believe in yourself
It has been a while since I cared for what anyone else thought of me.

Now. I just listen to my inner self specially when it comes to

my goals, dreams and aspirations.

There are many who wish me well, but no one wants me

to be successful as much as I want it.

Set Goals, Go after them, Destroy them and REPEAT.

Forget about the doubters, and the haters., don’t waste

time on them that you can be using on making a Better You.

Let’s continue to kick it gang.

Jose G. Osuna

Love It All.

Love your fans

It is all on the paying attention.

If you are doing good keep it up.

If you are not doing well… Please,

please figure out what needs doing

and push forward. Make It Happen.

Jose G. Osuna

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Every Now And Then.

IMG_1102While I am all for going forth and taking

any and all the necessary extra steps, I also

believe that we should take any breaks and stops

needed for us to remain sane and centered.

To be successful full effort and commitment

should be put forth but attention should be paid

so we do not destroy by over-doing.

Take a break every now and then.

Go somewhere and enjoy something.

To me there is no better place than the beach,

and no better time than sunset. Talk about a magic

cleansing moment. Perspective I guess.

Gang figure out what works for you and

and use it for your growth.

Jose G. Osuna

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The Real.

DSC_0061What is hot?  What is fast?

What is stylish? What is the it thing?

The answer is: It depends.

The same thing happens when it comes

to us. To diet, weight loss, appearance, etc.

It is about what is right for US. What is

appropriate and adequate for us.

Don’t let the flashy or trendy affect the process

you have delineated for yourself.

Keep it up and have an impact on your world.

Jose G. Osuna

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you are the result of“We have but one life to live., and even at it’s

longest it is way too short.”

Those were my father’s words followed by:

“Don’t  you dare waste a second”

Gang…. Let’s make it count. Let’s live life to

its fullest and share it with those important

to us.

I wish for a great new beginning for us all this 2018.

Jose G. Osuna

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Want To Quit???

dream weight

So… What do you think?

Me?? I just love to prove people wrong.

I love the feeling of accomplishment

when I see a goal being accomplished.

Best of all I just love to win.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men



to us.I like this pic so much.

There is very little to add to something as good as this.

Let’s add our personal touch by doing it.

Let’s kick some flab.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen


No More “Can’t”

clear your mind

Re-evaluate your goals and remember

that your goals must not only inspire you but

push you to grow.

And if you really want to push yourself

make your goals a little scary from their sheer size.

Go Kick Ass on this year 2017.

Jose G Osuna

With Me In Mind.

you are allowed to do for you

The phrase that comes to mind with this pic is:

“If it is to be it is up to me”

Other than our parents seldom will there be anyone

else who will take care of us and our needs.

Those of us who are lucky at one point or another

to find someone who will walk with us but, for the

most part and for most individuals it is up to he

or she to be a one person support group.

It is up to the individual to push and push hard

to accomplish things.

It is my opinion that there is nothing wrong

with taking care of me. I do not mean this

to say F…. all others but make sure that

we are doing and taking care of our needs

wants and self. Never at the expense of others

but always making sure we are keeping a healthy

dose of self-love.  It is necessary.

Pushing Forward together.

Jose G. Osuna

Strong; Be Strong!!

being weakIt is not just about Muscles.

It is not just about health.

It is not just about weight loss.

It is about all of it. Want it all

Go for it all.

Be Strong… No Excuses.

Kicking it on 2017 Gang.

Jose G. Osuna

Crunch Time.

life goes on

Regardless of what you decided for this new year

Life Goes On.

If you planned or not.

Life Goes On.

Regardless of dreams and goals.

Life Goes On.

If you triumph or fail.

Life Goes On.

So now I ask you if life goes on regardless

shouldn’t we make the most of it?

Shouldn’t we push to create the best US

we can make? It is not about changing

the world or even those around us but,

it is about changing ourselves.

I hope and wish for all the best for you

Might this new year bring out the best for you

but also the best out of you.

Jose G. Osuna     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men









Jose G. Osuna

I Am.

eb478d1673e33e90f8d6c9467522d16dBeing Curious has provided for me

the environment to learn and grow.

Wondering about new foods and new

people. New places and new opportunities.

I remember the first time I had Shrimp and

grits or the first taste of Green Fried Tomatoes.

The first time I heard an Acadian accent or

the first time I had true French Cuisine or the

first time I set foot on the Caribbean.

Gang being curious is a gift. A gift that brings

forth the best in us. The best in us is many a time

something we do not deal with on daily basis

and it is a great discovery with in ourselves.

It was L F who brought out from within me

my passion for photography and it was her who

gave me the present of my first trip to the Caribbean

just two of many first times I enjoyed with her.

Even now I continue to be in love with photography

and the Caribbean. I have been back a couple of times

since that first time and every time it is like a new

discovery of an old trail. Exciting, new, familiar, old.

It has been my curiosity that has taken me north and

south and east to west in both Mexico and The United

States. I have now traveled most of the Caribbean including

Cuba back when it was not easy or popular.

I have learned a lot and have met a lot of people

and one thing I can say for sure I want to travel and

eat even more.

Great BBQ in Austin and Sioux Falls.

Amazing fried chicken in Charleston, SC

A stupidly good hot dog at the Varsity in Atlanta

Thanks Kat for that amazing trip.

Great fried oysters at Coconut Joes just off the

Atlantic’s coast in SC.

And so much more that I would make this a book

instead of a blog post.

Anyway stay curious my friends and you will

grow and live more.

Jose G. Osuna      Twitter:    @LapBand4Men

About 2016

excersice motivatorThis is it…

This is the start of the last month of 2016

How Are You Doing???

Are you kicking 2016 ASS or

Is 2016 kicking YOUR ass.

Time for a little introspection OK?

2017 is eying us 31 days down the road and,

What will we make of it? Are we happy because

we might get more of what 2016 had or are we

pissed off enough to change what 2016 has been?

I do not know I do not know you personally but

one thing I can tell you and that is: We can always,

always make it better. Are you sick and tired of

being sick and tired? Are you ready to do what it

takes to make you the healthiest version of you?

Are you ready to start manufacturing excuses?

If you are celebrating your gains and triumphs

have you decided what will you do this new year

to bring it over the top?

If we are not making progress we are either staying

stagnant and not growing or we are going backwards

and messing ourselves even more.

We do not really need a new year to make changes or

start planning and dreaming. All we need is a Monday

and the realization that what was ok yesterday is not

good enough today.

Gang let us plan and work on a new, better and

improved US. Time to move on from politics and

drama and all the bullshit that has been on the way.

It is time to get focused and successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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Perfect Diet Found!!!!!

fb_img_1445305261358Yes it is a joke.

There is no perfect one size fits all.

I call it a dream more than anything.

Anywho… What I wanted to say was

that as a unlikely as this is it is also

imperative for the success of our weight

loss project that we figure out what actually

works for us. The logical and natural way

says that if we consume less calories than

what we eat the gradual lost will happen.

How has that worked for you??

In the past I shared of how I have tried

most diets on the planet and I also shared

that ALL of them work even if only for a

short term. BUT, BUT in looking at my own

personal experience I found that what really

worked for me was the Atkins approach.

That is me and it took a lot of trial and error

to figure this out so do not think that it is

a given that it would work for you. Try, Look

for what works for you because even after I

figured out that low carb worked for me I

used my knowledge, education and experience

to tweak this program to make it mine and

mine alone. In the end my diet is more of a:

Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium Diet.

And it works great. FOR ME.  Now you have to

figure out what is it that works for you so that

you might be successful in your weight loss

program. It is about more than just weight loss

it has to be about living and enjoying life as well.

Gang be open minded and keep searching for what

will work for you and stay with it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

9c4e5MxKi      Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Will It Into Existence.


So it seems we go back again to:

“How Bad Do You Want It”

We all dream when we see someone,

anyone being successful and accomplishing that

goal that we want and long for.

So the question again is: How bad do you want it?

How bad do WE want it?  Not a single thing that is

worthwhile comes easy and that is the price

we must pay. How bad do we want it?

Will we get up in the wee hours and go to the gym?

Will we say NO to the second and third serving?

Will we find a way to drink the water?

Regardless if you have had WLS or not there are

clear and concise rules and concepts that work

for all of us like: If you eat 2000 calories but burn

them all or more consistently then you can not

gain weight. If you remain active the weight gain

will be less than if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

I am not trying to over simplify things or make

obvious observations instead what I am trying to do

is make a point that with out turning our world

up side down we all have enough knowledge and

opportunity to make a difference in our life.

Maybe we won’t make the cover of Men’s health®

or Shape Magazine® but we can be better and

healthier to keep working on that front page


Gang we can do a lot if we commit and use what

we have available to us.

Wishing you all the best.

Jose G. Osuna


Twitter  @LapBand4Men

The Meds In Our Days.


I know very well that I have to take certain meds

every single day. At very specific times.

 I know that I need them.

But What to do when for whatever reason we

are unable to take them. What to do when

the pain hits and you are unable to function.

If you are depressed or dealing with fibro

with out your meds you might as well

just sit and breath as there is not much else

you can do. I KNOW.

There are many reason why we at times are

unable to take our meds as prescribed and

we must avoid that by any means but when it

happens try to have a plan B even if it is just

to howl at the moon in a therapeutic fashion.

or fantasize about inflicting the same pain

on some one who has not kept their promises.

Hope you never go through putting up with pain

because of lack of meds… It Sucks

If you use lyrica or Cymbalta like I do you know

how severe the withdrawals are if you do not

follow the prescribed times.

I guess I am just venting and letting my own

body know that we still have more battles to

fight in the future. All in all pains and all

I am grateful to be alive today.

I wish you all a great one today and always.

Jose G. Osuna


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The Price.


San Isidro Border Crossing Tijuana, MX/San Diego, CA


Crossing the border back into the US

is the price we pay for enjoying Mexico.

It is all good until you have to pay by waiting

for hours while American Border Agents do their

job. I’m not mad at them but it sucks big time!!

With this as with everything else there is always

a price. We work out and look and feel better but

we pay with the pain and time of working out.

I am not mad I just realize and accept it and that

simple process helps me do better with my commitment.

Understand that nothing worthwhile will come easy

or free of pain and effort. Accept it and watch

worry and indecision melt away.

Gang it is not easy or free but totally worth it.

You, me, us we are worth it.

Let us remain focus so we might remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna


What Are You?

7d57c2c0310407889ec48e290d6b2984This goes for goals in life as much

as for the plans for today and tomorrow.

If we take the time to write down

the goals and dreams that are important

to us  we are further along the way than

most day dreaming of weight loss and

lavish vacations.

The process of writing our goals gives them

legs. Gives them presence and power.

If you are serious about the weight loss

or writing a book or blog or making any

changes to your life put them in paper

and start the process of making them a reality.

We set the limits and if it is our life there

is no reason not to make them big and

also powerful.

Gang let us day by day make it big make it real.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Twitter  @LapBand4Men

On Champions.

champions believeYou are Lucky.

I Believe In You!!

Now make sure that you continually

reinforce your goals

And continue to believe in YOU.

Gang I admire and respect

each and every one of you.

Let’s continue to fight the good fight.

Jose G Osuna