Fear No Monday

fear no mondayHappy Monday Gang!!

One of the rules that I found is worth

of us always keeping is: “Never fail on Monday”

We must work out every Monday!

We must keep our Diet every Monday!

We must take our pills every Monday!

It has been shown in studies just how much

the “Monday Effect” can impact the rest of

the week., it seems that both monkeys and

humans tend to somehow be more inclined

not to follow through when Monday is not

addressed correctly.

Anyway I hope you have a great and

very productive week.

Jose G. Osuna


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I hate it whenWe must decide what it is that we want and once we do that

the steps to accomplish it will be not easier but clearer.

We live in an “Immediate satisfaction” society that has no patient

for planning and organizing but even less for consistent

on-going daily work.

WE however understand that  our commitment and planning

and consistent work will provide us the success needed to

feed the next round of battles.

Gang., we know that it is not the easy but the consistent where

the success lies.

Let us keep going so that we might continue to be examples

to those observing us and wanting to attain some of the same

success nectar. Continue to be an example.

Continue to put the work needed.

Let us all continue to make progress, daily progress.

Jose G. Osuna


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