Fit VS Thin


I love the difference made here between

a Fit Body and a Hot Body.

This gang applies to both male and females

and it speaks to a commitment and dedication

that we all should have.

Things don’t just happen specially

weight loss and a fit body.

We must remain focused in order to

continue to be successful.

Jose G. Osuna




I am so happy gang. This little blog has reached one more milestone.
200 posts. I know that many of you are at bigger numbers but precisely because of that you know the work and effort it takes to get here.
I hope i have contributed even to one of you guys and that would make it worthwhile in and of itself.

To celebrate I would if I could get me a new photography toy.
I really want a Drone but I just cant right now. I am putting it on my list of options for Santa. He has always been good to me. Yes I think I can put it next to my new 2016 Tesla car that I put on my list last week.

Gang have a great one and know that today and always I wish the best for you all.


Isn’t  it beautiful?

Jose G Osuna

Next Step!!

6 w'sOK. As I told you all my weight loss program

is working well and, while I have lots of training

and education in cooking and nutrition I have

to admit here that the main reason my success has

been these consistent and sustainable has been by far

the constant presence of my coach.

While our agreement was geared towards health

and weight loss we had to make some changes

to reflect the new scope we were heading towards.

I like to share and even though I have written a lot

I do not fancy myself a writer., even so I have been

published and have continued to work on my writing

specially in the field of cooking.

As my coach has been evaluating my progress she has

as kept track of my time utilization and project planning

that has given her a big picture of what I am up to and

what are some of my plans, ideas and goals.

Here would be a good place for me to tell you all that

I have not been employed since August the 31st 2011.

I call myself an entrepreneur and it has been

through Coaching and Real Estate that I have been

making a living.

My dream and phantom goal has been to dedicate more

time to my writing and it is here where my coach has

provided me with the “External View” and has help me

to find the time and inspiration to go after my goal.

I am at this point not only blogging daily but I am also

writing no less than 600 words per day Monday to Saturday

with a projected new book every month.

And, by the first day of next month I will up it to no less

than 1000 words per day with a projected two (2) books

per month. Very aggressive goals but that is what

happens when you obtain the help and guidance

needed to accomplish clear goals.

Gang. Where are you with your Goals and Dreams?

I am a coach and would love and opportunity to

be part of your success. I would do a very reduced

price series for anyone that approaches me from

our tribe here on word press.

I have been doing career and job coaching for

many years and I would gladly refer you to my

health and weight management coach should

you want some of the same results I am getting.

As always gang I wish you all the success you deserve

and I am here should you have any questions.

Jose G. Osuna