Dreams or Goals?

Set a goal

When you think of goals, have you

ever had any that particularly stand out?

One of my goals once was: “Never to be

homeless again”, another one that stands out

was: “I will have more than one meal per day”

Then again I also had some great goals come true

like: “I will have a house by the beach” or

“I will get a brand new truck” or “I will learn how to fly”

and “I will publish my works” Life you see

goes on in this amazing circle and it gives

us all in the process the chance to impact

what is to come.

Obviously in a medium like this we try to advise

and share and I am no exception. BUT…

If ever you take any advise from me here are

two things that can have an amazing  impact on

your life and that of the ones you love.

1.- Keep a Journal. It is your life it is worth recording.

2.- Write your goals. Clear, measurable, definite goals.

There are many systems out there while I do not

endorse anyone’s I do know quality and results when

I see them take a look at the Journal from John Lee Dumas

at entrepreneur on fire. Look at the goal setting program

from Michael Hyatt. Look at the YouTube videos of

Jim Rohn on journaling.  there is a lot and it is all

good but useless unless you put the work.

Success and satisfaction are within reach

take the steps and make it yours.

Jose G. Osuna

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Action. Masive Action

_20160621_100517There comes a time….

Yes there comes a time when we must

just stop with excuses and justifications

and we must just do it.

Whatever “IT” is we must just  jump in

take action and make it happen.

Some of us are working on weight loss

others on writing the great American Novel

others are trying to change careers or at least

get out of the one they are in.

Whatever keeps you from falling asleep

whatever is robbing you of your peace you

just need to make a decision and attack it.

Gang no one can do the push ups for us.

No one can make the decisions or keep to

a diet for us so if it is to be is up to me.

Make it good, make it better and go make

something good happen.

Jose G. Osuna

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On The Future.

follow that dream

Dreams and goals are the fuel that

makes life and living great.

Having them However, is not enough.

Following them!! Chasing them!!

Now that is where the good stuff is.

Anybody can fluff in the air  BUT

but it takes somebody special to catch

and then hold on to those dreams and

all important goals.

Get after them gang.  Set them goals and

then break them into a thousand pieces.

Go Make Shit Happen.

Jose G. Osuna

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Stand UP.

719d11589fd33e959bdd4b817a0610e0Many a time we must fight

against others preconceived notions.

We must stand resolute in the fact

that we know what works for us and

more importantly the Why we do

what we do.

Continue to push forward with your

goals and dreams in mind.

The results good or bad are our own.

Gang. Stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Funny Fact On People.

Funny how people

The moment that someone decides to stand outside

of the circle there is always someone to try and drag him

or her right back in.

I have noticed that with weight loss is even worst than

with money or even relationships.

People do not take kindly of friends loosing the pounds.

The first criticism comes as a direct attack of your diet

which ever diet it happens to be.

Then if you dare have any success get ready for the

attack on your appearance. It seems like immediately after

you loose a pound or two you become the living image

of the walking dead or at least that is what folks will tell you.

Remain focus and centered and keep doing what you must

to get to your desired goal.

It is not for them., it is for you.

For continuing the process I salute you all.

Jose G. Osuna

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Hey! Wake UP.

20160401_043146Each of us has a vision of what the future

should be. A great and magnificent vision.

All we have to do is pay the price for the

success that we seek.

Our daily walks, the taking of our daily meds,

drinking the water, taking our vitamins, etc,

etc,. So there is just one question left to be asked

Will you do it? Will you go on your walks?

Will you take the pills you need?

Will you pay the price?

I hope you will. I hope I will.

Gang all the best to you all.

Jose G. Osuna

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