

How you, me and anyone else goes about the business of

living this great life of ours is up to each one of us.

If in the process of you accomplishing your goals and plans

be them financially as you try to grow your fortune or as

you work on loosing weight or becoming a better listener or whatever area

of your life you are working on

keep your eyes open for those you can make a difference for.

Help someone and know that you are making a difference.

Do not wait for people to ask. Be a friend even for those that

you don’t even know or I should say specially to those that

you don’t even know. I hope you will.

Gang go out there and be a friend. YOU will be better for it.

Give someone a hand, a coin or a piece of bread and don’t wait for them to ask.

Help Someone.

Jose G. Osuna

Learning, Growing.

Screenshot_20170130-080623.jpgEducation is the best investment in yourself

that you can make.

Reading provides for us the busy folk the easiest

way of learning.

Learning unleashes a tremendous flow of potential

in us all. If we want to be better than we were yesterday

reading will help us make that happen.

Any topic or interest we might have is covered extensively

either in a book or a blog and all we have to do is

google it and thousands of answers will pop at us.

Reading the magical potion.

Please remember that he who does not read is in no better

place than he who can’t read.

As you start to learn and utilize the resources available

keep in mind and try to help someone else.

If you find a book that helps you try to help someone

who could as well benefit from this. Be a friend, be a true

friend and do for others before they ask. even if they don’t ask.

Jose G. Osuna



Many a time life is the best professor

and it teaches us that if we wait or

expect for others to be part of the

process that makes us better well we

might wait for a long, long  time.

It is the belief in ourselves that truly

makes a difference and brings us to

our better results.

That comment does not mean that

we do not want or hope that those

important to us would join us on our

daily walk but as we have seen that

this particular support is not always there.

For those of you who have it please know

that you are not only lucky but also blessed.

Regardless know that with or with out others

we are still responsible for the decisions to

keep on keeping on and continue pushing

for more and better. Do not stop.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna



It feels like I had been looking forever for

someone who loved books, reading and writing

as much as I do and it seems as well that  I

had been kissing frogs and being a frog for what

seemed like an eternity then.,

My wife Amythest and I found one another under less

than perfect circumstances.

I am so lucky for having found a Princess who

was hiding under a frog disguise. Can’t blame her

after learning of her past life and experiences.

It took some time but in the process we learned

about one another and found that the things

that were similar were more and more

important than the ones we differ on.

So important to have someone who shares

some of those things that are important and

central to our lives. No we do not want a

carbon copy of ourselves but there are things

that are just so important to share.

Religious values, health habits, life commitments,

self respect, love of life and family.

It makes a world of difference when you have

someone who actually wants to be part of things

rather than have to be dragged to things.

To my brave and adventurous wife Amy I say: Hang On Babe, We have just started.

Gang keep your goals ever present and do not

forget to stay focused and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Attitude Of Gratitude

I am grateful for today.

Today is my birthday and I turn 51.

In all honesty I never did expect to live past 35

and yet here I am.

I wish I could say that I am wise or mature

but that would be a stretch and I am not into lying.

That was not always my policy but it is now.

I have been blessed to have had a chance to travel

extensively and meet lots of interesting people.

Jewish, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, Self proclaimed Christians,

Buddhists, Atheists, Jehovah Witnesses, Agnostics and more.

Communists, Capitalists, Conservatives, Liberals, Socialists,

Democrats, Republicans and more.

Folks from all over the world I have befriended and I am

grateful for their openness as it has allowed me the chance to

be part of the global community.

Travel and friendship changes you. It is impossible to remain

unchanged when you are friends with someone from Croatia

and someone from Barbados. Someone from Spain and someone

from Peru. Eat with friends from Yugoslavia and go drinking

with your lady friend from New York.

Whatever you do DON’T go drinking with

your friends from Yugoslavia or Croatia unless

you have nothing to do for a few days.

I have been blessed and today more than ever.

I wish for you all the best and I celebrate my birthday

by wishing each and everyone of you the best of the best.

Your friend on the screen

Jose G. Osuna


4666c39b445fddcf02c37e260d47b6f5It is hard at times to learn

that we might be falling short

in some part of our plan but,

if we are truly committed to progress

and growth and in general to  doing

better we must acknowledge and

accept the areas we need to re focus on.

Weight loss is one of those things that

require constant evaluation and re-evaluation.

Then again there are people who will mess with

you just because they can not because they

hope to help.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and acknowledge

that we can and will fall short at times.

Gang just stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

A Helping Hand


If we are lucky we have someone like that

taking an interest in us.

It does not always happen but every now

and then we get really lucky and it does happen.

If you do not have someone like that in your life

make sure to be that person for someone and

see the impact a true committed friend can have

on someone’s life.

Gang being present and active in the life of those

that matter to us is a way to love and serve.

Do not cut yourself short.

Stay focused stay successful

Jose G. Osuna

More Friends OR Real Friends?

62b1c664b51c4dca17d53f69dd425190A true and real friend is worth

so much that we must make it a point to

make, keep but also be real friends.

We grow and expand thanks to Real Friends

so in exchange we must as well help and

be part of others growth and learning process.

Let us be better at nurturing relationships but,

let us also be more discerning and selective of

who we allow and keep close to us and part of our

life and world.

In Friendship and all that matters lets us remain

focused so we might remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Being Real.

3b25e28be196012781595454f263da0aSometimes you wonder what is one to do…

Then you realize;  heck.. I am doing this for me.

It is All-Right.

And you keep on keeping on.

We can give to others just be measured about

what you expect back.

Regardless stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

The Art Of Friendship.



“Relationship” is not limited to only intimate, paternal, etc.,

Friendship is also a relationship. Friendship is also something

that needs to be nurtured, supported, encouraged.

When true friendship is present the need for words is

lessened or it should be. If a friend says I am thirsty do

we wait for them to say give me a glass of water? NO!

We reach out and give them a glass of water.

If a friend expresses a need or want and it is within our

power to help, assist or in someway aid we do it or at least

I would do it as I have done in the past.

We at times have expectations… Hopes I might call them.

But again I am reminded that the size of my frustrations

is equal to the size of my expectations.

Where I am going with this is that if we are able to help

and support someone let’s just do it.

If we can let’s make a difference because we do not

know at times how far a gesture can go.

We do not know how much of a need there is for a touch,

a coin or a piece of bread.

We do things for strangers; good things imagine what we

would do for our friends those we care for.

Jose G. Osuna

Life Changes.


It is during this moments when people show us who

they are but also who they are not.

Our life and Our goals and Our plans are just that

OURS and as important as they might be to us they do not

necessarily apply to others even if we love them or if they love us.

Change even to those who need it or want it remains change

and, change is one of the scariest substances ever confronted

by humans throughout history.

We need change. We can benefit from change and yet it is

most times an unwanted ingredient in the soup of our days.

Gang. Let us keep our minds clear and our goals present.

Do not forget the why. The why is where the key is.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


dont wait to feel motivated

Yes. It would be nice if we would feel motivated

but it is not necessary.

What we need to be is committed!

Few things will work as well as being committed.

The ability to see goals accomplished is noticed more

in people of commitments.

For those of us with WLS we have already shown that

we are committed so now we need to get off our

ass and go do it.

Easy? No… But very doable.

Gang let us get motivated, let’s get committed and

let’s do what we must and need to reach our goals.

Motivation It Does A Body Good.

Jose G. Osuna