Passion. Our Passions.


Gang I am constantly sharing with you all

about the many passions I have.

I want to share with all of you my page

at I have created three kits to share

of those things that I find important and relevant.

Kit one is a series of books for Single Parents.

Do you know any single parents? Well that one is for them.

Kit number two is a series of books for those with

an entrepreneurial itch that needs to be scratched.

This one is not for Dreamers It is for Doers.

And the third one is about my passion for Photography.

Here I share my favorite equipment and how you can

have a Kick Ass set up with out spending a fortune.

Gang visit  and see what 

the ffuuzzzz is all about.

Gang Keep The Fires Burning In Your Life.

Jose G. Osuna   Twitter: @LapBand4Men