Try, Try, Try again.

if you end up misserableSo how about we try to live our way

with our own thoughts and faith

and desire for more and, in the

process we learn and try for better

after every attempt.

How about we own our live’s

and work on bringing to life our

dreams and hopes while working

on our goals.

If weight loss is what we want

it is right there within arms length.

If it is money or position or any other

worthwhile endeavour we can make

it happen if we put the time and effort.

We are responsible for us.

Let’s make sure we show up in full force.

Always remain focus so we can always

be successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lap band for men     #lapbandformen

Life Lessons

Screenshot_20170415-054026.jpgLife would be so easy but so boring if everything

We wanted was just “right there”.

Part of the human experience is the fact

that we have to learn, grow and do better.

Do not let your mistakes and failures keep

you from the great possibility that awaits

those that choose to pursue life to it’s fullest.

I have had a lot and I have had nothing.

I have been given nothing and also given a lot.

I have done a lot and I have let go.

I guess what I am trying to say is that

I have lived.

I have chosen to do more and better

not because I am more and better but

precisely because I am not and I want to be.

Whatever your past know that today,

tomorrow morning you can start again

or you can just push and do even more

Right here, right now.

Gang stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

Homeless I Was.

Screenshot_20170413-093602.jpgActually I was Homeless three times.

I allowed the same person to have so much

control over my life that I ended on the street

three times. YES that was a high level of STUPID

on my part.

But the process was not wasted on me.

The hope is that eventually after an X amount of

mistakes and bumps on the head you finally see

the light and say “Fuck This” and you take the

lesson learned and move on.

Different circumstances but same concept is with

weight loss. Even for those of us with a LapBand®

we still can and do screw up and it is up to us

to learn the lesson and improve from there.

Shit if Pasta Alfredo has kicked your ass four times

do you think is time to avoid it?? Or in my case I kept

losing the battle to Hot Fresh French Bread Loaf at

Wal-Mart, guess what? I had to change shopping hours.

Butter Pecan Ice cream has always been able to bring

me to my knees so guess what I literally avoid the

frozen section when shopping and since I try to eat fresh

it has somewhat worked.

Don’t waste the lessons so keep going and pushing

keep focus and stay successful.

By the way the last time that I ended homeless

this person actually tried to stab me with my

very own very sharp chef knife.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen

For Love

Screenshot_20170312-010012.jpgAs I mentioned in another post

I have a passion for food, For Good Food.

I think I look at sushi the same way this

Ferret is looking at it here.

I love life sushi and I really love my

ferrets Peter, Bear and Rascal.

OK gang back to the grind.

Jose G. Osuna     #lapbandformen


to us.I like this pic so much.

There is very little to add to something as good as this.

Let’s add our personal touch by doing it.

Let’s kick some flab.

Jose G. Osuna      #lapbandformen


Everything Matters.

Thought of the day: Actions never leave home without consequences.: Everything we do matters just as everything we do has consequences.

It is not a thing of just a certain age that brings about the questions of

Am I doing the right thing or am I doing enough of the things I should?

We all want to do the right things and more of them but no one

not you or I can always know when or how to do all of the right things

all of the time. And it is ok… In as long as we continually push and try

always to do the right things.  Gang…. It matters. It matters what we do.

That is why I keep and will continue to harp about us going the next step

and help someone. To do something for someone even or specially if

we do not know that person.

We do not know the impact that our actions can have in us or others

so take the time and the interest in doing something that will improve

yours or someone else’s day.

Please take a few minutes and watch the attached You-Tube video

and enjoy a great perspective on this topic. Andy Andrews is at this time

one of my favorite authors and speakers.  I hope you enjoy this.

Jose G. Osuna




It truly is just like magic what water can do for us,

from hydrating to cleaning to removing toxins and more,

much more.

Isn’t it crazy that we neglect something so good and so easy

to consume?

I was told once “If you want to lose weight it is really

simple all you have to do is increase your activity, reduce

your calories and, and drink more water.”

It sounds simple because it is simple. WE humans are NOT

simple though.

If loosing weight is what you want then

I offer you the same advise that I was given once.

Increase the water intake, reduce and monitor your

calories intake and increase the activity.

It works like magic. Every time if you follow it.

For those of us who have had #WLS it is particularly

important to keep track of our progress but also of the

steps we take. Analyze and figure out what works

for you. I for example follow a Low Fat, Low Carbohydrate,

Low Sodium and High Protein Diet and it works for me

If I follow it correctly and drink the water.

I do not know what works for you but you should really,

really try to figure it out.

The LapBand by itself will not on it’s own make the pounds

disappear. Take the steps. Do the things, Take the steps.

As you learn about nutrition, exercise, diets, routines, etc.,

look around you and identify someone to whom you can be

a resource and reach out. Make friends by being a friend.

Do not wait for people to ask for help., reach out and help.

Jose G. Osuna