My Challenge.

new lap band picAs some of you know I have been dealing with a dislodged

band for quite a bit of time.

I have tried to work around the challenge that this is but I know

that having the ability to eat with out the limiting that the band

provides has been key to my weight re-gain.

Part of my process now is to go back to eating the smaller

portions as the program delineates but it is here where I can feel

the difference that the band makes. A portion that would have made

me feel full with the band properly attached does not have the same

effect without it. I end up feeling hungry and not satisfied wanting

more to eat.

This post is just to advise you that not following the guidelines can

create a situation where you lose all the benefits of the band.

That extra portion or those carbonated beverages are just not

worth it. I know I am living with it.

Jose G. Osuna       #lapbandformen


FOOD. The other side of the coin.

dont dig your graveWeight loss is not just a matter of Dieting any more

than it is just a matter of working out.

A balance of the two makes for faster more noticeable results.

By contrast., nothing will have a more negative effect on

your efforts than a poor diet.

Everybody should eat high quality proteins and nutrients BUT

for those of us with a lap-band or any other type of

Weight Loss Surgery  (WLS) the quality and quantity of the food

we consume is of the utmost importance.

Do not fool yourself there is no way around this for us if we

are truly committed to obtaining results.

Watch what you eat. Follow the feedings program you were given.

consume high quality nutrients and drink plenty of water.

It is quite simple to obtain results and even easier when you are

adding enough activity in any way shape or form.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen



to us.I like this pic so much.

There is very little to add to something as good as this.

Let’s add our personal touch by doing it.

Let’s kick some flab.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen



The secret is to want it bad enough.
I truly do not think it is a matter of size as much as it is a matter of commitment. I see every day folks that are older but also younger working out and just as common it is to see both male and female persons of more and less weight than me and they are hauling ass every day. I use them as my inspiration specially when I do not feel like working out as I know that Miss Evelyn will be there while I am in bed and I will not have that. By the way Miss Evelyn is 87 years old. Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen


New Beginings.

crawlingTruly like this pic.

As a regular person I know of having had failure and times and moments when

the bed wins in the early morning and the doughnuts with the coffee.

But I also know of the pain and frustration when the bastard bathroom scale laughs

in my face. So guess what… I accept it and try again and then try again.

It is my goal to win and regardless of what happens outside of my head I will

continue to fight this fight.

I know that I am the only one who has ever failed at the battle of the pounds

so for all of the high achievers out there please just take this as comedy material.

NOW…. Should there be anyone else like me out there who is being challenged by

a pound of two I welcome your input and comments.

I am fighting a rather large battle and I have quite a lot against me yet.,

I am here working on more and better.

I m having my weight tracker adjusted so there is a public record and we shall

see where this road takes us.

I have this time enlisted the help of a life coach and I see how some of the

“OTHER” aspects of my life are improving and falling into place

so we shall see how this very important part of my life works out.

She is the nicest, toughest, most caring, knowledgeable, drill Sargent bitch

I have ever encountered in my life. I choose to do this online and through e-mail and

It is working for me. With a weekly evaluation and planning session and two to four

contacts by text or MSM messages through out the week she seems to be ever-present.

As I have always told you: Figure out what works for you and your needs

and go forward with it. Forget what others say and figure out YOU.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

No More “Can’t”

clear your mind

Re-evaluate your goals and remember

that your goals must not only inspire you but

push you to grow.

And if you really want to push yourself

make your goals a little scary from their sheer size.

Go Kick Ass on this year 2017.

Jose G Osuna

Band Slippage.

new lap band picOK. Reality time Gang.

Slippage happens. It has happen to me.

Actually I have been dealing

with this for months now.

I was lucky in that my band slippage did not affect my ability to

drink liquids or consume food.

It slipped up and it is now riding a top my stomach.

I tried to get information and help from my regular source but

this time it did not work. Insurance companies if you have one

are continually making it more and more difficult for us

to get or correct issues with a lap band.

I was summarily dismissed with a comment of

most surgeons are now converting them to

gastric bypass. So Back to square one.

I did something that I strongly urge everyone not to do on your own..

I made my liquid go away. No more details.

I do not want to give anyone any ideas and then I am to blame.

After my fluid/liquid/stuffing went away I was able to eat

with very little restriction and I killed all of my progress.

As of now being unable to correct/fix/change my situation

with my Realize® band

I have gone back to the diet that worked best for me.

Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Sodium.

With this I have noticed that the scale has begun to

move in my favor.

Gang., stuff happens and we must

do the best we can with what we have.

Let me tell you my acute back pain is an inspiration.

My low stamina is an inspiration.

I want a better life so here we go again.

I will continue to look for a solution to my problem but

thus far it seem the only one is going to Mexico

and having a corrective surgery done there. I will keep you posted.

Please understand that I am not suggesting or in any way saying

that you should do as I am or will do. This is me and this is my

options and choices you use yours when it comes to this.

In the mean time Let’s keep the enthusiasm up

and keep fighting the good fight.

Jose G. Osuna