Reality Shock!!

You never realize

It is amazing the things we do when our backs are against the wall.

Recently I was in limbo in regards to my health and future in general. I decided I could not control the results but I could control my reaction and the ensuing decisions. I pushed my diet and re-focus my goals. I started again

I felt out of control and out of options. THAT was what made me push harder and fight to regain some form of normalcy and control. I found strength and personal power, resolve I did not knew I had.

I do not know what it is that will bring the fight out of you but I hope you can find it at the time of your greatest need.

Goals, Dreams, Plans are things not to take lightly. This are the things we fight for. This are the things that change us.

Keep pushing, keep working and by all means keep dreaming.

All the best to all of you.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen    #lap band for men

Best Arm Exercises.

As we all know weight loss is not just about Diet.

We must add the activity, exercise, water and sleep.

I enjoy weight lifting (not leg day) and I found this

information board from the guys at

and it is a very good one.  Take a look and see if this

is something that could potentially work for you.


Gang stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna       #lapbandformen

#lap band for men

Centered Approach.

different-diet-cartoonBecause each of us is so different

we must figure out what works for us.

By not having a centered approach

we can miss out on the opportunity

to find the ONE thing that actually

could be a game changer.

I made it clear that my approach was

low carb, high protein, low sodium

and low-fat diet and the reason is

very simple to me: It Works For Me.

This was not about fancy advertisement

or a good-looking person on TV. I tried

many of the other diets and none of them

did it for me. This one did. NOW!! I am NOT

telling you to do the same but, what I am

telling you is that you should look and work on

finding the one that works for YOU.

I have purposely not used diet or product

names because I do not want you to assume

quality or efficiency on any of them. I want

for you to go and try so you can find on your own

the right one. POINTER  It all starts with you.

Figure you out and you will win.

YOU are worth it so please stay with it.

Jose G. Osuna     #Lapbandformen      #lap band for men


Georgia In My Mind.

I woke up today with my mind full of

thoughts and memories.

If you ever have a chance to go to

“The Varsity” go ahead and create a

memory. Food is nothing to write about

but the experience is something that

will stay with you., then again Atlanta

is a place that stays with you.

You can drive  20 minutes in any direction

and you will find something to enjoy food,

people, places, history and lots more.

This is one place where going for a long

walk is a pleasure much like Charleston,

Vegas, Grand Rapids, Oceanside, San Diego

or San Antonio. What do all those places

have in common?? Great food, Great people,

Great scenery. And there are so many places

like that all across this nation.

Where I sit this instant I am looking at the

Arizona desert and mountains., tomorrow

the beach in Mexico.

Gang do not forget that there is more to

living than just weight loss and watching

others live theirs.

Go for it. Follow your passion and find

something or someone who will make  you

jump out of bed every day excited to be alive

and grateful for the opportunity to do better.

Stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapbandformen        #Lap Band For Men


 definition of hellIn Case we needed more inspiration.

The thought of this happening scared the

sleep out of my eyes for two nights.

How frightening to realize that we have failed

to use all of the options life had for us.

Let’s do the best we can now and always.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen


The Why Of Commitment.

All we have is us. Really., When we are on our walk or run, when we are in the middle of our workout and when we are planning our meals we are by ourselves.  Then again we do have

All we have is us. Really., When we are on our walk or run, when we are in the middle of our workout and when we are planning our meals we are by ourselves. Then again we do have “something” that should stay with us as we go through this and all the steps of our journey. Our Goals, Our Dreams. Our Hopes. That is what creates the voice that gets us out of bed. That is the strength to continue and keep on keeping on.
Do not forget the why.
Until the next one.
Jose G. Osuna   #lapbandformen


Cry Fat Cry!

Screaming Fat.

Yes. We have and need some fantasies as we are working out.

I really want to hear fat and calories scream as they are burned and destroyed.

This one of the things that I think about on my daily 4.5 mile walk.

Have a great day you all.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen