Small Changes

Trying to make a big impact in life

by making large changes or doing

big thing is doable but hard.

Changes in small manageable

sizes are easier and by default

more likely to stick to.

I obviously do not know you

so just do what works for you

and continue to make progress.


If you are not getting the results that

you want maybe just maybe

try simplifying your action items.

Of course we here talk Weight Loss

but the same simplification process

works for relationships, business,

and any endeavour of interest to you.

Gang stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men


You Are In Control

you have the powerWe battle weight loss constantly and,

we have more misses than we want to

but in the end it is not about wining always

as much as it is about not stopping.

Deciding to make a change  that takes us

closer to our goals will always come at a

price and the price is following a diet, excercising,

remaining active and making the appropriate

decisions to keep the changes and continue

making the progress we seek.

Make a decision and stick to it.

Take a stand against mediocrtity and

hold on to it.

Gang it is within our grasp if we choose it.

Stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men


Make The Time.

Screenshot_20170413-091833Do you want a long life?

Do you want a healthier more active tomorrow?

Do you want to be around longer to share with

your family, friends and those that matter to you??

Then find the time to do the things that will allow

you to be and do this things.

Those of us who have gont through Weight Loss Surgery

know that Never Will Diet Alone Drop The Pounds.

Excercise and activity must be part of the equation.


It is not about having the time as it is to make the time.

It is worth it… You are worth it so shut the heck up

and go make some shit happen.

Go Get Better.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

Passion In Life.

DSCN4922This is my favorite flower.

It reminds me of the South.

Passion. We all have passions and photography

is one of mine.  Eating is another but that is

a story for another time.

In pursuing my passion for photography

I add the activity factor and go for long, long

walks.  Drink the water and making sure to

carry and eat high nutrition value snacks to

keep the energy high.

I get my cardio and with any luck

maybe one good or even great picture.

Gang figure out what you like or even better

what you are passionate about and make it

part of your day-to-day.

Also as you go about your “day-to-day”

keep your eyes open as there might be someone

to whom you can be of help in bringing out some

good by being of help and support. Give a hand

give a coin give a bite of food and if possible

give friendship. True and real friendship.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

It Is Personal.


Many things are and should be important to us like

our goals, plans, hopes and dreams.

Important as well is the goals we set for Weight Loss,

exercise, health and activity.

Those of us who have had #WLS Weight loss surgery

must continually keep in mind our limitations when

it comes to food and eating. We must also keep present

the need and commitment to activity and exercise.

#WLS on its own does not work for anyone.

Exercise is a must and should be an integral part

of our plans and daily life. If you are considering

going through Weight Loss Surgery make sure you

take this into consideration.

Gang make sure you are doing all you can to make

your goals come true. Make sure you are drinking the

water, taking your meds and vitamins  and you must

include the activity. excercise.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen


9e91894f9e72496ba971671598acf0dcCelebrate the ladies that are doing what must be done

in order to accomplish what they want and guys

Let us do the same. Our dreams and goals

are more in line than what we want to admit.

Weigh less, Live longer, Feel better, Go further,

Go faster, Do better,  Be better.

It is all within us if we take the steps to bring

it out.

Let us be and do better.

And do not forget that in the process we should

try to help and support others.

There is always someone who needs a word of

encouragement, a coin or a bite to eat and many

a time they will not ask.  Be a friend

Be a true friend.

Jose G. Osuna

Doing It.

5fbe0726e135a62918dd020de009ddfbAt times my diet or my exercise routine feels

like this.  And yet I continue with it.

I want more and I want better. What do you want????

Trump said ” Dream Big”

Obama said “Have the audacity to dream”

And more important to me my father said

“Do it.,  Don’t be a Marica¡¡¡”

So being that I felt I had not option I am constantly

doing it or at least working on it.

So now I ask you: What is your why?

Figure it out and the how will just happen.

Gang stay focus stay successful and when

possible help someone else be successful.

Jose G. Osuna