On Dreams And Hopes.

126.JPGThis is the last bird I flew.

My Friend George McD. Retired Lt. Col. Actually surprised

me with flight time and it was an amazing time.

I flew over some of the most amazing historical

areas of our country quite amazing for me both as a

proud American and a Free Mason.

I share this with you because I want to tell you that

whatever you hopes and dreams they are within the

reach of your work and effort. Nothing is for free short

of the love of our parents.

I hate flying with a passion but have made it a point to

defeat my fear and hatred of flying and I daily work on it.

Gang we are getting closer and closer to a new year and all

I can say to you is: Gain clarity on your goals, dreams and hopes

but also identify the areas where fear, anger, sadness and

disappointment are still in control and kick some ass.

Flying has always been a big deal to me but let me

tell you every time I deplane I feel like I can do anything.

I wish you will feel that same sensation some time.

Wishing you all the best I remind you to

Stay Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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About 2016

excersice motivatorThis is it…

This is the start of the last month of 2016

How Are You Doing???

Are you kicking 2016 ASS or

Is 2016 kicking YOUR ass.

Time for a little introspection OK?

2017 is eying us 31 days down the road and,

What will we make of it? Are we happy because

we might get more of what 2016 had or are we

pissed off enough to change what 2016 has been?

I do not know I do not know you personally but

one thing I can tell you and that is: We can always,

always make it better. Are you sick and tired of

being sick and tired? Are you ready to do what it

takes to make you the healthiest version of you?

Are you ready to start manufacturing excuses?

If you are celebrating your gains and triumphs

have you decided what will you do this new year

to bring it over the top?

If we are not making progress we are either staying

stagnant and not growing or we are going backwards

and messing ourselves even more.

We do not really need a new year to make changes or

start planning and dreaming. All we need is a Monday

and the realization that what was ok yesterday is not

good enough today.

Gang let us plan and work on a new, better and

improved US. Time to move on from politics and

drama and all the bullshit that has been on the way.

It is time to get focused and successful.

Jose G. Osuna



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Perfect Diet Found!!!!!

fb_img_1445305261358Yes it is a joke.

There is no perfect one size fits all.

I call it a dream more than anything.

Anywho… What I wanted to say was

that as a unlikely as this is it is also

imperative for the success of our weight

loss project that we figure out what actually

works for us. The logical and natural way

says that if we consume less calories than

what we eat the gradual lost will happen.

How has that worked for you??

In the past I shared of how I have tried

most diets on the planet and I also shared

that ALL of them work even if only for a

short term. BUT, BUT in looking at my own

personal experience I found that what really

worked for me was the Atkins approach.

That is me and it took a lot of trial and error

to figure this out so do not think that it is

a given that it would work for you. Try, Look

for what works for you because even after I

figured out that low carb worked for me I

used my knowledge, education and experience

to tweak this program to make it mine and

mine alone. In the end my diet is more of a:

Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium Diet.

And it works great. FOR ME.  Now you have to

figure out what is it that works for you so that

you might be successful in your weight loss

program. It is about more than just weight loss

it has to be about living and enjoying life as well.

Gang be open minded and keep searching for what

will work for you and stay with it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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Goals & Plans.


Have you had a chance to re-visit and

re-evaluate your goals?

Are you making plans to improve on

your results next year?

“WHY” is the most important question

to ask your self and you must have

an answer for when the going gets tough

and it will.

The process of obtaining clarity with our

goals is one that we can use in all aspects

of our life. What is important to you?

What do you want to accomplish?

Where do you want to go? What do you want

to move away from? What is next?

Push and strive for clarity so you can

answer powerfully the question of


Gang put it on paper and live it

every day keep it present in our day to day


Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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The Boys.

20160111_133511This little guys are Bear and Peter.

They have the same addiction my wife has

and that is Mountain Dew.

Just like them and my wife WE all have

some foods or drinks or habits that we carry

with us much as a pet.

One of the things we need to do is realize and

be honest about our habits both good and bad.

We can not change or adjust something we are

not aware of.

My challenge was Diet Coke. I could drink Diet Coke

all day every day but now I go months with out drinking one.

So I suggest that you do some soul searching and

figure out what is there that is holding you down or

keeping you from making a difference and work on

being rid of it.

Gang Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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Why Exercise?

50 reasons to excerciseGo Ahead Keep Building

That Sexy Beast.

Yes I am laughing.

Stay Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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Scale Addiction.

forget the scale itNumbers can have tremendous power.

If we let them.

Numbers should serve the purpose of

inspiring and keeping us focus.

We can not allow a number to dictate how

our day will end or start.  BUT…

We can not allow either our whims and

moods to have a similar effect on us.

Weight loss with or without Weight Loss

Surgery (WLS) is a daily battle, a commitment

to a better, healthier life and as such it

requires planning, commitment and

execution. Plan your meals in advance,

make sure you are drinking the water,

when purchasing groceries keep in mind

your goal and limitations.

If you are past the surgery then you have

received all the training and instructions

to be successful. NOW Go Do It.

We are all in it so reach out if you have

questions or challenges.

All the best to you all.

Jose G. Osuna



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Wasted Time.

equalizerThat said why waste another minute

on those that walk out of your life

or those you got out of your life?

Our peace of mind and the work on

the future us is way too important

to waste so STOP IT!!!

Concentrate on what is a head and

work you ass off to make it happen.

Why look back? You are not planning

on going back there are you?

Gang remain focused and you will

remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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The Thief.

TomorrowThe concept of “Tomorrow” is the biggest

thief of results, goals, dreams and accomplishment.

The best defense is to have a clearly defined plan

but more importantly an even stronger WHY.

When the WHY is clear the HOW becomes not just

clear but easy. Do you know you WHY?

Do not wait another day to start working on your

better self. You are worth it.

Put your dreams and hopes on paper and use

that to create a compelling WHY.

What is it that you want?

More money, more time, more freedom,

better health, a new job, a new or an improved

love life, peace, a new look?

Whatever it is will become easier, more doable

and easier to manage if you get clear and

put it on paper.

Gang we are worth it and the price we will

in the end pay will be well worth the work.

Time to get focused and be successful.

Jose G. Osuna



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Gang… Writing is not about a novel or a treaty.,

writing is about making connections and getting

things off your chest and mind.

Writing is not about making a million dollars

even though that would be nice right????

Gang I am taking a little of your time to mention

that we are about to hit November 1st. and for some

of us that means that NaNoWriMo is about to start.

Nanowrimo is a contest/community/challenge

for writing and aspiring writers to bring out and

create new materials.

If you fancy yourself a writer and just to clear I do not

think of me as a writer. Actually my English is not really

that good being that Spanish is my native language.

Gang Nanowrimo is a great opportunity for anyone who

has a writing itch that needs to be scratched.

If you want to learn more about this visit:

nanowrimo.org and see all that is there.

There are many, many resources that could help

you grow and learn about writing and the possibilities

for you and your thoughts and ideas.

Hope this of service to you.

Jose G. Osuna


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The Meds In Our Days.


I know very well that I have to take certain meds

every single day. At very specific times.

 I know that I need them.

But What to do when for whatever reason we

are unable to take them. What to do when

the pain hits and you are unable to function.

If you are depressed or dealing with fibro

with out your meds you might as well

just sit and breath as there is not much else

you can do. I KNOW.

There are many reason why we at times are

unable to take our meds as prescribed and

we must avoid that by any means but when it

happens try to have a plan B even if it is just

to howl at the moon in a therapeutic fashion.

or fantasize about inflicting the same pain

on some one who has not kept their promises.

Hope you never go through putting up with pain

because of lack of meds… It Sucks

If you use lyrica or Cymbalta like I do you know

how severe the withdrawals are if you do not

follow the prescribed times.

I guess I am just venting and letting my own

body know that we still have more battles to

fight in the future. All in all pains and all

I am grateful to be alive today.

I wish you all a great one today and always.

Jose G. Osuna



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All my life I have had a love-hate relationship

with Dietitians. Every single one of them I have

had the pleasure to deal with has been a Liber..

Anyway… Having had to live in the real world

with real limitations and visiting with real flesh,

fat and bones persons I quickly realized that some

of the classic ideas and thoughts pushed by RD’s

were BS for the regular salt of the earth person walking

your street, USA.

This cartoon reminds me of just one example.

I struggled for years trying to lose 20 pounds. Yes you read

that right. MY first attempt was only a small 20 pounds and

I failed for the longest time.

Years later as part of my internship for my CDM (clinical

dietary manager OR  certified dietary manager) I did my

paper on the Atkins Diet. At that time I was at about

335 #’s and I threw my self into this paper and this

diet. I went from 335+ pounds to 225 pounds in 3 months.

My labs were amazing. My back pain gone, My stamina

through the roof. I felt great.

I lacked the discipline to keep it off and with my internship

and graduation behind me I revert to bad habits.

My point here is: Not all diets work for everybody, Not all

predicated concepts are fail proof. Not all that is pushed

on us by the ADA is perfect. And most important we  must

gather as much information and educations so that we might

find what works for us. Atkins worked for me but it does not

mean that I think It would work or that it should be tried by

everybody., far from it. We are all way too different. but,

Once you find what works for you make sure you stick

to it as there is where the lasting results await.

Stay committed to your goal. Remain centered on health.

Keep your goals and dreams present so that your work will be

enjoyable and satisfying.

Gang stay focused and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna



On Fear.

Screenshot_2015-10-26-21-27-52-1When it comes to weight loss there are always

ups and downs. It is a known fact for those of us

that have gone through Weight Loss Surgery or

the more common term “Lap Band Surgery”

that our bodies will react differently at different times.

There are times when regardless of us following

the rules to a T we do not lose an ounce and,

at times we get on the scale more in jest than

expecting any weight loss and are floored by

the number on the scale.

While at times we will be unable to follow our diet

for a variety of reasons we must ALWAYS

keep our dreams and goals in mind.

Gang it is our life and our health., let’s make

the most of it.

Weigh the food, drink the water, take your meds,

don’t forget your vitamins. Do What You Know

Is Expected Of You and the results will show up.

Let’s continue with this project we have set for us

and know that I am here as a resource should you

ever need it.

Jose G. Osuna


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About What IS Important.

037bbff93b77368feed8e6c603314605Very important to have a well defined goal and plan

as it is the process of learning, planning and executing

that leads to good, solid habits.

Few things in life will have a more important effect

in our life as the development of good habits.

Habits will carry us when enthusiasm fails.

Habits will guide us when our commitment fails.

Habits will push us when our character fails.

Yes it is that important.

Gang do not forget this and remember

to stay focus and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Things I Love.



I really love reading and I really love my ferrets.

This little one looks just like our smallest one.

We call him “Rascal” he is so small and loving.

There are things that are important to us and

we must continually make them part of our

daily living.

Every morning as I write and I write 6 days

a week I am joined by the crunching and munching

of my ferrets. They are so grateful for the attention

and the fact that I feed them and give them water.

They are my four-legged kids.

I own them but I do not take them for granted.

What is it that you have in your world that

you must continually keep present and center

in your days. I don’t know but I tell you it is great

to have the loyalty and support of those that

really matter.

Do not waste your time on those that promised

to be there and were not. Just erase them from

your life and go on because you have those that

actually were there and those, those we must

take care of. I am so grateful of my wife.

I am so grateful that even as my many short

comings threaten our relationship and life

together she was there, every moment,

every day, ALWAYS THERE.

Others promised but their words were

just that words.

Anyway gang let us get back to work

let us work on us and those that are close

and present in our world.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna




Our journey is not one

for a day or two.

It is a journey for the rest

of our lives.

Never stop trying.

Never doing your best

even if your best falls short.

We can do it, we must do it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna




Now.,  Commitment on the other hand

is a whole different story.

That is a force that will make you jump

out of bed on a cold day and get you

out on the street doing what you must.

Do not be fooled. Do not play games.

Figure out what you want. Decide how much

you really want it and get after it.

COMMIT to your dream and goals.

Gang… No One Else Will Do It For Us.

And they shouldn’t it is us and us alone

who can make a difference or make


Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


The Walk.


Morning Walk In Rocky Point, Mexico             Photo By: Jose G. Osuna


The walk we take when we choose to follow

a wellness path is a lonely one but, it is a

worthy one. Look around you and see how many

of those close to you are fit, energetic and bringing

their A game.

I have recently moved and in my previous town

and at my last job I ever had I met a lot of people

who literally  hated the city and their jobs yet

did nothing to change their circumstances.

I tried for months to have some join me at the gym

and sadly NOT A ONE DID.

I offered to mentor and share of my entrepreneurial

activities and offered to share of my real estate

experiences but again NOT A ONE TOOK A SERIOUS

INTEREST. As I said I have since moved and when I

go back to visit or for my doctors appointments

I still see the unhappy and the unsatisfied not doing

a thing to change their environment.

Gang as we push for more and better I believe it is

a good thing to try and bring some with us but I

do not think it is our job to DRAG anyone to better

health and better circumstances.

Keep your life, health and circumstances

front and center and continue your journey

to more and better.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


And Then We Start.


There is a lot to be said about

getting to the point of “Starting”

It is not easy and we do not get there

via the route of being satisfied with things.

No… We get to that point after being

unhappy of feeling sick and tired

of being sick and tired.

If you have been at it for a bit please

try and be of help and support if you

notice someone who is just starting.

Give them a little motivation and

share of your experience.

Gang we can make a difference

not just in our life but in the life and

journey of others. Don’t sell yourself short.

Go make a difference in someones


Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


HAWAII On The Horizon.

hawaii sign

I have just been told that

I am going to Hawaii

For two weeks.

I never thought I would even go

now  I am going for two weeks.

Go Figure.


Celebration time.

By the way this is all my wife’s Amy’s

idea and project. All I can say is:

Yes Dear.

Really looking forward to this I am

sure she has a whole plan even though

she has not given me any information at all.

I won’t ask.

Babe Thanks and I love you.

Jose G. Osuna




It feels like I had been looking forever for

someone who loved books, reading and writing

as much as I do and it seems as well that  I

had been kissing frogs and being a frog for what

seemed like an eternity then.,

My wife Amythest and I found one another under less

than perfect circumstances.

I am so lucky for having found a Princess who

was hiding under a frog disguise. Can’t blame her

after learning of her past life and experiences.

It took some time but in the process we learned

about one another and found that the things

that were similar were more and more

important than the ones we differ on.

So important to have someone who shares

some of those things that are important and

central to our lives. No we do not want a

carbon copy of ourselves but there are things

that are just so important to share.

Religious values, health habits, life commitments,

self respect, love of life and family.

It makes a world of difference when you have

someone who actually wants to be part of things

rather than have to be dragged to things.

To my brave and adventurous wife Amy I say: Hang On Babe, We have just started.

Gang keep your goals ever present and do not

forget to stay focused and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna




From the moment I first saw this picture of

E. B. White I truly felt it moving into my mind

and into my heart.

This image is a representation of what writing is for me

what I hope writing will make of me.

My wife is a writer and we find that for us

even though we write for others it is always

best when we are and write alone.

This blog post is a perfect example as I am

writing this before 5:00 am while the family is

still sleeping and all I can hear is the munching

and crunching of my ferrets as they have

a morning snack.

Writing like exercising is an activity that works

better when planned so gang make sure

that you have a plan and that you are

sticking to your plan.

By the way my wife is a way better writer

than I am but, but she can not bench press as

much as I can same with writing we are all different.

By The Way…

If you are or know a single parent please

share with them my wife’s series on that

topic. She has created a great resource library

that covers from how to save money to how to

deal with day care and obtaining health insurance.

Her e-books and materials can be found @ Amazon.

The series is

“Hey Single Parent” By  my lovely

wife Amythest Osuna


Good foods.


OK Gang.

While cheating is not a good practice

when it comes to weight loss I will take

any advantage I can get my hands on.

These are foods that are great and they

do help so use them, eat them and enjoy them.

Just one word of caution if you are using statins

of any kind avoid the grapefruit AND,

if you are taking coumadin avoid spinach

and the grapefruit.

Gang keep focus stay successful.

Loose the weight if that is what you are

working on get healthier if that is your

goal but all along make sure you are

enjoying the journey. It is a good one.

Jose G. Osuna




Ok. We got the laugh for the day.NOW

we get serious.

Because every calorie counts

we must make sure that we are consuming

good quality, nutrient dense foods.

And let’s not forget the all important water.

You see… The thing is that all aspects are

important and interconected and should be

addressed accordingly. Any step missed is

a piece of the puzzle that is needed to

complete the picture.

So… Don’t miss any steps.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Magic Pill.

% of magic

YES!!!! We found it, the magic pill.

Now we do not have to diet or exercise anymore.

OK., Back To Reality.

There is no magic pill but I will tell you something:

When we know and know that we know where we

are going and what it is that we want to accomplish

the limits vanish and if they don’t, they sure lose some

it’s bite.

It is the certainty of knowing and valuing both the

process and the expectation of results.

We are working on weight loss yes but,

we are also working on better health and

at least for me Longevity. I want to live

forever and I want to continue to enjoy the

same things that I have been enjoying to date.

Having gone through the process of getting

and going through the whole Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)

and getting a Lap Band had helped me accomplish some

of those goals and dreams.

Gang we have made a commitment but we have also

obtained a tool., Let Us Use It. Let Us Do Great.

With clarity let’s stay focused let’s remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Our Life Our Reality.

6e1e67729d3e60659cbe152107b9ee59Our life is full of “Must Do’s” and while Adulting is

acceptable and expected we should also make sure

we have plenty of “I Want To Do” and also

“I Will Enjoy Doing”.

We are more than just bill payer’s or workers

or diet nuts or exercise crazy’s.

Our life needs a balance and it is up to us

to insure that the balance is present at “Most” times.

What is it that makes you move? What are you truly

passionate about? Figure it out and make sure you

make it part of your life.

Once we know what we want, need and love it is

totally up to us to bring it to reality.

Gang stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna



2a33ae00540dfa2b39273c3595ee5c57commitment will pay in the end.

The continuous effort and sustained work

will make a difference.

Nothing worth having comes easy or without effort.

Let’s make everyday count.

Gang stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna




We know when something is wrong, When something

is missing.

The question is: knowing something is wrong OR missing

do we have the chopps to step it up and Take Care Of It?

I am just going to let this one hang here…

No need to reply or comment.

Just think about this one.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna




The discipline excercised today will be the character of tomorrow.

I had my first business venture when I was 8 going on 9.

My father decided that it was time and I am grateful he did.

I have done many a thing in my life but being an entrepreneur

has thought me so many lessons on “Stickiness” and self reliance,

on character and planning. On trusting but also on moving away.

Traits some that I have also used on my weight loss journey

sadly not to the same extent or to the same results but used

them none the least.

Learning to pay the price here and now instead of tomorrow

and probably forever should be a good motivator.

I have seen folks in my own family so ill and overweight

that are unable to take care on their own of some rather basic

aspects of daily living. I do not want that for myself.

I do not want to be  so fat that I can not put my own shoes on.

I remember how much my father hated to ask fo us to help him

to put on and remove his socks. To help him with his shoes.

I want what all of you want… More and better. More and better life,

more and better health, more and better living.

Gang let us pay the price in the here and now so that

we might enjoy the “More and Betters” of life later.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


Keep On Keeping On.

2015-03-14 12.48.40A walk through memory lane.

This is a picture of my military

identification from the Mexican

Army., I was just 17 going on 18.

I used to run over 60 kilometers

every week. I rode my bicycle

every where. I felt amazing.

I want to re-coup some of that

energy and health I had then.

Gang., take a pic or two and let

it motivate you either to re gain or

to remind you not to go back to it is ok.

Find your inspiration. Find your why.

Go forth and continue to fight the

good fight. you, me, we are worth it.

Jose G. Osuna


The Season.

20120602_163445_resizedThe weather is changing.

I find myself nostalgic and missing my home

in Mexico. This picture was taken there

a while back., sitting on the balcony.

I am not there right now. Wish I was.

I went for my walk today and for the first time

I required a jacket. A sure sign that I will

need to be mindful about food as we approach

the season of the year when many of us do

the most damage to our plans and goals.

Gang. Our journey is not one where we have to

deny ourselves of everything we love to eat.

We must however start with a plan and a clear

and honest idea of what is going to happen.

I will on one day have mashed potatoes. I know this

and I know what day that will be. So before I sit

at that table I will force my self to drink two (2)

glasses of water and then and only then I will

confront the potatoes.

I have a plan. Maybe dumb and silly for some

but this will work for me.

During the season I will eat pumpkin pie, turkey,

gravy, etc. And I will enjoy it.. A Lot.

I miss Rocky Point, Mexico So Very Much.

Jose G. Osuna


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Thinking of the future.

Ok Gang this will be a very different post

and I hope you can be both patient and

gracious with me today.

I have been sharing with you all for many

months and it is fitting that I make this

announcement here.

After long hours of thinking and painful

deliberations I have come to a conclusion

and have made a decision.

The conclusion is that I think Marriage

is good and the decision is this:  I decided

that should I ever, ever get married again

It will be with Adele Adkins. She is so lovely.

Yes it would have to be her or no one else.

There is time so I will not worry about her

boy friend and baby daddy but I just think

that she is one of the loveliest women in this

world of ours. Let me show you.


20752_adel01-foto-reuter_af adele_png_01_by_cassie93-d6p1ecc

Now.. This pictures do not belong to me

and I hope the rightful owners would forgive

their inclusion on this humble blog of mine.

Gang I hope you all are having as good

a season as I am having and please

know that you will all be invited to the nuptials.

If any of you in the 80 + countries where

my blog is read happens to know her

Please, Please do not ruin the surprise

and tell her about this I want to surprise her

my self. Boy will she be surprised.

Have a great weekend and see you here

next week when we go back to the usual


Jose G. Osuna


Next Step!!

6 w'sOK. As I told you all my weight loss program

is working well and, while I have lots of training

and education in cooking and nutrition I have

to admit here that the main reason my success has

been these consistent and sustainable has been by far

the constant presence of my coach.

While our agreement was geared towards health

and weight loss we had to make some changes

to reflect the new scope we were heading towards.

I like to share and even though I have written a lot

I do not fancy myself a writer., even so I have been

published and have continued to work on my writing

specially in the field of cooking.

As my coach has been evaluating my progress she has

as kept track of my time utilization and project planning

that has given her a big picture of what I am up to and

what are some of my plans, ideas and goals.

Here would be a good place for me to tell you all that

I have not been employed since August the 31st 2011.

I call myself an entrepreneur and it has been

through Coaching and Real Estate that I have been

making a living.

My dream and phantom goal has been to dedicate more

time to my writing and it is here where my coach has

provided me with the “External View” and has help me

to find the time and inspiration to go after my goal.

I am at this point not only blogging daily but I am also

writing no less than 600 words per day Monday to Saturday

with a projected new book every month.

And, by the first day of next month I will up it to no less

than 1000 words per day with a projected two (2) books

per month. Very aggressive goals but that is what

happens when you obtain the help and guidance

needed to accomplish clear goals.

Gang. Where are you with your Goals and Dreams?

I am a coach and would love and opportunity to

be part of your success. I would do a very reduced

price series for anyone that approaches me from

our tribe here on word press.

I have been doing career and job coaching for

many years and I would gladly refer you to my

health and weight management coach should

you want some of the same results I am getting.

As always gang I wish you all the success you deserve

and I am here should you have any questions.

Jose G. Osuna

http://www.josegosuna.com     http://www.lapbandformen.com