Merry Christmas.

only god can

I know that not all of us share the same faith

I can respect that. But, today as always I say:

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and

Happy Birth Day Jesus.

In God’s Love Everyone Is Someone.

Jose G. Osuna


believe in yourself
It has been a while since I cared for what anyone else thought of me.

Now. I just listen to my inner self specially when it comes to

my goals, dreams and aspirations.

There are many who wish me well, but no one wants me

to be successful as much as I want it.

Set Goals, Go after them, Destroy them and REPEAT.

Forget about the doubters, and the haters., don’t waste

time on them that you can be using on making a Better You.

Let’s continue to kick it gang.

Jose G. Osuna

Every Day Is A Gift.

484 (2)
Is it a sunset or a sunrise?

It does not matter because it is beautiful.

The only thing that makes things better is to share

 them with our loved ones.

I hope you had and amazing week and

are now enjoying your weekend.

Do not forget to say thanks, and show appreciation

to your loved ones for their support.

Jose G. Osuna

On Boundaries.



This is a warning that works for ALL your

boundaries. Political, religious, nutrition, health.

We are living times when people it seems, are

looking for things to be offended about.

Whatever matters to you, make sure you protect

your values and boundaries. I do not have to agree

with you on anything to respect you and your values.

Stay alert. Stay focus and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Every Now And Then.

IMG_1102While I am all for going forth and taking

any and all the necessary extra steps, I also

believe that we should take any breaks and stops

needed for us to remain sane and centered.

To be successful full effort and commitment

should be put forth but attention should be paid

so we do not destroy by over-doing.

Take a break every now and then.

Go somewhere and enjoy something.

To me there is no better place than the beach,

and no better time than sunset. Talk about a magic

cleansing moment. Perspective I guess.

Gang figure out what works for you and

and use it for your growth.

Jose G. Osuna

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The Real.

DSC_0061What is hot?  What is fast?

What is stylish? What is the it thing?

The answer is: It depends.

The same thing happens when it comes

to us. To diet, weight loss, appearance, etc.

It is about what is right for US. What is

appropriate and adequate for us.

Don’t let the flashy or trendy affect the process

you have delineated for yourself.

Keep it up and have an impact on your world.

Jose G. Osuna

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DSC_0747To share, to admire something amazing

with those that we love is great.

I have had the luck to share with my kids

of many a thing.  With Daniel my oldest it

was always Christmas. Boy did we go overboard.

With my young kids now, it is the water. River, Ocean,

beach, lake.  We all love the water.

My wife and I continuously look for excuses to take

day trips, and weekend trips, and any trips we can.

I then insert my walks and my work outs as best as I can.

This is not always easy and it does not always work but

we sure do try to make it work.

Figure out what works for you, what doesn’t.

Gang, make it work. figure it out and go forth.

Jose G. Osuna

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A Little Help Please.

DSC_0372This is our ferret ‘Peter”

Here you can see him exploring the

ocean and the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico.

He is the oldest of our ferrets, and he has

fallen ill. This has affected our whole family,

and as we have done before with one other

of our ferrets, we are taking as much care

of him as we can.

I would like to ask of you to please send

good thoughts, prayers and good energy

his way. Our whole family would be most

grateful.  Thanks.

Jose G. Osuna


a person who fallsSince we will all fall “eventually”

we might as well plan on learning.

A fall, mistake or lesson is only bad

if we learn nothing from it.

We must remember that either we earn

or we learn. YES it is a win, win so don’t

let fear of failure keep you from trying.

We are on this together so if I can be

of any assistance reach out, write me at

Gang THANKS!! We have crossed the 2575

followers mark. I am very grateful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Thoughts Of My Mother.

Dona nohemi manos 2

Just a few years ago my Mother passed.

She was an astute and very smart person.

We had the longest conversations as we traveled

by train from the border town of Nogales all

the way to Guadalajara. She had an extensive

knowledge of Theology and baseball stats that

I am yet to find on anyone else.

She would challenge me with questions not

about religion but about God and faith.

She did not much care for any particular

religion but she was none the less a strong


Tomorrow would have been her birthday and

I find myself missing her quite a bit.

Maybe because I mentioned her a lot on my

new cook book or just because I miss her words.

We do not have all the time we want or that we

will need so in the here and now let’s do what

we can and live and try to live better every day.

Today. I pray for my mother.

Jose G. Osuna

Rest In Peace Dona Nohemi Garcia D' Osuna

Rest In Peace Dona
Nohemi Garcia Vda. De Osuna


you are the result of“We have but one life to live., and even at it’s

longest it is way too short.”

Those were my father’s words followed by:

“Don’t  you dare waste a second”

Gang…. Let’s make it count. Let’s live life to

its fullest and share it with those important

to us.

I wish for a great new beginning for us all this 2018.

Jose G. Osuna

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Go Forth And Do!

chances of successLAST FRIDAY OF THE YEAR!!!

Gang let’s make it count.

Decide that the best approach is the:

zero excuses

zero tolerance for failure

zero taking Monday’s off

I hope you all have your goals written and

memorized and are committed to them.

Let’s make 2018 the best year ever.

Jose G. Osuna

Believe Them.

816fe731960eb7f315a48d2ee9df43b5It is hard not to notice the roll of the eyes or

lack of attention and even harder the void

looks as we try to share.

Reality is: Some people just don’t care.

They don’t care about your struggle, they

don’t care about your challenges, and they

sure as shit don’t want to hear about your

success. Why? because they hate you?

because they don’t want you to succeed?

No I feel that many a time it is because your

effort and commitment shows to them and

everyone what is possible…. If they only tried.

It is uncomfortable for some.

But I also believe… Most Just Don’t Care.

Don’t let that stop you. Don’t let that be a problem.

Just keep doing all you can to accomplish your

goals and dreams after all it is you who has to

diet, exercise, walk, take your meds… You know

the drill. Just keep on keeping on.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapbandformen     #lapband


On Goals.

Set a goalI believe in setting Goals.

Big, Hairy, Scary, Meaningful GOALS.

I want the best for me but I also want the best for you all.

I hope you all had a chance to set goals for

this new year 2018. Use them as your road map.

Push yourself to the max and grow.

Again., it does not have to be about just one thing.

It can be about anything you are not satisfied with.

If it is money good, if it is weight loss good,

If it is education great, If it is better things great,

Know that if you are not satisfied it is a good sign.

Go Get what you want.

Get after it and make it happen.

I hope you will indulge me as I use the next few days

and posts on GOALS.

I truly consider it that important.

Looking forward to more and better

for you and me on this new adventure we are starting.

Jose G. Osuna



When Shit happens or when things

don’t go how you want them to…..

Just change your perspective.

Simple. All is cool except unloyal friends

but who gives a shit about them.

Just stay focus and remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Failure., Big Failure.


A while back I made a mistake. I allowed my emotions, frustration and feelings take the best of me.
My mistake has cost me even more frustration and a loss of peace of mind.
The regret I feel is such that it has affected my state of Peace.
I regret my weakness as I have made it a point as of last to stand on my own two feet and I hate that lapse in judgement. I actually trusted and “expected” from someone who called themselves “A Friend”
Gang many things we do for others even our healthy life style efforts but, the preservation of our dignity, self-worth and self-respect we must do for ourselves. It is my hope that you will be smarter and stronger than me and avoid the regret of a moment of weakness.

As always all the best for you and yours.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

# lap band for men

State Of Mind.

Screenshot_20170530-044248Some will try but it is up to us

to protect our happiness and

peace of mind.

Value your self and take care

of yourself.

Stay focused remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

#lapbandformen     #lap band for men





World At A Glance ExpatOnce again and at a risk of

being redundant I want to

remind you that there is more

to life than just watching others

living theirs.

We are at the  end of May and if

you have not had a vacation or gone

somewhere new well…….

What the hell are you waiting for.

Go do something new.

Go learn something new.

Go eat something new.

Gang life is short even at its

longest so do not waste a chance

to create memories and do

new and exciting things

Yes we can’t always get away but

if all you can do is nothing at least

take a different route to work every day.

Read a new book, cook something exciting

I don’t know, I just want for people

to enjoy life as I have been blessed to.

Gang let us keep going forward.

Let us live while we are alive.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men


Meanwhile In Africa.

Better be running

Life becomes much simpler after

we figure out what we are.

Are we a winner or a looser?

Will we put the required work or

will we turn on Netflix?

Will we do what we committed

to do and promised to accomplish?

What are we Man Or Mice???

Make it happen gang.

Let us set and destroy our goals.

Let us be Someone.

Stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men


Try, Try, Try again.

if you end up misserableSo how about we try to live our way

with our own thoughts and faith

and desire for more and, in the

process we learn and try for better

after every attempt.

How about we own our live’s

and work on bringing to life our

dreams and hopes while working

on our goals.

If weight loss is what we want

it is right there within arms length.

If it is money or position or any other

worthwhile endeavour we can make

it happen if we put the time and effort.

We are responsible for us.

Let’s make sure we show up in full force.

Always remain focus so we can always

be successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men     #lapbandformen

Life Lessons

Screenshot_20170415-054026.jpgLife would be so easy but so boring if everything

We wanted was just “right there”.

Part of the human experience is the fact

that we have to learn, grow and do better.

Do not let your mistakes and failures keep

you from the great possibility that awaits

those that choose to pursue life to it’s fullest.

I have had a lot and I have had nothing.

I have been given nothing and also given a lot.

I have done a lot and I have let go.

I guess what I am trying to say is that

I have lived.

I have chosen to do more and better

not because I am more and better but

precisely because I am not and I want to be.

Whatever your past know that today,

tomorrow morning you can start again

or you can just push and do even more

Right here, right now.

Gang stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

Homeless I Was.

Screenshot_20170413-093602.jpgActually I was Homeless three times.

I allowed the same person to have so much

control over my life that I ended on the street

three times. YES that was a high level of STUPID

on my part.

But the process was not wasted on me.

The hope is that eventually after an X amount of

mistakes and bumps on the head you finally see

the light and say “Fuck This” and you take the

lesson learned and move on.

Different circumstances but same concept is with

weight loss. Even for those of us with a LapBand®

we still can and do screw up and it is up to us

to learn the lesson and improve from there.

Shit if Pasta Alfredo has kicked your ass four times

do you think is time to avoid it?? Or in my case I kept

losing the battle to Hot Fresh French Bread Loaf at

Wal-Mart, guess what? I had to change shopping hours.

Butter Pecan Ice cream has always been able to bring

me to my knees so guess what I literally avoid the

frozen section when shopping and since I try to eat fresh

it has somewhat worked.

Don’t waste the lessons so keep going and pushing

keep focus and stay successful.

By the way the last time that I ended homeless

this person actually tried to stab me with my

very own very sharp chef knife.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

For Love

Screenshot_20170312-010012.jpgAs I mentioned in another post

I have a passion for food, For Good Food.

I think I look at sushi the same way this

Ferret is looking at it here.

I love life sushi and I really love my

ferrets Peter, Bear and Rascal.

OK gang back to the grind.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen


to us.I like this pic so much.

There is very little to add to something as good as this.

Let’s add our personal touch by doing it.

Let’s kick some flab.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen


Everything Matters.

Thought of the day: Actions never leave home without consequences.: Everything we do matters just as everything we do has consequences.

It is not a thing of just a certain age that brings about the questions of

Am I doing the right thing or am I doing enough of the things I should?

We all want to do the right things and more of them but no one

not you or I can always know when or how to do all of the right things

all of the time. And it is ok… In as long as we continually push and try

always to do the right things.  Gang…. It matters. It matters what we do.

That is why I keep and will continue to harp about us going the next step

and help someone. To do something for someone even or specially if

we do not know that person.

We do not know the impact that our actions can have in us or others

so take the time and the interest in doing something that will improve

yours or someone else’s day.

Please take a few minutes and watch the attached You-Tube video

and enjoy a great perspective on this topic. Andy Andrews is at this time

one of my favorite authors and speakers.  I hope you enjoy this.

Jose G. Osuna




It truly is just like magic what water can do for us,

from hydrating to cleaning to removing toxins and more,

much more.

Isn’t it crazy that we neglect something so good and so easy

to consume?

I was told once “If you want to lose weight it is really

simple all you have to do is increase your activity, reduce

your calories and, and drink more water.”

It sounds simple because it is simple. WE humans are NOT

simple though.

If loosing weight is what you want then

I offer you the same advise that I was given once.

Increase the water intake, reduce and monitor your

calories intake and increase the activity.

It works like magic. Every time if you follow it.

For those of us who have had #WLS it is particularly

important to keep track of our progress but also of the

steps we take. Analyze and figure out what works

for you. I for example follow a Low Fat, Low Carbohydrate,

Low Sodium and High Protein Diet and it works for me

If I follow it correctly and drink the water.

I do not know what works for you but you should really,

really try to figure it out.

The LapBand by itself will not on it’s own make the pounds

disappear. Take the steps. Do the things, Take the steps.

As you learn about nutrition, exercise, diets, routines, etc.,

look around you and identify someone to whom you can be

a resource and reach out. Make friends by being a friend.

Do not wait for people to ask for help., reach out and help.

Jose G. Osuna

Fame and Fortune.



This is an intersection that everyone wants to be at.

Me… I have found I have a different intersection I want to

reside at: “Peace and contentment” yes that is what I want.

Because I have found that I have big wants and goals, the road

for me to reach Peace and contentment had to be re-paved

and now a large part of me getting what I want is based on the

concept of purposely and intentionally help and support others

even, or specially those that I do not know.

How you, me and anyone else goes about the business of

living this great life of ours is up to each one of us.

If in the process of you accomplishing your goals and plans

be them financially as you try to grow your fortune or as

you work on loosing weight or becoming a better listener or whatever area

of your life you are working on

keep your eyes open for those you can make a difference for.

Help someone and know that you are making a difference.

Do not wait for people to ask. Be a friend even for those that

you don’t even know or I should say specially to those that

you don’t even know. I hope you will.

Gang go out there and be a friend. YOU will be better for it.

Give someone a hand, a coin or a piece of bread and don’t wait for them to ask.

Help Someone.

Jose G. Osuna



I was asked what is so important about travel and exploring

and my answer was… Is.  “Living, It Is About Living”

Keep your weight loss goals present,

Keep your financial goals in mind,

Keep your dreams alive,

Keep yourself in line and grow and accomplish and DO.

BUT in the process do not forget to live some.

Do not forget to try new things and new experiences.

Living., you see is about the experiences and the people

we meet along the way. It is about the foods and drinks

and moments we live through because those regardless

of how much money we make or how we look or how much

weight we loose or gain well, those experiences stay with us.

Keep loosing weight. Keep making money but, but do not

I repeat do not forget to live. Do not forget to make memories.

Jose G. Osuna

Learning, Growing.

Screenshot_20170130-080623.jpgEducation is the best investment in yourself

that you can make.

Reading provides for us the busy folk the easiest

way of learning.

Learning unleashes a tremendous flow of potential

in us all. If we want to be better than we were yesterday

reading will help us make that happen.

Any topic or interest we might have is covered extensively

either in a book or a blog and all we have to do is

google it and thousands of answers will pop at us.

Reading the magical potion.

Please remember that he who does not read is in no better

place than he who can’t read.

As you start to learn and utilize the resources available

keep in mind and try to help someone else.

If you find a book that helps you try to help someone

who could as well benefit from this. Be a friend, be a true

friend and do for others before they ask. even if they don’t ask.

Jose G. Osuna

Self Image


I do not know how you see yourself but I tell you this:

You should see yourself the same way that the creator

sees you.

While life is shit at times and I feel like shit at others

I know that I was made for greatness. I know that I was

created to be something and someone of value.

You and Me are created to make a difference in our and

other people lives. The question is will we do what we are

supposed to do?? Will we pay the price to become all of that.

Fabulous is just the start. We were made for greatness.

Keep growing, Keep learning, Keep pushing.

And while you are dealing and working on this day-to-day

life keep your eyes open and see if you can find someone

you can help, someone you can give a hand up.

If you see someone who needs a coin or a meal do not

wait until they ask. Reach out and make a difference.

Jose G. Osuna

Mediocre Not.


Nohemi Garcia D’ Osuna (RIP)

That was my mother a woman wise beyond her years.

Comments like that were the tool she used to teach me.

Today on what would have been her B’ Day I just wanted to Honor her.

Gang. Let us continue to take the road less traveled.,

Let’s continue to try harder to be the best version of ourselves.

And to my mother wherever she is Happy Birthday. You are missed.

Jose G. Osuna


screenshot_20170126-060238Snoopy one of my heroes.

I see so much of me on this little guy.

You see Snoopy is a loyal friend with a sense of humor.

I am a loyal friend with a sense of humor regardless

of what life throws my way.

Snoopy is a writer.

I fancy myself a writer even though I am sure I am no where

as good as Snoopy but I too kick it with a typewriter  or a keyboard.

Snoopy is a pilot.

I have done my fair amount of wing time and in the same type

of aircraft as he does.

In all we are also similar in one more thing…. We keep going

and going, and going regardless of what comes our way.

We might be here or there and yet tomorrow somewhere else

but there we are still trying.

The only thing I have not seen him do is wear White Chuck Taylor

Converse shoes. Please if anyone has seen a pic of snoopy

wearing Converse Shoes please, please send me the link or pic.

Gang life is serious business and we must take it serious but

not so serious that we fail to enjoy the raid.

Have fun, relax and enjoy life.

If you can please help someone who might be in need

don’t wait until they ask just go do something nice.

Jose G. Osuna

Never Too Old.


We consistenly see examples of people who at all

ages continue to make plans and set goals.

Why can’t we make the plan and set a new goal

to improve in our lives.

We all want to get to our goal weight and make

so much money and try and be better all around.

We need a plan. We need a blue print that will scream

at us when we are screwing up and abandoning the path.

We all have an idea a picture of what the perfect life looks

like to us so why can’t we plot the route that will take us

from point A ((Where we are at)) to point B ((Where we want to be))

Figure it out. Figure out what you want and start filling the spaces

with what you need to do to get there. Not easy but doable.

Invest time and effort in your self. You are worth it.

Gang let us make a difference in our life and, in the process

look around and see if you can do something for someone else

whom you can help. Do not wait for people to ask you for a hand

offer it and make a difference.

Jose G. Osuna.


body under constructionMy mission is to build the best version of me.

My family deserves it.

My friends deserve it.

I deserve it.

Pushing today and every day.

Gang let’s not forget that while we want to do this for all those

that have silently supported us  it should

be ever so clear that we must do this for us as well.

Wishing you a productive day.



Who Am I Becoming?

ask your selfThe company we keep is very important to our life

and future. Who do we keep near and who do we

associate with and the influence they have in out lives

can be the difference between a life of survival or

a life of significance.

In our life we are the average of the 5 people

we associate the most with., from salary and wages

to books we read and food we eat.

Gang.. Lets make sure that we have near us

people of significance if we want a life of significance.

When you get a chance get familiar with Jim Rohn.

He passed back in 2009 but the clarity and impact of his

words can still be heard and felt. He was mentor to many

Anthony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Robert Helms, etc.,

I hope this info serves you.

Let’s continue working on a life of significance.

Jose G. Osuna

I Am Wise Today.

yesterday i was cleverWe all want a better world.

Some of us are even trying to change the world.

One thing I have learned is that change comes from within.

The better I am and the better I can become and

the better I can work on external change.

Gang. Let’s improve in ourselves and then let’s go

and do something meaningful for others.,, for the world.

Happy Changing Gang.

Jose G. Osuna

Weapons Of Self Destruction.

accept your flaws“Never give anyone weapons against you”

My father thought me this at a very young age and I have never forgotten it.

In our daily quest be it for weight loss, economical improvement, religious growth

or whatever important to us crusade we are on., we must remember that

not everyone will like, agree or understand what it is that we are doing or why.

Be clear as to what it is that you want and why and from then on

continue to make continuous steady progress towards the realization

of your end goal.

Figure out who you are. Decide who you want to become.

Get to work.

Be The Best You.

Be the best“If it is to be it is up to me”

And if it is up to me I choose to make it amazing.

Only the best from me will go to my work and goals.

I Am Worth It.

Are you aware of your own self-worth.

Forget of anyone else and ask yourself

What have I done today to make ME better??

And if you can not find an answer do not go to bed

until you have either figured our the why or you have

done something to make you better.

No Shortcuts. Only the best for yourself.

Jose G. Osuna

Don’t Be Afraid.

fb_img_1446070058182Because many times in life for many

reasons we put others and other things

ahead of us it is great when we get a chance

do a re-take or grab a re-do.

If you have the chance gang do your thing.

I have to say while I have been extremely

blessed and lucky in that I have lived and

done a lot of what I want and wanted but

even that being what it is… There were many

things I did not had a chance to do because

I put priorities imposed on me by being a parent

sometimes a husband and at times a family member

until I started cutting ties and making changes.

I cut a lot of my relatives from my circle and

I trimmed my friends tree.

By doing that I have traveled a lot., actually

I do not know of any member of my direct family who

has traveled as much as I have.

I do not know of any of my relatives who is or was

a serial entrepreneur as I am. I do not know of any

of my siblings who has been part of as many things

as I have and all of that came about after I released

my self from the perceived and very real chains that

were holding me.

Please understand that my changes and my decisions



Gang if you get a chance free yourself.

Gang if you have a chance re make yourself.

Gang… Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna           Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

I Am.

eb478d1673e33e90f8d6c9467522d16dBeing Curious has provided for me

the environment to learn and grow.

Wondering about new foods and new

people. New places and new opportunities.

I remember the first time I had Shrimp and

grits or the first taste of Green Fried Tomatoes.

The first time I heard an Acadian accent or

the first time I had true French Cuisine or the

first time I set foot on the Caribbean.

Gang being curious is a gift. A gift that brings

forth the best in us. The best in us is many a time

something we do not deal with on daily basis

and it is a great discovery with in ourselves.

It was L F who brought out from within me

my passion for photography and it was her who

gave me the present of my first trip to the Caribbean

just two of many first times I enjoyed with her.

Even now I continue to be in love with photography

and the Caribbean. I have been back a couple of times

since that first time and every time it is like a new

discovery of an old trail. Exciting, new, familiar, old.

It has been my curiosity that has taken me north and

south and east to west in both Mexico and The United

States. I have now traveled most of the Caribbean including

Cuba back when it was not easy or popular.

I have learned a lot and have met a lot of people

and one thing I can say for sure I want to travel and

eat even more.

Great BBQ in Austin and Sioux Falls.

Amazing fried chicken in Charleston, SC

A stupidly good hot dog at the Varsity in Atlanta

Thanks Kat for that amazing trip.

Great fried oysters at Coconut Joes just off the

Atlantic’s coast in SC.

And so much more that I would make this a book

instead of a blog post.

Anyway stay curious my friends and you will

grow and live more.

Jose G. Osuna      Twitter:    @LapBand4Men


fb_img_1431960893557I just wanted to give a little perspective.

I just want to have you think about those

things that at times carry so much weight

in our day-to-day life.

Let us figure out what is important.

Let us figure out what is worthy of our

time and effort.

Let us understand WHO is worth of

keeping around and affecting our life.

Gang our life is worth the time and effort

so let us remain focus and successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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Earn It.

earn it

And even then be prepared for many

“acquaintances” to volunteer to take credit

for your accomplishments.

It is the nature of success.

True and real friends are few and

far in between so appreciate the

real ones that have been there for you

and forget just forget about the

“Acquaintances” do not waste time

on those that don’t deserve it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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Be Epic

you cant do grat things with average people

Two things to get out of this Pic. IF you intend on

doing and accomplishing Epic Stuff.

1.- Do not associate with “Basic People”

2.- Do not be “Basic People”

The wrong associations will keep you at the same

level at best or drag you down at worst.

The right associations will push you to grow and do

better. You will be challenged to stretch yourself

and that is why we must avoid “Basic People”

As you grow share so that those around you

continue to grow and expand.

Be and do amazing and  epic shit.

Live to the full extent of your abilities.

Gang stay focused DO epic shit.

Jose G. Osuna

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What is it that gets you out of bed?

What are your passions?

When you are the happiest what are you doing?

Who are you doing it with?

We talk so much about weight loss but

we must not forget those things that make us

who we really are.

One of my passions is Photography and I say

one of them because I am just as passionate about

traveling, eating, riding and writing.

All of this things give me happiness.

The mixture of this things define just as

much as saying “I am a male” or “I am Hispanic”.

Gang find those things that you enjoy and go out

and enjoy them. I added these pictures of my self

enjoying a “Picture Safari”

(Sorry I did not intended to scare young children)

We can not forget to live while we are here.

Remain Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Phoenix Mexican Market, Charleston, SC, AZ Mountains, Savannah, GA.


Wasted Time.

equalizerThat said why waste another minute

on those that walk out of your life

or those you got out of your life?

Our peace of mind and the work on

the future us is way too important

to waste so STOP IT!!!

Concentrate on what is a head and

work you ass off to make it happen.

Why look back? You are not planning

on going back there are you?

Gang remain focused and you will

remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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The Meds In Our Days.


I know very well that I have to take certain meds

every single day. At very specific times.

 I know that I need them.

But What to do when for whatever reason we

are unable to take them. What to do when

the pain hits and you are unable to function.

If you are depressed or dealing with fibro

with out your meds you might as well

just sit and breath as there is not much else

you can do. I KNOW.

There are many reason why we at times are

unable to take our meds as prescribed and

we must avoid that by any means but when it

happens try to have a plan B even if it is just

to howl at the moon in a therapeutic fashion.

or fantasize about inflicting the same pain

on some one who has not kept their promises.

Hope you never go through putting up with pain

because of lack of meds… It Sucks

If you use lyrica or Cymbalta like I do you know

how severe the withdrawals are if you do not

follow the prescribed times.

I guess I am just venting and letting my own

body know that we still have more battles to

fight in the future. All in all pains and all

I am grateful to be alive today.

I wish you all a great one today and always.

Jose G. Osuna


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All my life I have had a love-hate relationship

with Dietitians. Every single one of them I have

had the pleasure to deal with has been a Liber..

Anyway… Having had to live in the real world

with real limitations and visiting with real flesh,

fat and bones persons I quickly realized that some

of the classic ideas and thoughts pushed by RD’s

were BS for the regular salt of the earth person walking

your street, USA.

This cartoon reminds me of just one example.

I struggled for years trying to lose 20 pounds. Yes you read

that right. MY first attempt was only a small 20 pounds and

I failed for the longest time.

Years later as part of my internship for my CDM (clinical

dietary manager OR  certified dietary manager) I did my

paper on the Atkins Diet. At that time I was at about

335 #’s and I threw my self into this paper and this

diet. I went from 335+ pounds to 225 pounds in 3 months.

My labs were amazing. My back pain gone, My stamina

through the roof. I felt great.

I lacked the discipline to keep it off and with my internship

and graduation behind me I revert to bad habits.

My point here is: Not all diets work for everybody, Not all

predicated concepts are fail proof. Not all that is pushed

on us by the ADA is perfect. And most important we  must

gather as much information and educations so that we might

find what works for us. Atkins worked for me but it does not

mean that I think It would work or that it should be tried by

everybody., far from it. We are all way too different. but,

Once you find what works for you make sure you stick

to it as there is where the lasting results await.

Stay committed to your goal. Remain centered on health.

Keep your goals and dreams present so that your work will be

enjoyable and satisfying.

Gang stay focused and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


All I Want For Christmas Is:

Hello Lovely.

I have been sending a letter to Santa every day

for the last 6 months. I do not ask for much

I just want a date with Adele.

If you have any space left open when you

write your letters to Santa please remind him

of what I have asked.

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!!

Jose G. Osuna

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A Healthy Allergy.

be alergic to negative peopleFew things in the universe affect us more than

Negative People

I call those people “Poison and negativity” and  avoid them

like the plague. Want to change your circumstances? Change the people

you surround your self with. My Friend John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire

closes each daily podcast with this: ” you are the average of the 5 persons you

spend the most of your time”  You want more? You want better?

Find the people that are doing and getting what you want and hang around them.

Weight loss, better health, more money, better relationships, etc., It works

for it all.

OK gang as always all the best to you and your loved ones.

Jose G. Osuna