Figure it out.


I found this picture by accident and it made me smile.

Just to be clear it is not one of mine.

Few things make me as happy as when I see one of

my kids or someone important to me with a camera

on their hands.

My father was in love of the still image and even though

he never actually did push it further he did get joy of

taking a pic and then sharing them with anyone who

happen to be near by.

I love photography and even though I have had some

success with it I find that there is so much still that I

have to discover and learn.

Gang. We are all different creatures and the things that

inspire us are different. Please, Please look deeply within

and get after it. If you are here you have thoughts of loosing

weight as I and so many others have. But, but there is more,

more to all of us and it would be a shame for “IT” for that

thing or things that are unique for us to go to waste and be

lost because we were not willing to pay the price.

I will not ever say that it will be easy because those things

that are worth it never are easy. But it will be worth it and that

I can say to you with not a single doubt.

Keep the desire to lose the weight but look more and deeply

at you and go for it. Go make it happen.

Jose G. Osuna

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5c84940072f78e1a658c3866f8f1688fRegardless of the size of the victory

we must celebrate the WIN.

If we lose a pound or an ounce

make sure to celebrate as every loss

is a win, and every win gets us closer

to our goal weight.

Just do not forget that we are all unique

and the rate of loss will be individual to

ourselves. Some people lose easily and

others do not. The main thing is to keep

our goals clear and a top of mind.

Stay focus, remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Which Is The Meassure Of Your Success?


So? What is it for YOU?

Who cares what others say or think? Who cares what is important to others. What is important to YOU?

Is it a clothes size? A waist measure? The blinking numbers on your scale?

I do not know since I do not know you personally but keeping track of what is important to us is always a great Idea.

Folks are you familiar with the book “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy? If you are you know how important tracking is,

and if you are not I hope you will take a small piece of advice from me and get you this book. You can get it on audio form or e-book or print form.

Regardless of how you choose to get it you will get information that will help you accomplish any goal you are working on.

A most valuable resource.

Tracking what we eat, our progress, our needed steps, etc., will keep the goal ever-present.

Define what matters to you. Define what it is that you have to do and go for it.

OK. As promised a little bit on food. For those of us that have undergone Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) or those

that are thinking of getting it done here is some insight.

Due to the reduced space for food to go trough on the way to the stomach., the consistency of food must always be taken into consideration

when prepping and when cooking. A small dice will work for most once we get past the initial stage after the surgery.

Make sure you invest in a good quality knife and that it is maintained sharp and always at the ready.

Chewing is the other part of the equation. Make sure that you spend enough time chewing on your food as to avoid getting stuck.

On this I have to add my personal challenge here. IF I allow myself to get too hungry I eat way too fast, and always end up

getting stuck and before long I am throwing up. A most unpleasant experience for those of us that had WLS.

All of the best to you and as always I wish you all the success in the world.

Jose G. Osuna

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What Am I?

consistent andWhat we do we must do first and foremost for ourselves.

This is a competition within us. We are trying to be better than

we were yesterday. Yes the fruit of our work and efforts will result

in benefits for our family and loved ones but we must keep

in the words of the great Stephen Covey:

” We must keep the main thing., the main thing.”

With that in mind we move forward in creating the best

version of ourselves possible.

Stronger, healthier, better.

Jose G. Osuna

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Small Changes

Doing the little things., drinking more water, exercising two to three times a week,

paying attention to what we eat and on and on.

The little things that if we do them make a world of difference.

But., if we don’t then… It is time to make the small changes and kick it into gear.

Little thing by little thing, one step at a time.

Keep the end in mind and the goal ever-present.

Jose G. Osuna


What to do with those that do not understand our motives and in not understanding us or our reasons they undermine our efforts with comments and words and actions meant to derail us? I say: Let Them. But by allowing it lets not allow our selves to fall short of our dreams and aspirations. Let's continue to chase what we want and desire. Let's continue to chase the dream. Let's continue to follow our dreams and conquer our Goal. Let's Do It. Every Day. Jose G Osuna

What to do with those that do not understand our motives and in not understanding us or our reasons they undermine our efforts with comments and words and actions meant to derail us?
I say: Let Them. But by allowing it lets not allow our selves to fall short of our dreams and aspirations.
Let’s continue to chase what we want and desire. Let’s continue to chase the dream. Let’s continue to follow our dreams and conquer our Goal.
Let’s Do It. Every Day.
Jose G Osuna




OK. Time for honesty, time for openness. Answer this questions to yourself and only to yourself with as much courage and honesty as you can find within you.

Are you in line to accomplish your goals?
Have you been taken your meds as prescribed?
Are you drinking enough water?
Are you taking the vitamins that should have been prescribed for you?
Are you keeping the end in mind?

It is too easy to lose track and to allow the outside influences affect your life. Please remember that this is not a dress rehearsal. This my friends is our life.
Are you living it at the max?
Are you pouring into your body all of the good and positive that is available to you?

If you answered NO to any of this questions I would like to share with you all something that my mother told me once: “Son., You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. But always remember that the easiest thing to be IS TO BE MEDIOCRE. Do not waste any opportunities and always push for more., for better.”

All the best for you now and always.